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A9 Manual Patch 25.8

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About This File

Latestmanual patch for A9

What's New in Version 21.7.1   See changelog


- Aquarius map is now 160+ Lv. and corrected monsters HP and drops - Added teleport to Jerome NPC teleporter

- Crespo monsters and their HP and drop has been adjusted and updated to 131+ Lv.

- Treasure of Crespo Dungeon has been revamped and updated - its now for 155+ Lv.

- Forest of Phantom "PhantomLand" has been revamped and updated, its now 160+ Lv. map

- Magic Field of Crevice Dungeon (Old Python dung) has been moved to Phantom Land, added teleport to dung in Roy NPC and Jerome NPC Teleporters

  • Magic Field of Crevice Dungeon A, B, C is now 200+ Lv.
  • Magic Field of Crevice Abyss is now 170+ Lv.

- Added "Summon Scroll" to Ishtar exchange and Dshop under "Premium" tab

  • Summon Scroll can be used to skip waiting time in Crevice Abyss for a next boss.

- Fixed Tower of Spell dungeon ?

- Added new Event Bosses:

  • Quetzalcoatl [Event Boss] : 91051898 HP, 50% resistance of Meele Damage, Drops +10 170 Lv. Weapons
  • Hatun Kucha [Event Boss] : 91051898 HP, 50% resistance of Range Damage, Drops +10 Blistering Weapons
  • Mapinguari [Event Boss] : 91051898 HP, 50% of Physical Resistance, Drops +10 Dragon Weapons

- Other miscellanous bugs fixed


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