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  2. WTB,WTT and WTS

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  4. DRAGONI, xRAYENx,xANNIx,RAyen are banned for disrespect over GM
  5. WTS+13 DK Helion armor

    sold out 20k.
  6. WTS+13 DK Helion armor

    sold out bro 20k,go fck ur self
  7. XP Event

    XP Event Location: Event Map 1 Spawn: XP mobs, DKs ,Dils, Feathers, Golds, Akris + Bosses Incarnation of Helion (Event), Cherubim (Event) , Agacion (Core Event) and Mapinguari [Event Boss] Added some GP/PP mobs We hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to vote for Core [GM]LightSide
  8. WTS= pure dks

  9. Is it worth it ?

    Welcome back.There are still good ammount of players here on Core.Some oldies are returning also,so u may find some buds for sure!!
  10. XP Event

    XP Event Location: Guild Hideout Entrance map Spawn: XP mobs, GP mobs, DKs ,Dils, Feathers, Golds, Akris + Cherubin for each Expedition We hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to vote for Core GM-LightSide
  11. Boss Event

    Location: Loa Spawn: XP Statues, + Agacion (Event), Incarnation of Helion (Event), Cherubim (Event), Ditar, Duce Mable (Event) , Mapinguari [Event Boss] and Angry Yogmond (Core Event) We hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to vote for Core [GM]LightSide
  12. DK +13 Set Legatus Helm +13 4x 5k HP Helion Armor +13 40%AMR Helion Pants +13 Helion Boots +13 Legion DN Glove +13 3line dmg 2%DMG Juto Gold Magic +13 4x 7%DMG 7%CD Helion WIngs =CS or 100k DK
  13. TERMS OF SERVICE: Refer to this link before creating an account and playing: http://forum.core-games.net/rules.html/rules/in-game-forum-rules-r1/ SOCIAL NETWORK COMMUNITY: In the works. CoreMaster and staff have good ideas about this platform to further improve Core gameplay experience, so feel free to check: http://coredekaron.com/ CORE DEKARON DISCORD CHANNEL: Come and join us: https://discordapp.com/invite/pQfGv5 DON'T FORGET TO VOTE FOR CORE DEKARON. BY VOTING, YOU ARE ABLE TO HELP THE SERVER AND EVEN EARN SOME COINS FOR YOUR ACCOUNT. YOU CAN VOTE TWICE A DAY FOR A TOTAL OF 80 D-SHOP COINS PER DAY. 1. LEVELING: Create two characters, one main toon and one alt segnale to help you with leveling. Attend boss events (Saturday at 3 pm server time) and exp events (Sunday at 3 pm server time) and farm/grind once 3x exp and 2x drop is up (activated Friday between 7 to 8 am server time lasting until Monday between 7 to 8 am server time). Refer to this thread for more info: 2. RE-BIRTHING (RB): Maximum rebirth: 5 reborns. Total additional stat points at max rb: 1250 stat points or 250 extra stat points every time you rebirth. Requirements to rebirth: Level 250 and 50 million dils each rb. You can rb from the core dekaron website http://dekaron.core-games.net/. 3. RESOURCES: Important resources of our server are the following: A. DKS (dekaron coins) - used to trade with other players for end-game sets/auras/d-shop items/wing gems, etc. B. Feathers of infernus - used to exchange for your level 160 class wings at NPC Munda (Loa Agency at Loa Castle and Ardeca). Exchange for wing upgrade stone/wings of the moon upgrade feather/wings of inferno upgrade feathers (Richard NPC at Loa Castle and Ardeca/Hosea NPC at Ardeca). Exchange for DKS at 1:2 ratio (1000 feathers of infernus = 500 dks) at Richard NPC C. Argates - can exchange for naruke in Loa Agency (Loa Castle and Ardeca). Trade with other players for dks/feathers. D. Dils - used to purchase items from other player's personal shop, fortifying, teleporting, socketing, etc. Can also be used to buy DKS/feathers from other players. 4. UPGRADING: Uses argates: Copper (+1 to +3), silver (+4 to +6), gold (+7 to +9), crystal (+10 to +12), diamond (+13). Note that an item is destroyed once you fail going from +9 to +10 upwards. You can use blacksmith's talisman to improve your odds (purchase from d-shop). Refer to this thread for the fortify rates: 5. FARMING/IMPORTANT ITEMS OF THE SERVER: A. Crap gems: Good places to farm are doomed maze, python castle outer area, aquarius. You can use these gems to increase the chance of success on socketing your gear, weapon, or wings. B. Rings: Can be farmed from bosses (refer to link below) and Deadfront Hell (Las Alhage and armory). Stats to look out for in your ring would be CD (critical damage), MS (max shield), and IMD/ID (increased magic damage/increased damage) with CD being the most sought after. CD rings are usually sold for several thousands of dks. Neptunes and serpent are the 2 best rings in the server. Neptunes for more physical defense and damage and serpents for more shield/HP and a little bit of def. C. DKS/argates/feathers of infernus: Can be farmed best from ice castle 150/200 area, deadlands, and abyss of crespo. All maps can actually drop these resources as well but the drop rate ain't good. Helpful links: 6. ARMOR SETS: End-game armors are the following: A. Helion - farmed from battle arena bosses. B. Legion - farmed from nest of cherubim. Also, can be found on loa agency for 50 dks. C. New armor (level 240 armor) - exp event (Sunday) drop from ancient relics/dravice fields. D. Master helm (mh) - dravice fields. E. Legatus helm - nest of cherubim upper right portion (rare drop). F. Hermes boots (speed boots) - loa agency for 100 dks. 7. WEAPONS: A. Twisted fate - legend level 155 weapons from mitera/deadlands. B. Dragon - legend level 165 weapons. Dragon token exchange at loa agency (needs 3 dragon tokens per exchange). Dragon tokens (DT) drop from mitera/dravice fields. C. Blistering - level 175 weapons from elonohm. D. Abaddon - legend level 175 weapons from mitera, deadlands, dravice fields (best spot to drop especially during weekend 2x drop event). E. Juto - level 185 weapons from battle arena bosses. Note: Twisted fate, dragon, blistering when upped to +13 can be upgraded to abaddon using abaddon argate (500 naruke in loa agency). Chance for upgrade is 18%. Can use blacksmith's talisman to improve chances. Juto can be upgraded to juto ruby and juto gold using ruby crystal (1000 naruke from loa agency) and golden crystal (2500 naruke from loa agency) respectively. Ruby juto weapons have added options of +5% max shield, +5% max hp. Gold juto weapons have the following options: +5% damage, +5% max shield, +5% max hp. Note that players usually trade 1000 naruke for 3000 dks. 8. WINGS: Various wings in-game: A. Level 102 wings - Can be bought from Piuma NPC (Loa castle/Ardeca for 1,000,000 dils. B. Level 130 wings - Piuma NPC. C. Level 160 wings - Loa agency for 100 feathers of infernus. Level 160 class wings can be upgraded to a max of +3 (fafnir wings can be fortified until +4) using wing upgrade stones from Hosea NPC (Ardeca) at any blacksmith. Each wing upgrade stone costs 100 feathers of infernus. Note that upgrading your wing from +0 all the way up to +3 is not 100% success. You can use blacksmith's talisman to increase the success rate. D. Helion wings - Any +3 wings can be further upgraded to helion wings (best non-dshop wing you can get in-game). Two skins are available for helion wings - wings of the moon and wings of inferno (each needing upgrade feathers which can also be obtained from Hosea NPC). E. D-shop wings - Purchased from d-shop and best for pvp due to having +15% critical damage (basically helion wings stat except you replace +15% movement speed with +15% critical damage). Refer to this thread for wing guide: Wings can also be socketed with a maximum of 4 wing gems. To socket your wings, simply visit any alchemist (Karin in Ardeca and Isadora in Loa castle) in town and socket as you would your weapon/gear. See this update for the list of gems: 9. LOA AGENCY (MUNDA NPC): I cannot stress enough the importance that new players visit this NPC. You can find all sorts of stuff here. Naruke to argate exchange, dragon token exchange for level 165 dragon weapons, auras, costumes, rings, mounts, legion armor set, hermes boots, and many more. 10. FARMABLE COSTUME AND MOUNTS: A. Transup costume - Obtained from Dolpe NPC (Loa Agency). Needs 150 unique letters that can be best farmed from the akrises at 2nd floor Norak cave (level 40 map via Alvin teleporter in Ardeca). B. Dil mounts - Go to stablekeeper Sandoval (Ardeca) for 1-day (300,000 dils), 15-days (4,275,000 dils), and 30-day mounts (8,100,000 dils). 11. SKILLS: Skills can be bought from your class' skillmaster (indicated on map as light blue squares - Ardeca/Loa castle). Normal skills, meister skills (costs 50 million each), and the new level 195 skills (cost 100 million dils) can be bought here. As for your class' grandmeister skills, the skillbooks can be farmed at Shangri-La level 200 map (via Core NPC on Ardeca/Loa castle) or you can simply buy from other players for dils. 12. GOING COMPETITIVE: It will usually take you around half a year to a year (faster if you recharge some d-shop coins and trade it with players for gears/auras) to be competitive. It helps a lot if you have the following: A. Full +13 gear - Normal gear would do (better if you can invest on full DN). If you would go normal gear +13 make sure your gloves have CD option/increased damage/increased magic damage. CD option would be the best choice. B. Weapon +13 with CD option. If this is not possible, you can make up for the lack of CD (critical damage) in another way. C. Auras. Most players I've seen prefer either VIP aura, shield aura, or speed aura. Up to your preference. D. CD rings. Try shooting for at least 60% CD total. This can get difficult as high CD rings (7% above) are hard to come by and very expensive on market. E. Stats. Now this is just based on my observation, at least about 22k unbuffed attack, 9k to 10k def (at least), and at least 70% all magic resist. Shield usually between 850,000 to 1,000,000 or more. F. Resist sets: Keep at least +10 extra helmets with elemental resist gems/medials. G. Best internet connection and skills. This goes without saying, you need to have a fast connection to minimize lags and disconnections during pvp. Practice with various classes can also help you master your class and improve your judgment on what skill to use and how to react accordingly. H. Fish and food buffs. 13. GP/PP AND DKSQ: GP/PP points (grade points/purchase points) can be farmed at DKSQ or by attending Deadfront hell (needs level 250). Refer to below link for guide: 14. DEADFRONT (DF): 15. BASIC PRICE GUIDE: Disclaimer: This is just based on what I have observed. Feel free to correct me. 1000 gold argates = 750 to 900 DKS. 1000 feathers = 600 DKS. Cannabis = 500 to 700 DKS. Normal aura = 700 to 800 DKS. Strengthened auras = 1000 DKS. Shield aura = 2000 to 2500 DKS. Fury aura = 2500 to 2800 DKS. VIP aura = 3800 to 4000 DKS. Credits go to the authors of each thread linked. Will be updated as I get more free time
  14. 3 x xp weekend

    3x XP and 2x drop is now enabled , enjoy farming and leveling don't forget to vote for Core [GM]LightSide
  15. Is it worth it ?

    Try to visit the game and im sure you will remember some old names, btw u are welcome to come back and play bro!
  16. Is it worth it ?

    Hi, welcome back. Core is still alive, fewer players than what it had years back, but I think the population is pretty stable and solid. Servers are still constantly being updated and we just got act 24 from korea dekaron. CoreMaster did say he had several things planned/new features to add to make the game better. Give it a try.
  17. Is it worth it ?

    Hello guyz, i had an old video of mine pop up in youtube of dekaron, and i really went sad about the game. Havent played in years, and i was wondering if server is alive and is it worth it coming back. Havent played Core for a really long time, but i was here since extreme servers and old fussion days. I hope i can meet some old war buddies if you still playing.
  18. Earlier
  19. Server Wants To See Some Better Days

    Baby @CaptainTwinBlade watch how i fvck you ass, baby without switching any items so EZ..
  20. missing manual patch 6.8.8

    thx for 6.8.9 am now able to use the components to repair the game client but many problems exist on the host host needs repairs big time
  21. For my absence

    what can you say ,they have a life , but all things considered your obligation to 1 or the other is what its about , but don't make excuses for short comings and you don't have to explain your self just carry on if in the end there too much conflict then you know what to do but do it gracefully and with class IN THE WORDS OF THE IMMORTAL YODA there is no try there is do and do not , no in between no happy middle
  22. New Skills CoolDown and Etc.

    Please fix as well the AK new skill: Shoulder charge. Current CD: 40 seconds. Skill description: Mid-range dash towards opponent. Effect: -10% physical resist on opponent; +10% melee resist on caster (not sure if working). Possible issues: Deals high damage on pvp. I've dealt 30k and 50k on my opponents with 13k def/10k def respectively (full buffs) on normal juto 2h axe and I'm not full str build. Buff of +10% melee resist not showing on physical resistance percentage. Proposed solution: Since it is a 1-hit skill and meant to close the gap against kiting opponents, reduce the cooldown to 20 seconds or less (as you see fit) and reduce pvp/pk damage on par with other AK skills. Keep the effect of -10% physical resist against opponent and fix the +10% melee resist on caster. Note: I encourage everyone to post here as well their thoughts on the new 195 skills so it can be compiled on one thread. Unfortunately, I alone can't test all class' skills as its quite pricey for me. Thanks!
  23. GM Dev-Sam DarkKnight New skill 60.0 secs. is it posible can be like mage or maybe can change cooldown time only 1 time can use during pvp^^. Mage Skills Still Too much Damage pls make it balance thank you
  24. missing manual patch 6.8.8

    all patches must be posted to ensure a successful repair or patch if needed for those like me that have to fix it piece by piece cause of a custom os
  25. selecting trans up tab

    did my own repair all fixed now what a mess also missing 6.6.8 rar manual patch
  26. selecting trans up tab

    Its good that this is fixed now
  27. selecting trans up tab

    if i select it it freezes game and then crashes it lolz
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