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  1. Today
  2. Triple EXP and double DROP has been activated due to unexpected server crash. We are sorry for incovenience. Event will be ended 24.9. evening. DEV-Samurai
  3. List of Countries!!!

    drama before cvc , quiet while cvc 2 weekends, drama again after cvc
  4. List of Countries!!!

    The issue here cannot accept defeat thats all. NO Sportsmanship, stop making report and issue without solid proof that he is being pilot by someone. Lets be honest its all because of losing to a better player that loser assume they lose because of etc etc etc. We all know Shinji is OP Wiz and no need to be pilot. If u lose u lose acceptance what u needed the most. #MoveOn #Sportsmanship #Acceptance
  5. WTB dualblade

  6. List of Countries!!!

    Give me dils pls..
  7. List of Countries!!!

    Gm isn’t posted the dq list yet and didn’t said who gonna be dq. Why you so worried? Why you complain already? You just revealed yourself. Lol. P.S I forgot you dq before cvc started already xD. Now I understand u piloted some acc and you don’t want gm to see your ip there
  8. List of Countries!!!

    Its all about IP issue not about Piloting. Trying to use same vpn and tunnel maybe gve same ip.
  9. List of Countries!!!

    from pingzapper ?
  10. List of Countries!!!

    imagine this just in Europe!!!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Legatus +13 4x 5k helion helm +13 full def gem 2x +13 armor amr/def dn legion pants 2% pr dn hermes 3 line def dn legion gloves 5cd 1% dmg gold juto 3cd 1id 3x 8% rhombus inferno wings pure dks /aloken /segu similar.
  13. Class Championship 2019 Seguriper

    Core Dekaron Seguriper 2019 Sterben vs Kyth Core Dekaron Seguriper 2019 iLOV3 vs XxCouvexX Core Dekaron Seguriper 2019 KillerShadow vs HeadTaker Core Dekaron Seguriper 2019 Shinigaml vs Kyth Core Dekaron Seguriper 2019 HeadTaker vs XxCouvexX Core Dekaron Seguriper 2019 HeadTaker vs Kyth Core Dekaron Seguriper 2019 Kyth vs {Champion}xBeNjIeGwApSx
  14. Class Championship 2019 VS

    Khyro vs iDrian Khyro vs Tyrath
  15. Class Championship 2019 Segnale

    cL0n0a vs BlackSuperman DRACONICA vs cL0n0a cL0n0a vs MissQuancy cL0n0a vs {Champion}BestSeg
  16. WTS pure dks

  17. CaptainOpBlade

  18. Last week
  19. Class Championship 2019 Mage

    Core Dekaron Mage 2019 MiKKa vs GhladrieL Core Dekaron Mage 2019 MiKKa vs MisSimpatia Core Dekaron Mage 2019 MiKKa vs Zoja Core Dekaron Mage 2019 Popeiii vs MisSimpatia Core Dekaron Mage 2019 xXxTypeRxXx vs MisSimpatia Core Dekaron Mage 2019 Zoja vs iSunna Core Dekaron Mage 2019 MiKKa vs {Champion}xMortisha
  20. Class Championship 2019 CS

    xLavaHound vs Paid xLavaHound vs IiIBlackSpiriTsIiI xLavaHound vs {Champion}Digger
  21. [21.9.] Weekend Event

    This weekend event started later so we activated +300% EXP/GP and DROP [Started 14:30] and will end on Monday morning Enjoy, DEV-Samurai
  22. Top Azure Knight For All Season

    there are few of us Anciets here,but incognito.Youll recognize them as time pass by
  23. WTS>18% CD, 1 ID Juto 2H Axe +10 Clean
  24. Class Championship 2019 HB

    JQStriker vs Crisa
  25. 100% exp amulet not working

    I got an exp amulet and it's not working. My exp is the same and equipping and unequipping it does nothing same thing when I relog.
  26. WTB dualblade

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