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  3. WTS Pure DK


    I've been hearing of the possibility of the a6 server being abandoned for just the a9. I hope this will not be ,but for what it's worth a simple reminder and a word to the wise. This server was founded on a3/a6 reborn a9 was never really popular and so it never stuck (cause people want instant strength and not have to quest for it or farm it ) just lvl and you're done. And the more pvp orientation style is what people stayed for not the original cause if they wanted korean or global dekaron its very easy to go there or any number of servers . considering if they do decide to shut it down this will surely affect the a9 in it s chance to compete in trying to survive and ultimately require the owner to change completely . knowing this for a lot of us we will have lost something special and and may never see the likes of it again ,not to mention the years passed as it became a best friend and a companion . surely we know it will end but hopefully on a glorious note and with plenty of years to say in advance of that inevitability. if it were possible to integrate the database from this to the a9 then yes all players will login there , a more technical aspect , and not lose out to simple change that's supposed to help better and not worsen the experience surely all will be lost in the end
  5. WTS Pure DK

  6. WTS Pure DK

    i have 1780 on a3?
  7. sell AK stuff OP

    same as name on forum
  8. 3x xp weekend

    3x XP and 2x drop is now enabled , enjoy farming and leveling don't forget to vote for Core HGM-LightSide
  9. Black Friday 50% OFF DSHOP SALE

    Black Friday 50% OFF DSHOP SALE on all items starting: 18.11.2020 ending: 30.11.2020 Core-Games
  10. Patch 6.18.0-6.18.2 (Xmas)

    - Black Friday Sale on all Dshop items during [18.11. - 30.11.] -50% DSHOP SALE ON ALL ITEMS Christmas Update: - Added Christmas Theme to Ardeca - Added NPCs Rudolph and Santa to Ardeca Town - Added to Rudolph: Christmas Toy Weapons for all levels [shop] - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends. Rudolph Costume [Exchange] - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends. Christmas Lollipops [Exchange] - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends. - Added Bad Santa, Santa's Lost Bags to Ardeca Town, Loa Castle, Parca Temple, Heiharp - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends. - Added Christmas Costumes: Rudolph Costume added to exchange to Rudolph (Ardeca) [ - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.] Polar Costume added to Bad Santa drop [- Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.] - Added to Santa: Black Bear and Panda costumes exchange to Santa NPC - Added Christmas J Coins to Bad Santa and Santa's Lost Bags - Exchange them for Christmas items (NPC Santa and Rudolph at Ardeca Town) - Added Christmas Necklace, Sealed Christmas Necklace, Perfect Christmas Necklace, Greatest Christmas Necklace - Added Christmas Ring, Sealed Christmas Ring, Perfect Christmas Ring, Greatest Christmas Ring Christmas Necklace/Ring exchange has been added to Rudolph NPC. Upgrade Christmas Necklace to Sealed Christmas Necklace at Rudolph: *Need: Christmas Necklace + 500 Christmas J Coins Upgrade Sealed Christmas Necklace to Perfect Christmas Necklace at Rudolph: *Need: Sealed Christmas Necklace + 1000 Christmas J Coins Upgrade Perfect Christmas Necklace to Greatest Christmas Necklace at Rudolph: *Need: Perfect Christmas Necklace + 1500 Christmas J Coins *Christmas Necklace/Ring can be equipped only 1 time. Cannot Equip more times, Non-Tradable, Personal item and Permanent. - After event ends, all Christmas free costumes and Lollipops will be removed, only Christmas Necklace/Ring is PERMANENT!!! Thank you. DEV-Samurai *Manual Patch (If need):
  11. WTS Pure DK

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  13. Cannot log-in

    Greetings, I cannot connect to a6 server, it states that my credentials are incorrect, tough i tried numerous times creating an account on a6 server, it still gets created on a3 SMH Hope i can enjoy dekaron like the good ol days
  14. WTS Pure DK

  15. A3 download links

    here are the links for A3 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y1hwi6xtqfYayfyDAiriv7pTo1BI324H/view?usp=sharing https://mega.nz/file/vF1ymJxQ#yWhcq1-Uib-VNV07EDLDpji4m8FI6Ehao0aCFw3JyW0 http://www.mediafire.com/file/n5k4qqicqcbmqbe/Core-Games_Dekaron_Returns_1.0.exe/file you need to createz a new account here: http://dekaron.core-games.net/
  16. WTS Pure DK

  17. sell AK stuff OP

  18. 3x xp weekend

    3x XP and 2x drop is now enabled , enjoy farming and leveling don't forget to vote for Core HGM-LightSide
  19. Return of A3

    My friend and I keep getting disconnected. We were at Parca Temple. Please check.
  20. Return of A3

    My friend and I keep getting disconnected. We were at Parca Temple. Please check.
  21. what more can be said ,nothing : i did a little checking and the problems and the python abyss and the settings and bugs are deliberately set by dev .which means they are gonna remove all that can be exploited as they go along ,and if that's any example a3 wont be any better, and i will never go on that server , they can keep it , so now if you wonder why no voting no dks in the ponds ect ect all set to random from plain and all the rest . they wanna see more donations , that wont happen 1 simple reason , you never make it so that you deny or refuse to service the people (no gm intervention on matters that need resolving or lack of staff ,being left to your own device ) and worst off events that have no merit or value ,you attract more bees with sugar than vinegar , and yes there is a big difference between chocolate and shit
  22. Return of A3

    it is only available since few days
  23. sell AK stuff OP

  24. WTS Pure DK

  25. Return of A3

    Nice! Since when was this A3 server available? And why does the A3 server not have any spot here in the forums?
  26. Return of A3

    there is an A3 version https://mega.nz/file/vF1ymJxQ#yWhcq1-Uib-VNV07EDLDpji4m8FI6Ehao0aCFw3JyW0 or http://www.mediafire.com/file/n5k4qqicqcbmqbe/Core-Games_Dekaron_Returns_1.0.exe/file and you need to create a new account: http://dekaron.core-games.net/
  27. Return of A3

    I hear talks of return of A3, what is this about? @Core-Master @HGM-LightSide
  28. WTS Pure DK

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