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    • Windows 10 Issues with Game!   05/22/16
      The developer said today windows defender in windows 10 is the root of most the errors you guys face by playing the game on windows 10.  Below is a tutorial on how to add our game folder to windows defender exclusion list in windows 10.       From this tutorial use the option "Exclude a Folder" and add our game folder.   Thanks, hope this helps.
    • [Dekaron] Donation   01/25/16
      Dear Players ,I'll show you here how you can donate and help our services to run . 1. Before Paying . *Make sure you already have an account . *Make sure you have already created a character in game . *Make sure you have visited dshop button before donating . After you made all these things go ahead to donation page on the Control Panel .You can use 2 links, both work .Official Core-Games Dekaron :: Home login with your info on the black bar and go to "Load Up!" or use this link Official Core-Games Dekaron :: Home after that login to your control panel and go ahead to BUY CASH and choose the amount of donation you want. Here is the info about how many coins you will get . After That CLICK ON BUY NOW Button And You Will Be Moved To Payment Page .Login to your own paypal account , or use a credit card if you dont have a paypal account .After You Finished The Payment ( DONT CLOSE THE PAGE )You Will See A Unique Transaction ID Out There and you have to fill all your current information .*then you can wait for 24~48 hours and coins will be added to your own account SMS Donation:Important: Fill up your game Account ID when they ask for your Real NamePRICES UPDATED 19.6.2010 1:57:31 AMINFORMATION UPDATED 14.3.2012 21:53:58 AMThank You .
    • Useful links (Rules, Fortifying, D-Shop Costumes & More)
      Game & Forum Rules Link Report/Support RB-Link NonRB-Link Post Suggestions Link Our Staff Team Link
      Rates (fortify/drop/socket) Link
      Donation Guide Link
      Costumes Link
      Dshop Pets Link

      UPDATED by on 25.09.2013
    • GUIDE to use Bandicam/Fraps to get evidence for scamming!!!
      What is Fraps or Bandicam? Fraps and Bandicam are screen capture programs that record the computer's display and output it to a video file. It will record everything you see on your screen as you see it. Why use Fraps or Bandicam? Fraps and Bandicam are the perfect ways for providing undisputed evidence, Screen shots are a 1 second view at any one time whereas fraps records 24 frames per a second (Higher or Lower depending on your settings) which gives a clear image of what's happening. This makes it very useful when you see a hacker or monitoring a trade. It can then be later compressed and uploaded to youtube and shown to other people such as GMs so we can sort out any of the issues you've seen. Where can I get Fraps or Bandicam? Free version of Fraps: http://www.fraps.com/download.php Free version of Bandicam http://www.bandicam.com/downloads/ ---------- Full version of Fraps: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/8399349/Fraps_3.5.99_Full_Cracked_2013[A4] Full version of Bandicam: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/6728251/Bandicam_1.7.4___Crack How to install Fraps or Bandicam? For the free versions of both programs just double click the exe file. ---------- For the full version of Fraps you also need to just double click the exe. ---------- Bandicam is a bit more trickyer, you need to: Double click bdcamsetup and install Bandicam
      Run bandicam once and then close it
      Copy bdcam and bdcap32.dll from the downloaded folder to the instalation folder
      How to upload the videos? For uploading the videos to Media Fire use this video tutorial made by : ---------- For uploading videos directly to You Tube use this video tutorial also made by : UPDATED by on 24.2.2014
    • How to Register!
      Dear user,Register is very simple.Just click here : REGISTERYou will see button Click Here to Register!!Write all important things and register!All is done.You can log into your hero panel on the website.Thank you.Enjoy the game!
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