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A9 Manual Patch 25.8

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About This File

Latestmanual patch for A9

What's New in Version 20.5.6   See changelog


- Fixed monsters in Tower dung (Increased HP and adjusted drop in rank S)

- Fixed problem with "no exp" at some maps/dead front

- Fixed items (rings, armors, wings) stats where was missing "Long-Range Damage"

- Party Exp leveling has been set to original-like

- Fixed Amulets and  items with timer - after time ended, item was not destroyed

- Travelers Backpack cannot be trade anymore

- Added Pets to Dshop (Pet preview in Dshop is bugged, shows a weapon, but a pet is working good, after purchase you will get Pet Egg in bag):

  • Woody
  • Wiki
  • Ariel

- Added Awakening Ocarina to Dshop to wake up sleeping pets

- Fixed Dragon Knight 170 and 200 Lv. set drop

- Other miscellanous bugs fixed


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