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  6. WTB Bagi

    Wtb> +13 Bagi Legatus & Helion [H][A][P][G] With Options = DKs Pm Me In Game - PrincessIce
  7. XP Event

    XP Event Location: Guild Hideout Entrance map Spawn: XP mobs, GP mobs, DKs ,Dils, Feathers, Golds, Akris + Cherubin for each Expedition We hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to vote for Core HGM-LightSide
  8. Boss Event

    Location: Loa Spawn: XP Statues, + Agacion (Event), Incarnation of Helion (Event), Cherubim (Event), Duce Mable (Event) , Ditar, Mapinguari [Event Boss] and Angry Yogmond (Core Event) We hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to vote for Core HGM-LightSide

  10. WTS

  11. WTS

  12. Last week
  13. Captain vs jojo cs

    to yall think this guy win me in pvp look this <3
  14. WTS

    Upppp, you can offer for dks/talis auras etc
  15. 3x XP Weekend

    3x XP and 2x drop is now enabled , enjoy farming and leveling don't forget to vote for Core HGM-LightSide
  16. WTS

    +13 juto 2h axe 8 cd 1line id fresh +13 helion ca gloves 2cd 1 Id =dk /ossuary talis / gold argates you can pm your offers too
  17. Yesterday
  18. WTS

    Selling golden juto 2h axe with 7% rhombus x4 normal item = dks
  19. Last week
  20. Wts +13 bagi legatus

    do you still have bagi legatus?
  21. WTT VS SET +13 and ALO GEARS

    i have AK pm me in game SilverZincZ
  22. Launcher stop at 64.3 %

    ok it works now =) thanks tho ^^
  23. Launcher stop at 64.3 %

    i did that. and yes i have win 10
  24. Launcher stop at 64.3 %

    download it again and off antivirus. Btw, windows 10?
  25. Launcher stop at 64.3 %

    Hi. i have a prob that i need help whit. i have done everything by the book. Still the launcher stops at 64.3 % i have even reinstall the game. what could be wrong? plz help.
  26. Yesterday
  27. WTS

    +13 juto bow 6cd based = 11k dks +13 juto guard 72 def 1%ms =7k +13 legion dn gloves mage 5cd 71IMD =11K +13 xbow gold 3cd 79ID 4x 7% rhombus =15k +13 juto gold DB 8cd 85ID 4x 7% rhombus = whip or 35k dks +13 Gold TB 144 ID 3x 8% rhombus =25k dks +13 juto falchion 5cd 75 ID = 10k dks +13 juto scythe 8cd 88 ID = whip 8cd or 30k dks +13 helion pants hunter = 7k dks +13 legion gloves segu 3cd 79ID =7k dks +13 legion gloves cs 2% dmg 130 ID = 9K dks Segu moon wing 4x 3k5k jewel =2k dks Mage inferno wings full 5k = 2k dks Helion wings alo =1.5k dks
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