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  1. Yesterday
  2. Core Dekaron A6 Siege War

    I'm going to be uploading weekly siege war on my channel so check it out also to show who's winning these siege wars!
  3. Hunter Stuff

    Wts/wtt Dn Xbow 11cd 1line idx4 8% +13 Dn Bow 3line id 5cdx4 8% +13 Legatus x4 123med +13 Legatus x4 hp +13 Helion Armor x4 123med +13 HelionArmor x4 arm +13 Helion pants x2 pr +13 Helion gloves +13 Dn hermes +13 All = pure dks or Bagi Pm me here or discord GauLanhLung#1854
  4. Laggin so hard

    The game isnt very well optimised since its very old. I would recommend installing it on your SSD if you have one. The game is small so i doubt it’d be an issue.It runs really smooth there even if you got 300$ pc.
  5. XP Event

    XP Event Location: Event Map 1 Spawn: XP mobs, DKs ,Dils, Feathers, Golds, Akris + Bosses Incarnation of Helion (Event), Cherubim (Event) , Agacion (Core Event) and Duce Marble Added some GP/PP mobs We hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to vote for Core HGM-LightSide
  6. Laggin so hard

    Hello, I have a problem with lag during the game. at the beginning gives the specifications: Speed test 300/50 gtx 1080 6gb, 16ram, i5 9000 I have terrible lags and I have no idea what they can be caused by. The problem is independent of the location I'm currently in. The problem is identical on every map. I have already reinstalled the game 3 times I changed every available option in the game. I hope someone will be able to help me. Any advice is appreciated.
  7. Last week
  8. Bagi items

    WTS/T +13 Dragon Gauntlet 4x14% Fire +12 DN lvl 238 56+24+38 IncDmg %2Dmg Make an offer

  10. SALE +13 ITEMS

  11. XP Event

    XP Event Location: Guild Hideout Entrance map Spawn: XP mobs, GP mobs, DKs ,Dils, Feathers, Golds, Akris + Cherubin for each Expedition We hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to vote for Core HGM-LightSide
  12. Boss Event

    Location: Loa Spawn: XP Statues, + Agacion (Event), Incarnation of Helion (Event), Cherubim (Event), Duce Mable (Event) , Mapinguari [Event Boss] and Angry Yogmond (Core Event) We hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to vote for Core HGM-LightSide
  13. WTT BAGI +13

    Helion helmo Full HP Magic +13 Helion armo 2 LINE defes Pants legion 2%pr Hermes +13 SAPHIRE GAUNTLET 18% cd base . Offer me
  14. Leveling Guide

    I have created a video for a leveling guide which is for everyone and I know I probably have not gone over some things or details for it. I have tried to make it easy and informative on this video so hope you guys liked it and was well informed.
  15. 2 V 2 TOURNAMENT

    *Notice* Please make sure you register your team, if not you won’t be allowed to partake the 2v2 Tournament due to the bracket and for the event to be organised. You have till tomorrow to register! ( an hour before the event).
  16. 3x XP Weekend

    3x XP and 2x drop is now enabled , enjoy farming and leveling don't forget to vote for Core HGM-LightSide
  17. We need your input

    Thank you! I will make sure we are fully aware of this.
  18. We need your input

    Thank you!
  20. We need your input

    Im glad you're back bro, Welcome Back!
  21. We need your input

    hey segu just need to be nerfed whether u like it or not, ofc for you its a big nerf, but if u are on the opposite against segu, would you agree with that just 1 skill ur curse res is all removed? even we use 4x10% amr armor, 4x11% curse res helmet, and +13 pants (it has 21% stat), and even we try to use marblais (15%amr), its more than 100% amr , and with that 1 skill its all removed? even u say its balance , its not. On seige its the main problem coz people only use that gay class segu, your all buffs are useless when segu get near lol, 1 skill and few combos will rip 1m shield and talker will die in 15-30 sec lol , thats not a joke, u are only abusing its op debuff , and now just come up with it, start new strat/build/combos for segus, stop doing that kind of play, debuff-spam skill- and run and wait its cooldown and spam again, only hunters do that kind of strategy lol
  22. We need your input

    Hello, excuse my English, what happens is that I am Spanish-speaking and I have to use a Google translator, in my opinion as a Spanish-speaking person that we have little time, and being very old (2012) approximately, I see some drawbacks in some things, since that many of the players have expressed, but I see that there are very unbalanced classes and others very strong, for example let's start with the segnale that received a very large nerf for what the character itself is, the debuff at -50% ok I know that it was a lot and the balance was very good but it must be understood that one of the only things that made the segnale very close to the others in balance was that debuff, on the contrary it is very weak I would say that they had taken away what they took away but they would have compensated with defense or magic attack or shield because before the seconds it was very difficult to beat other classes and now it is impossible, just like the seguriper but the seguriper they made it weaker when it already was, they must take into account that the debuff is the only thing that makes us be powerful and face the other classes, taking into account that debuff is not always 100% effective at all, in other classes the damage to the wizzard and the wizard is reduced only a little and the defense because It exceeds the other characters just like the hunter, that's why I think that if they nerfy a class they see well the other classes that need urgent nerfs or buffs, another thing is that as Spanish-speaking people my people and I ask that the schedules of the events. be flexible with us also because there are many who have given up for the same problem, look for what is a schedule for all that is appropriate because for example PVP events in Latin America are between 1-2-3 am and many of the people we work with hope they are more flexible in that and look for schedules that suit us all, never dismiss a country because there are few users in that country. I hope you have understood my message and I am on behalf of all the Spanish speakers of the core because we are one family God bless you
  23. We need your input

    If we talk about bugs,there are many bugs, especially that tele stun effect it makes bug you/your opponents skills, when u get stunned or used by opponents skill with that effect, that really annoys the pvp, just revert it to the old a3 stun effects coz that thing really affects pvp, even on ur screen u are already using a skill and then suddenly u got returned back to the old position few sec back when u get stunned, and ur skilled forced to be used but no hits happened coz u get silenced and returned back on the actual screen and it makes the pvp bug. I cant say its ms or net problems, even guys with good ms still this things happens to them..if u sir Gm kors cant get what i mean, u can go in game and play and try test pvps so u can know those what im saying.. Another bug i notice ,this was bug came when on a6 but idk if some1 already tried to report it, When u are exchanging like silver to golds or copper to silver or vice versa, when u got a full inventory and u made an exchange, u got automatically dced, unlike on a3, if u get full with no slots,the argates will automatically be placed on the existing stacks of what kind of argates is it u trying to exchange. Speed aura bug- i know speed auras reduces 50% critical rate for each, but how come others trying to use 3x speed auras and still doing critical hits most of the time, maybe crit,block,guard rate system is bugged? Its impossible its already 150% reduced critical rate but lol how the fk they do more crit hits? Or is it a bug that many takes advantage of it lol? Dk square PP/GP reward should be increased so many players wont rely on DF on gaining pp/gp. On balancing classes, maybe reduce mages physical resistance and other skills that adds them pr, its very hard to deal with them specially on full buffs or even class, physical classes only do 9-11k , but takes 16-20k or more from mage(on full buffs). I hope u can help and wont just promise. Thanks
  24. We need your input

    This is a Topic for the dedicated players who can supply me with Bugs, Ideas, any input they feel might make the server better. Not negative comments. I want this to be a positive thread.
  25. We need your input

    Thank you for your own opinion, but this issue I can't do anything about considering I am just a [GM] and not a [DEV]. I am coming back to where I left off. Making Core better. And yes I opened a topic to where I believe I can start by helping the server. This topic is for bugs, ideas, not for someone to come complaining about a known issue, that a [GM] with no access can help you with.
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