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  2. SALE 40%

    hahahha 30k for spear lol it will be bought next 5 years
  3. SALE 40%

  4. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    if the grading system is not change time will come that no more new players will join in Core A6 max RBing is EZ but they will be discourage in ranking they will think if the Old player max thier rank in 2 years then they need also 2 years to max thier rank too!!!
  5. Yesterday
  6. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    and so am i? why u keep QQing then? i can also report and comment what i want too...LOL
  7. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    Digger that 120 stats u get from DK-SQ when u get max Rank u think ho many years b4 u get that?considering the status in DK-SQ where sometimes dont have players to join coz other got bored once they reached Esquire rank...DK-SQ is not availble all the time b-coz luck of players to join...that is why u use ur dirty strategy join ur seg Royall then relog once its inside to make other team low chance of winning and ur Digger team will take advantage...b4 what u did is AFK ur seg inside DK-SQ but when players starts QQing it u change ur strategy join ur seg then relog!!!why u use this dirty tactics if u like the grading system in DK-SQ? Shame on your Tag!!!
  8. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    lol such a loyal, anyword you said there make no sense why? first of all he said this post for all of us we got also opinion and we make it stronger even if hes the higest rank. how u expect newbie player that reached 5rb without special gear to play dksq? there is no sense make rank for example 50kgp and after one rank need to gain 200k if each run of dksq u can get maximum 10k and after u work hard for one dksq Digger as a champion I expect for more. and btw don't try be a loyal with words u even don't really knew bye.
  9. WTS Serpent DN CD+ID/WTB

    PM ME IGN OgSpearU I want that serpent
  10. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    @AutoPots how stupid it is on this subject. I do not know what you want, it does not suit you, you want this game to be so easy. do not you better to give GM items very OP and rings the same and give you even the highest rank at DK-SQ ??? how big you want to be the difference, think about how many levels you have to pass to that maximum rank, and think about having 120 points to status. you will have an advantage over the other players, you think too that he can not add an excessively high difference because it would be unfair for the other players. I do not know what happened to you but you suddenly became very exaggerated and very annoying to many of us. DEV thought to give us work to have what make this game, and you want to do maximum in two days for me one as he did DEV from the beginning is very good, is a work quite hard to makes this maximum rank and takes time, that's best because it gives us work on this game and we can have fun. I say the advantage we will have with all when we have a maximum rank is a significant one. think of the other players who do not have your time to play, as you too are hard to grow in rank and they will be, but you will have an advantage over them. and considering the accusations against me as I make the rank easy I say to watch you once ranked me and how often I get to DK-to you, I go once a week, max twice say you try to be better, you do not feel good, you can also help with goodness not only dealing with bad words in all directions. I wish you a good day and I can hardly wait for a DK-SQ to be honored. Thank you!
  11. WTS Serpent DN CD+ID/WTB

  12. Time For New Upgrades

    i think its time to upgrade our gears just like Golden weapons, shields and guards. For example upgrading an armor which gives MAX SHIELD,AMR,DEF or PR to Golden or what ever you may call it, same goes for other gears. I think with this upgrades PVP's will a last for a bit longer.
  13. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    @DEV-Samurai i think this post suppose to get most of the attention... this dksq boring all people do is chase stones if have fights its only at stones spots no one going mid lol. best solution relocate the stones to mid...
  14. Last week
  15. iM Back ?

    Welcome Back !!
  16. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    Dog im done with you. How you cry with your story realize me that your just a kid. And the way you said that. hahahaha
  17. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    Who said that smarter than anyone? And i dont act im smarter just happen this dog keep barking with stupid things that he know nothing. You can check in every post here in forum. And in chatbox. +the gp. It was same problem happen in all core a9 . If added it to a6 can be same.
  18. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    That Violence always act that he is smarter than anyone else...i made report and suggestion but still at the end of the day still the DEV decide on what is better...i dont know why this Violence acting he knew evrything and keep insulting those who try to help the server...Violence too much jealous will kill you!!! Violence name change to Perfectionist!!!
  19. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    tell me why u think u smarter than anyone else? go check other servers, DKSQ is not the only way to rank up...…. DKSQ is for geared ppls. (anyone else can join but will struggle xD) must be other *hard* way to let newbies rank up NOW YOU UNDERSTAND!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? Make it balance as Shinji said 30minutes of dksq should be like 1 hour of farming or somthing
  20. Keep lying 'til someone will believe you!!!

    are u faggot not lying like that rofl im not owe to staff nothing everything they can do by theirself they don't need us
  21. Class Championship (MAY 2017)

    there is Inori and LightSide still there and im sure also Kyle there
  22. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    Hahaha. Stupid dog. I can comment what i want to. Thats what forum for.
  23. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    if u are not idiot enough to understand it nOOb,i made and suggestion but the end of the still the DEV can do what he wants to do to make it better...DEVare asking players to report what players dont like and like and im one of the player in this server so i have the right to report also...Violence dont be so IDIOT dude use a little IQ!!! or u trying to act like a DEV here LOL in ur dream!!!
  24. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    Dog, Truth hit you hard? Your talking 2 different story. Both are nonsense. Your post here about improving dksq not to those ppl abusing dksq. Simple as that. But your suggestion is for your own good, as i saw in game you are the only one that so greedy in rank. Work for it since you can play 8hours everyday. And im not professional but im pretty sure, iknowmore bout dekaron than you.
  25. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    i just report those idiots who ruined DK-SQ what ur problem on that?i just want some changes in DK-SQ coz not only me are complaining on it almost all but all u can do here is act like u the best no solution to give...u feeling proffessional?that is why this all reported so that they do something on it so dont be idiots like u know everything and act like u are proffesionl coz are also CANCER...if u dont want to help server, better u shut up!!!understand well the report dont just make reactions and insult so that u will become famous of insulting..u feel PRO on that?LOL!!! such and idiot style!!! The DEV is asking report on server if u like it or dislike it so that he can find way to make it better but what u did is find mistakes on my report so that u can insult and make urself the better one?LOL This is not a battle of who is good in insulting!!!if u dont want to help u better shut up Violence!!!
  26. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    So adding more points and def, ppl like digger will gone? Problem will solve? Your post doesnt really for improving DKSQ its killing dksq. Your just suggesting for your own good not for the server good.
  27. iM Back ?

    welcome back
  28. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    going DK-SQ is sometimes boring expecially when someone is ruined DK-SQ like what Digger did he join his segnale to other team then relog b4 it starts to make his team advantage and have big chance to WIN when Digger relog his it will become 2 vs 3 in favor of Digger's team this happen 2x in a row...what did b4 he just AFK his seg inside but when someone complain now he new strategy he relog once his seg is inside...i already post SS and reports of this but no one care!!!i think Champions are excempted in all rules...Digger's reason is someone is piloting his seg how come someone is piloting it if it just relog b4 DK-SQ starts on Meseria team MajinBuu,Colombia and Royall which is Digger seg and in Richez Digger,Digi,GhlagrieL...in my previous post on this thier is date,time on it when it happen so that when wants to invistegate this he easily trace it...b4 it starts Digger's seg already relog so no piloting happen in there as what Digger claims that someone is piloting his seg!!!
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