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A9 Manual Patch 25.8

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About This File

Latestmanual patch for A9

What's New in Version 21.8   See changelog


- Added Steamed Bass to Dshop - Item Buff increase monsters following count:

  • Nummy Steamed Bass - Increase following count to 5 monsters
  • Tasty Steamed Bass - Increase following count to 10 monsters
  • Delicious Steamed Bass - Increase following count to 15 monsters

- Fixed Black Helion Costume bug

- Updated Sacred Claw - adjusted monsters spawn areas, updated follow count and exp rate

- Updated Treasure of Crespo dungeon monsters levels to fix exp rate on some monsters

- Updated Ellonom Sanctum Event monsters drop and exp

- Updated and fixed Dead lands Raging monsters drop

- Fixed missing Aura exp info

- Updated Exp to next level where was big jump from 199 to 200 level where you need 100M exp and next level 1B.

Leveling will be increasing gradually and more logical:

  • Old 200 Lv. 1B exp -> New 200 Lv. 100M exp
  • Old 201 Lv. 2B exp -> New 201 Lv. 200M exp
  • Old 202 Lv. 3B exp -> New 202 Lv. 300M exp
  • Old 203 Lv. 4B exp -> New 203 Lv. 400M exp
  • .....
  • Old 209 Lv. 1B exp -> New 209 Lv. 1B exp -> there was big bug since exp to next level was almost same like on lvl 200 before.

* Note: Players who reached 200+ Level before, your exp is not wasted. System will automatically calculate exp and will give you new % so there can happen fast level up after killing 1 monster if you had enought exp.


- Other miscellanous bugs fixed


Thank you.


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