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A9 Manual Patch 25.10

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About This File

Latestmanual patch for A9

What's New in Version 25.10   See changelog


Patch 25.10:

- Fixed incorrect Wings exchange bug (Summer to Helion and Wings skin Inferno change)

- Fixed Concerra Summoner Ramina Transup skill - upto level 6 only -> now max lvl 7 as other classes

- Fixed Aquarius mobs: Shurani = stucked/bugged

- Updated exchange:

  • Legion set +0 changed to +12
  • Dragon Weapons +0 changed to +12
  • Some items removed/updated in exchange

- Updated Fishing drop

- Updated monsters GP/PP

- Other miscellanous bugs fixed




- Updated price of Alchemist's Protector in Dshop
- Added Ossuary of Alchemist's Will to Dshop
- Added Ossuary of Alchemist's Soul to Dshop
- Added Ossuary of Gemcraft to Dshop
- Fixed all wings with bugged socket creation
- Changed rings/necklace/earrings option Guard Rate and Block Rate to Balanced Guard and Balanced Rate (A9 option)
- Updated Aegis Amber and Tranquillitas Amber - changed into Earrings
- Updated Spell Plume to original stats: +50 All Stats
- Masochie's Earrings upgrade added to Monthly Exchange
- Updated Karon's Rings/Necklace/Earring Crafting Material name and texture to:

  • Copper Anger Crystal
  • Silver Cold Crystal
  • Gold Sap Crystal

- Dshop mounts cannot be trade - description info fix
- Added Masochie's Earrings boxes to Dshop [Exclusive Rings]
- Updated Dshop old Exclusive Rings 7 days to 30 days
- Fixed armlets and belt equipment rank bug



- Added Alchemist's Solicitude (to remove last option in items by 100% success) to Dshop
- Fixed newest wings ability to trade and create slots for gems
- Juto's Ruby, Gold and Sapphire weapons can be now used in Mavric system to create options
- Abaddon's Weapons can be now used in Mavric system to create options
- Karons exchange updated to fix exchange failed error (from a6):

- Updated and Fixed Karon's Transport Ship monthly exchange:

  • Fixed the bug when exchanging (Failed to make exchange error)
  • Updated necessary items to make the exchange - you need Crafting Material

- Added crafting material to Unique Letter's I exchange (Weekly quest board) for Karon's Ring (Main ring - 1x equip)
- Added crafting material to Magic Field of Crevice exchange (Daily quest board) for Karon's Necklace (Multiple eqiup)
- Added crafting material to Treasure of Crespo exchange (Daily quest board) for Karon's Earring (Multiple equip)

- Updated/lowered price of some old buffs and rings in exchange (daily and weekly quest board)

- Fixed Ardeca Town map texture glitch on some clients


Patch 25.7.0 - 25.7.5:

- Added new Pure Korea Costume to Dshop
- Added new Wings of the Sky to Dshop:
- Updated Wedding Ring stats
- Fixed some Azure Knight Sapphire weapons visual bugs
- Fixed some NPCs information text bugs
- Added Special Juto's Fiery Weapons [30 Days] to new starting characters and old players (will be gifted in mailbox) [This process can take some more hours/days after patch release]
- Added daily, weekly, monthly quests NPC in Ardeca
- Updated exchange: Treasure of Crespo, Magic Field of Crevice, Magic Field of Abyss, Unique Letter
- Added and revamped Karon's Transport Ship [Expedition] and Rank S [Party Dung]
- Added Daily, Weekly, Monthly Quests exchange boards to Ardeca Town:

Daily quests are based on the old exchange of Treasure of Crespo, Magic Field of Crevice and Fiery Heart exchange, some of Treasure of Crespo exchange has been updated there we added 100 Gold Frog and 100 Gold Fish for 20 Obsidians (you get 4 obsidians by completing Treasure of Crespo A = 15-20 min one run)
and in Magic Field of Crevice we added Head of Abaddon = 10 Magic Stone Piece (You get 4 Piece when completing Crevice A dung = 30 min)
rest stay same for buffs and some other items

dekaron 2020 03 19 10h 36m 45s 0570.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 40m 40s 0690.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 40m 48s 0373.jpg

Weekly quests:
There I added Magic Field of Abyss and Unique Letter exchange
Magic Field of Abyss exchange needs Head of Abbadon - Obtainable from daily quests or completing full dung (we know about abyss last boss crash bug, there was a try to fix it in this update, need more time to test but we working on it, there is no problem with the boss itself but with sript showing "Mission Complete")
In Magic Field of Abyss exchange (Head of Abaddon) we added Spell Kracion (Needs Spell Plume before to complete exchange) and Wedding Ring with updated stats.
In Unique Letters exchange we only used some items (like Desayer's Ring) for monthly quest. (Its very old exchange, Letters Drops from Akris only mostly in lower level maps)

dekaron 2020 03 19 10h 43m 37s 0214.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 45m 01s 0408.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 45m 19s 0267.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 45m 49s 0419.jpg

And last Monthly Exchange - we revamped completly Karon's Transport Ship (S = Party Dung, A,B,C = Expedition) so you need to make full party (7 people for S rank or expedition) to enter dung.
We added new Main Ring (1x equip), Necklace (more times equip) and Earring (2x equip) with name "Lord Karon's Ring, Necklace, Earring"
To get this rings you need Dirham item which is obtainable only from Karon's Transport Ship (monsters drop it there and you get it also for completing dung - but is hard)
also to make more challenge we added some rings from Weekly Quests exchange as requirement to complete exchange transaction,
so for Lord Karon's Ring (30 Days box) you need Desayers's Ring from weekly quests (Unique Letters 500),
for Lord Karon's Necklace you need Wedding Ring from Weekly Quests (Head of Abaddon - Magic Field of Abyss)
and for Lord Karon's Earring (30 Days) you need Spell Kracion first from Daily exchange
also these rings/earring are already in game very long time so you can use them to complete exchange, they can be obtained from normal boss drops too..


dekaron 2020 03 19 10h 48m 04s 0783.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 49m 15s 0171.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 55m 01s 0477.jpg
dekaron 2020 03 19 10h 54m 57s 0488.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 54m 59s 0948.jpg

To make faster teleport into expedition we added Karon's Transport Ship teleport to Ardeca respawn area.

dekaron 2020 03 19 11h 00m 25s 0873.jpg

And the last 2 things to mention:

For those who donate and we added Karon's Rings [30 days] to Dshop

and when easter is coming:

We also added Easter's Premium Golden Egg (random box) to dshop - LIMITED SALE (Will be removed after event ends)
- After opening the egg you will obtain one of the items included inside.

dekaron 2020 03 19 11h 02m 12s 0102.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 11h 02m 42s 0121.jpg


Have fun in game,



dekaron 2020 03 19 10h 50m 03s 0836.jpg


Patch 25.6.1 hotfix:

- Fixed the graphical issue in Ardeca Town for some players (global Winter Ardeca changed to korea Winter Ardeca)



- Removed Christmas Event items and J Coins
- Added Sapphire Juto's Weapons and upgrade from Golden Juto's to Sapphire Juto Weapons
- Added Colosseum Socket Gems to [Darin Colosseum NPC]
- Added Blistering +12 Weapons boxes to [Mike DKS Weapon NPC]
- Added new Red Helion Costume to Dshop
- Added new mounts: Unicorn, Golden Wisegon and Christmas Reindeer
- Lowered Dshop price of Dragon +12 Weapons -50% off
- Updated magic resistance gems (value to percentage as it was before - same A6)
- Fixed other miscellanous bugs




Christmas Update 2019:


- Added Christmas Theme to Ardeca

- Added NPCs Rudolph and Santa to Ardeca Town

- Added to Rudolph:

  •     Christmas Toy Weapons for all levels [shop] - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.
  •     Rudolph Costume [Exchange] - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.
  •     Christmas Lollipops [Exchange] - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.

- Added Bad Santa, Santa's Lost Bags to Ardeca Town, Loa Castle, Parca Temple, Heiharp - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.

- Added Christmas Costumes:

  •     Rudolph Costume added to exchange to Rudolph (Ardeca) [ - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.]
  •     Polar Costume added to Bad Santa  drop [- Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.]

- Added to Santa:

Black Bear and Panda costumes exchange to Santa NPC

- Added Christmas J Coins to Bad Santa and Santa's Lost Bags - Exchange them for Christmas items (NPC Santa and Rudolph at Ardeca Town)


- Added Christmas Necklace, Sealed Christmas Necklace, Perfect Christmas Necklace, Greatest Christmas Necklace
- Added Christmas Ring, Sealed Christmas Ring, Perfect Christmas Ring, Greatest Christmas Ring

Christmas Necklace/Ring exchange has been added to Rudolph NPC.

  •     Upgrade Christmas Necklace to Sealed Christmas Necklace at Rudolph: *Need: Christmas Necklace + 500 Christmas J Coins
  •     Upgrade Sealed Christmas Necklace to Perfect Christmas Necklace at Rudolph: *Need: Sealed Christmas Necklace + 1000 Christmas J Coins
  •     Upgrade Perfect Christmas Necklace to Greatest Christmas Necklace at Rudolph: *Need: Perfect Christmas Necklace + 1500 Christmas J Coins


*Christmas Necklace/Ring can be equipped only 1 time. Cannot Equip more times, Non-Tradable, Personal item and Permanent.

- After event ends, all Christmas free costumes and Lollipops will be removed, only Christmas Necklace/Ring is PERMANENT!!!


New Content and Bug fixes:

- Added Wings of the Abaddon [Skin] to Hosea Exchange

- Wings of Infernus can be now upgraded into Wings of the Abaddon

- Added Dark Wings of Prosperity [365 Days] to Dshop

- Fixed/Updated Summoner's Trans up 3 Giant Fist skill from latest korea update

- Fixed missing/bugged textures and glitches from latest korea update

- Increased Upgrade Success Rate on +10 to 60% Success Rate and +11 to 30% Success Rate on all items (Without Belt and Armlet)

- Added new files for future update [New map Siz, monsters and bosses] - Will be released in next updates

- Other miscellanous bugs fixed




Patch 24.0.0 - 24.1.0:

- Added official Trans-Up 3 - (from Korea Dekaron release Action 24)
- Trans Up skill can be level up to 7 Lv. now at level 195 (6-7 Lv. = Trans Up 3)
- Added new 195 Lv. attack skill for each class (Trans-up 3 needs to be active first)
- Added new skill books to Skill Masters NPC (Trans UP Shop Tab)
- Revamped armors defense and options (A9 style) for better class PK/PVP balance
- Ardeca theme changed into Winter Ardeca
- Fixed other miscellanous bugs


Dshop update:

- Emblems and auras reduced in cost

Shield Aura update:

-Added lose of -5% Crit damage

-Added lose of -10% Crit rate 

Heal Aura update:

- Added lose of -10% Crit Damage 

- Added lose of -5% Crit rate 

Wings price reduced in cost


Blacksmith's Fortify:

- New fortify rates:

+1 99%
+2 99%
+3 99%
+4 97%
+5 95%
+6 90%
+7 85%
+8 80%
+9 75%
+10 50%
+11 25%
+12 15%
+13 5%

Wings Update &  Upgrade:

- All wings stats has been revamped.

- All Dshop timed-up wings (7, 60, 180 Days) has been changed into 365 Days

- Dshop timed-up wings will have best stats - Same in all wings (Difference will be only visual)

- All Permanent Wings stats is same - These wings can be upgraded into Helion Wings at NPC "Hosea"

- Added new Wings of the Lord (Blue version) 365 days to Dshop

- NPC "Hosea" Added near Pablos in Ardeca - You can upgrade permanent wings there and change skin of Helion Wings into Wings of Moon and Infernus (Same A6)

dekaron 2019 09 02 10h 53m 58s 0707.jpg

Wings Socket [New Feature]

- Added ability to socket wings (same as other items) create new gem slots at NPC Karin (Carmen)

- Added new gems in drop for Wings sockets:

  • Jewel Shield 2000
  • Jewel HP 2000
  • Jewel MP 2000
  • Jewel Movement Speed 3%
  • Jewel Defensive 200
  • Jewel Shield 3000
  • Jewel HP 3000
  • Jewel MP 3000
  • Jewel Movement Speed 5%
  • Jewel Defensive 300

dekaron 2019 09 02 10h 53m 18s 0747.jpg

- All Wings can have max 2 socket slots.

dekaron 2019 09 02 10h 54m 18s 0561.jpg

Grand Meister skills, belts and armlets


Removed the Dekaron coin requirements

200 skill books drop rate increased

180 skill dk coins requirement removed


- Other miscellanous bugs fixed


Patch 23.2.4:

Skill system update:
- Global skill reset - all characters will get free skill reset at NPC skill master
- Meister and 170 Lv.+ skills costs 1 skill point per upgrade
- Meister and Grand Meister skills cool time is increased by +10 sec


Exchange update:
- Lowered price of 10% Max Critical to 1150 DK-Coins
- Lowered price of 7% Max Critical Rhombus and Pyramid to 1750 DK-Coins
- Lowered price of Woody Pet Egg to 1990 DK-Coins

New Dshop items:
- Added Storage Mastery to increase storage space
- Added A Wealth Merchant's Stall to increase personal shop cells
- Added Storage Keeper's Key to activate shared storage between characters on same account

- Dead Front and Siege Timer under investigation and fixing - can be fixed after update




- Added new Wings of the Lord (60 Days) to Dshop

- Added new Pig Costume to Dshop

- Added new mount Black Sylphid to Dshop

- Added new looting pet - Drako to Dshop

- Fixed belts and armlets options (creation magic, noble, divine fixed)

- Revamped Blacksmith's Protector - highly increased chance to keep item level or jump to lower item level and not to +0 all the time (much easier upgrading using this item)

- Other miscellanous bugs fixed


Patch 23.0.0:

- Removed Christmas Event

- Added F7-F10 buff bar

- Dill limit increased to 4B

- Added Platinum Bullion

- Added staff and VIP character name color

- Updated anticheat

- Added new socket (under testing)

- Added Colosseum ranking system (Ranking NPC Undo Masochie) in Colosseum (Under testing)

- more under test..



xmas part II


- Added Polar Costume for Dragon Knight in drop

- Added Christmas Toy Hammer to shop at Santa

- Decreased magic resistance from Ditar boss

- Colosseum Party Battle update:

  1. Colosseum Battle: The proof of victory changed into Colosseum Battle: Participation
  • Victory gives 3 Colosseum Battle: Participation coins
  • Lose gives 1 Colosseum Battle: Participation coin


- Added Christmas Powder [Event] item buff to Dshop - LIMITED SALE - will be removed from Dshop after Christmas ends, only those who buy it will have it!


PK/PVP Balance Update:
- Wings +100% Max Shield changed into +75% PK/PVP Damage Tolerance - [***UNDER TEST***]
- Class Damage PK/PVP Tolerance has been set to original values



- Halloween ended - removed all temporary free event items (costumes, candys)

Black Friday Event:

- Biggest Dshop items sale -30% started and will end 30th of Novemeber 2018.


Patch 22.1.0 - 22.1.4 (Shangri-La):

- Added new Lv. 200+ map Shangri-La to Core NPC

- Added Lv. 100+ Ice Castle map (Well known from A3 - high argate drop) to Core NPC [GP/PP] Teleports

- Added new meister skills: 2 Attack Skills + 6 Mastery skills for each class

- Added skillbooks of new meisters skill to drop from following bosses:

  • Yogmond (1 Hour respawn) - Shangri-La map
  • The Shaman Baron (30 min respawn) - Shangri-La map
  • Bishop Maxiris (30 min respawn) - Shangri-La map
  • Rubisin (Elonohm Dung last boss)

- Global skill reset - All characters skills will be deleted and free skill reset will be given to all for free (So if you build up bad skills you can reset them for free one more time)

- Skills upgrade change:

  • All normal skills 170 Lv.+ (5+ or 10+ skill level) costs 2 skill points per upgrade
  • All meister skills 170+ Lv. costs 3 skill points per upgrade

- Updated Elonohm Dung [GP/PP] monsters HP, drop and GP

- Lowered 210+ maps levels and teleports

- Lowered 250 Lv. necklace/rings

- Lowered 210+ armors set levels to (210Lv. Set -> 220Lv Set -> 230 Lv. Set - 240 Lv. Set)

- Rebuilded all skills based on latest korea dekaron update:

  • Some skills could be more powerfull/nerfed, skill cool time changes, buff effects updated and so... many changes

- Updated Ardeca theme to Winter

- Fixed pets dissapear bug (hopefully)

- and more.. (I cant remember all)



- Added Halloween theme to Ardeca and Parca Temple

- Added Halloween monsters and pumpkins all over Ardeca and Parca Temple maps

- Added Halloween Coins and candy buffs to Halloween monsters

- Added Jack [Halloween] NPC at Ardeca with Halloween exchange items:

  • Halloween Costume 15 Days Box
  • Halloween Costume 30 Days Box
  • Halloween Ring Tier 1
  • Halloween Ring Tier 2
  • Halloween Ring Tier 3
  • Halloween Ring Tier 4
  • Halloween Ring Tier 5

- All event items are Binding, cannot be trade. Halloween Candys and Coins will be removed after event ends. Items obtained from exchange will be NOT removed.

- Added new Halloween Wings [365 Days] to Dshop - LIMITED SALE - Only players who buy it now, will have it after event ends.

- Added Epic Abaddon's Weapons into game (Should be as alternative to Juto's)

- Juto's Weapons Upgrade at Exchange center has been changed into Epic Weapons Upgrade exchange and added new Abaddon's Argate exchange there

- Abaddon's Argate can be purchased for 500 Naruke

- Added new upgrade system for older weapons to keep them useful in game:

  • Blistering, Dragon and 155 Lv. Legendary Weapons +13 can be upgraded into Abbadon's Weapons +13 using Abaddon's Argate
  • Fortify success rate is 18% (+ Can be used talisman to increase more success rate)
  • When fortify fail, all items will be destroyed (unless you use Blacksmith's Protector)

Abaddon's Weapons very rare drop added to monsters of :

  • Mitera
  • Ellonom [Dungeon]
  • Ellonom Sanctum
  • Forgotten Temple I
  • Dead Lands
  • Dravis Underpass
  • Drafis Field

- Removed pet "Nat" from Dshop due to unexpected dissapearing bug

- Updated Fury Aura Emblem -100% Max Shield changed to -1000000 Shield Decrease (Fix random server crash)

- Updated some skills textures to the latest dekaron version



- Updated and fixed rings,necklace and earrings magic, noble, divine noble options (This will apply only for new dropped rings, necklace and earrings)

Possible options of Magic rings, necklace, earrings:

  • Physical Damage +27-70
  • Magical Damage +34-90
  • Range Damage +27-70
  • Critical +50-100
  • Vitality +40-50
  • Max Shield 1-2%
  • Defense +37-128

Possible options of Noble rings, necklace, earrings:

  • Physical Damage +40-120
  • Magical Damage +50-130
  • Range Damage +40-120
  • Critical +100-150
  • Vitality +60-75
  • Max Shield +1-3%
  • Defense +70-180
  • Magic Resist +137-146

Possible options of Divine Noble rings, necklace, earrings:

  • Physical Damage +1-3%
  • Magical Damage +1-3%
  • Range Damage +1-3%
  • Critical Rate +1-5%
  • Critical Damage +1-5%
  • Max Shield +2-3%
  • Decrease in Damage Rate  +1-3%
  • Vitality +75-100
  • Magic Resist +179-191
  • Defense +10-200

*Note: Divine Noble items use random magic+noble+divine options, so there is many combinations possible.

- Fixed Stacy invisible NPC bug

- Updated Ishar NPC - added new exchange "Head of Abbadon" - Magic Crevice of Abyss

- Added 4 new pets to Dshop:

  • Kittay
  • Demi
  • White Tiger
  • Nat

- Fixed Steamed Bass purchase error in Dshop and updated/lowered coins price

- Other miscellanous bugs fixed (Thanks to Kalithar)


- Added Steamed Bass to Dshop - Item Buff increase monsters following count:

  • Nummy Steamed Bass - Increase following count to 5 monsters
  • Tasty Steamed Bass - Increase following count to 10 monsters
  • Delicious Steamed Bass - Increase following count to 15 monsters

- Fixed Black Helion Costume bug

- Updated Sacred Claw - adjusted monsters spawn areas, updated follow count and exp rate

- Updated Treasure of Crespo dungeon monsters levels to fix exp rate on some monsters

- Updated Ellonom Sanctum Event monsters drop and exp

- Updated and fixed Dead lands Raging monsters drop

- Fixed missing Aura exp info

- Updated Exp to next level where was big jump from 199 to 200 level where you need 100M exp and next level 1B.

Leveling will be increasing gradually and more logical:

  • Old 200 Lv. 1B exp -> New 200 Lv. 100M exp
  • Old 201 Lv. 2B exp -> New 201 Lv. 200M exp
  • Old 202 Lv. 3B exp -> New 202 Lv. 300M exp
  • Old 203 Lv. 4B exp -> New 203 Lv. 400M exp
  • .....
  • Old 209 Lv. 1B exp -> New 209 Lv. 1B exp -> there was big bug since exp to next level was almost same like on lvl 200 before.

* Note: Players who reached 200+ Level before, your exp is not wasted. System will automatically calculate exp and will give you new % so there can happen fast level up after killing 1 monster if you had enought exp.


- Other miscellanous bugs fixed


Thank you.


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