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Dekaron Rebirth A6 Manual Update 6.17

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Manual Update

What's New in Version 6.12.3   See changelog




Patch 6.12. :
- Christmas ended - removed all temporary event items
- Christmas Ardeca changed to Winter Ardeca theme
- All quests are back (test stage)
- Platinum bullion added to Dshop
- Pure Korea Costume added to Dshop
- Alchemist's Will added to Dshop
- Added Pass, Nium, Tatum Mavrics to game and monsters drop (random monsters)
- Added 4x DK-Square Treasure to DK-Square Map (Camps area):

  • Drops random mavrics (max 7), respawn 5 minutes

- Added 4x Grade EXP/PP Stone to DK-Square Battle (Middle pyramid area):

  • Each stone gives 2500 GP/PP, respawn 5 minutes

- Updated NPC Karin:

  • Changed to Carmen and added ability to make option: Magic, Noble, Divine items using Mavrics
  • * Note: Only normal and Unique items can be used in this system, Legendary (Green) items cannot be used.

- Updated Crespo Abyss map:

  • Added Grade Exp/Purchase Points to Crespo Abyss monsters

- Statue of Luck EXP has been raised

- Other miscellanous bugs fixed




- Fixed Concerra Blistering Weapons +12 box bug giving wrong weapon
- Fixed Legion Helmets exchange error
- Fixed +12 Dragon Weapons purchase data error in Dshop
- Updated Siege Pendants - resetted to original A6 state
- Juto's Sapphire Weapons option stats updated:

  •  +5% abnormal resistance has been removed
  •  +3% Damage/Def has been added (7% Damage changed to 10%)

- Added new Red Helion Set Costume to Dshop



- Added Juto's Sapphire weapons [New upgrade from Golden Juto]
- Added Juto's Sapphire Crystal to exchange in Agency (Juto Upgrade)
- Added New login screen
- Added in Lowe NPC [DK Square] new item boxes such as:

+12 Blistering Weapons [Permanent]
+12 Armor Set [30 Days]
Ossuary of Blacksmith Box
Ossuary of Alchemist's Soul
Ossuary of Gemcraft
Armor set of all class 234Lv. +12 Set [30 Day]

*All items in DK-SQ Shop can be purchased using Purchase Points obtained from DK-Square Battle.

- Updated Fiery Heart event item in exchange

- Added +12 Blistering Weapons to Dshop

- Reduced price of Dragon Weapons +12 in Dshop

dekaron 2019 12 18 21h 20m 27s 0623.jpg

dekaron 2019 12 18 20h 41m 49s 0832.jpg


Main part of Dekaron Action 24 Update:

- Added Transup 3 and new attack skill for each class (Action 24):

  • Trans-up 3 is activated after transup skill level up to 6-7 Lv.

- Some more quests is working again (Under test)
- Halloween Ardeca changed to Winter Ardeca
- Added event item "Fiery heart" in drop at Python Castle, Aquarius, Crespo Abyss
- Added new event exchange to Winggo NPC:

  • Maxi Health Potion 300 EA
  • Maxi Mana Potion 300 EA
  • Blacksmith's Protector
  • Ossuary of Blacksmith (Random box)
  • Wings of Ice
  • Wings of Angel Gabriel

- Added Picking-up pets to Dshop:

  • Woody
  • Wiki
  • Ariel
  • Kittay
  • Demi

- Halloween event has been ended, all event items has been deleted

- Free skill reset has been given to everyone for free (You can reset skills at your Skill Master)


Patch 6.7

- Dshop summer 25% sale ended
- Fixed Dragon Knight skill Tunreis: Increase Guard Rate changed into increase in Monster damage tolerance
- Fixed Dragon Knight skill Tunreis 2: Increase Guard Rate and Block Rate changed into increase in Monster damage tolerance and PK/PVP Damage Resistance
- Game Files clean-up to improve game performance and server stability


Patch 6.6.15:

- Wings socket Gems can be now trade

- Fixed text bug Next Siege Timer at NPC

- Removed Exchange of upgrading wings from "Hosea" since there was an error while exchanging Wings to next level [Dark Eye cannot be found bug]

- Added back Wings Upgrade to Fortify system at Blacksmith

- All wings [Permanent] can be upgraded using Wings Upgrade Stone at Blacksmith:

Wings Fortify success rate:

  • +0 to +1 Wings = +50% Success Rate [If fail, back to 0], costs 10M Dill
  • +1 to +2 Wings = +30% Success Rate [If fail, back to 0], costs 15M Dill
  • +2 to +3 Wings = +20% Success rate [If fail, back to 0], costs 30M Dill
  • +3 to +4 Wings [Only Fafnir] = +20% Success Rate [If fail, back to 0] (If Success Fafnir +3 will be Upgraded to Golden Fafnir [+4]), costs 30M Dill
  • +3 to Helion Wings [Using Helion Feather] = +100% Success Rate [Cannot be failed]

*Note: You can use Blacksmith's Talisman to increase success rate

[Skin Change of Helion Wings]:

  • Helion Wings to Wings of the Moon +100% Success Rate [Cannot fail], but costs 100M Dil
  • Wings of the Moon to Wings of the Inferno +100% Success Rate [Cannot fail], but costs 100M Dil


Patch 6.6.16:

- Siege time changed from 21:00 to 19:00 Server time [GMT +2] (After next siege..)
- Fixed Remove Socket gem window bug
- Fixed damage of some Wizard and Mage skills after last update
- Other miscellanous bugs fixed


Patch 6.6.0 - 6.6.12:

- Added Halloween monsters to Ardeca Town and DK-Square
- Halloween monsters drop candys (attack and def) and free halloween costumes
- Updated Ardeca Town map to Halloween Global version, updated minimap (translated korea to english text)
- Added Championship statues to Ardeca town respawn area
- Updated Colosseum statues to new champions names

- Added new feature "Wings Socket"
- Added ability to make new gems socket on all wings (Max 4 slots)
*Note: There can be a visual bug on wings where socket is not shown correctly. This is being worked on future updates.
- Added new Wings socket gems in drop (drop added to monsters which drops other gems for pants, boots etc.):

  • Jewel HP 1000
  • Jewel MP 1000
  • Jewel Defensive 1%
  • Jewel Shield 2000
  • Jewel HP 2000
  • Jewel MP 2000
  • Jewel Movement Speed 3%
  • Jewel Defensive 2%
  • Jewel Shield 3000
  • Jewel HP 3000
  • Jewel MP 3000
  • Jewel Movement Speed 5%
  • Jewel Defensive 3%

- Updated all wings stats options
- Decreased Dshop Wings coins price
- All timed Dshop wings are now 365 Days wings
- Timed Wings has slightly better stats than permanent wings
- Added new Wings of the Lord and Blue Wings of the Lord to Dshop
- Updated game graphics (damage more visible, some skills effects texture updates etc..)
- Other miscellanous bugs fixed

dekaron 2019 10 03 22h 13m 07s 0637.jpgdekaron 2019 10 03 22h 10m 24s 0733.jpg


- Fixed unexpected bug while players lost some amount of Max Shield
- Fixed bugged pink texture of [ALO] Lux Interna helmet [30] day
- Fixed Dragon knight costume basketball uniform away
- Updated Incar Magician skill Shudder Space - added missing self-buff "Enhancement\Magical attack increase by 30%" while casting the skill
- Updated Incar Magician skill Ghost of Time - changed percentage change of skill buff activation to 100%
- Updated Incar Magician skill Shield of Siz - Updated skill buff invicible status
- Updated Incar Magician skill Stasis Orb - Updated skill buff invicible status
- Updated Black Wizard skill Great Mana Barrier - Updated skill buff invicible status
- Updated Segnale skill Paralyze - Decreased cooltime, Increased buff time and added missing Decrease in Curse Resistance (Max -5%)
- Updated Segnale skill Curse Blizzard - skill level 1-4 debuff time decreased (was same as on max level), max level is same as before

- Added Hosea Wings Upgrade NPC to Ardeca (Near Tomas):

  • Now you can exchange Feathers of Infernus Wings into Wings Fortify/Skin item
  • Ability to upgrade all Permanent Wings into Helion Wings
  • Helion Wings can be upgraded/changed into Wings of the Moon and Infernus

- Added Lowe NPC for spending Purchase Points:

  • Added buff capsule A,B,C,D
  • Added special DK-Square A randombox where you can obtain one of following items:
  1. Blue Capsule A (50 EA)
  2. Blue Capsule B (50 EA)
  3. Blue Capsule C (50 EA)
  4. Blue Capsule D (50 EA)
  5. Green Capsule A (50 EA)
  6. Green Capsule B (50 EA)
  7. Green Capsule C (50 EA)
  8. Green Capsule D (50 EA)
  9. BIG 3 Exchange Ticket (3x)
  10. Ossuary of Blacksmith's Box

- Added Event Quests and new NPC Winggo to Ardeca

- Added new Event Quests to Winggo and Sinan

- Added Sinan's Coins [D.E.K.A.R.O.N.3.B.I.T.H.Y] and Winggo's Letter [D.E.K.A.R.O.N]

- Added necessary event quests coins and letters into monsters drops (all maps same drop rate)

- Added Big 3 Event Quest to Sinan - necessary quest item can be found in DK-Square A randombox



- Champion Wings Max Shield changed from +100% to +150% (forgotten in last update)
- Added ability to create expedition party in DK-Square - Under Test
- Added Space of Pilgrimage map to Alvin teleporter and warp from Aquarai
- Increased all Tower Bosses drop rate
- Updated Dead Front [Hell] - added Grade EXP from all monsters and updated drop (removed argates)
- Improved game security
- Improved stability of DK-Square server (should fix crashes)
- Illegal items in game should be cleaned now, if you find some fishy items, please report it to Core-Staff to check



- Updated Segnale skill Shield Field - increased slightly shield recovery
- Updated Segnale skill Fast Esten - increased HP and Shield Recovery
- Fixed 1 Day Auto-Fish dissapear bug
- Temporary removed picking-up pets from dshop - due to sleeping state bug (If you have pet in sleeping state you can ask for refund)
- Removed Wings Upgrade Stone from Dshop
- Fixed several text bugs and korean info in DK-Square translated to English
- Updated DK-Square Main Protection Stone buff effect:

  • OLD: Boost in HP by 200%\All Magic Resistance by 25%\HP Recovery +35000
  • NEW: Boost in HP by 200%\All Magic Resistance by 25%\HP Recovery +55000\PK/PVP Resistance by +25%

- Updated Dead Front [Hell]:

  • Added Copper, Silver, Gold Argates into all [Hell] monsters drop (+ Feathers and DK-Coins as was before)
  • Las Alhgale [Hell]  1st boss drops Best Rings (50% chance) at normal drop rate
  • Oppucus [Hell] last boss drops Best Rings Divine Noble (50% chance), +10 155 Legendary Weapons (10% chance), +10 Blistering Weapons (10% chance) at normal drop rate

- Aegis Amber has been changed into earring - can be used in earrings slot in bag
- Tranquillitas Amber has been changed into earring - can be used in earrings slot in bag
- Updated Spell Plume - changed stats to +50 Str, Dex, Spr, Heal
- Updated Reinforced Spell Plume (1 hour) - changed into Reinforced Spell Kracion and changed stats to +70 Str, Dex, Spr, Heal
- Added Spell Kracion in game - drop added in "best rings drop list" (all monsters which drop best rings can drop Spell Kracon now too)

  • Spell Kracion can be normal, magic, noble or divine noble



- DK-Square Added into the game

- Added ability to teleport into DK-Square Base in all teleporters

- DK-Square requirements is set to 6 players to start the war

- Added ranking - similiar to official dekaron just slightly faster


- PK/PVP Damage balance updated

- Critical Res. Decrease skill buff effect changed into Decrease Rate (Grandis Amamy skill, summoner's pets and more)

- Dshop Summer sale -25% off on all Dshop items (Event can be ended anytime)



Class balance update:

 [AK] - Asuwin, Slimbit, [Bagi] -Gidion, [VS] -Rapite, [CS] - Rutnar = added silence while casting the skill.

[HB] = added damage

- Burst Slash =  Removed KB, stun on the first 3 hits and silence last hit

- Vampire Dance = add more HP recovery

- Berserker 1,2,3 = 1sec cd , 1min or 5min duration

- Self Injury = HP drains but increase Damage


[Bagi] =  reduce damage , add def

- Mad Cry = added effect Cannot regenerate HP + HP Drains

- Earthquake = +silence


[Aloken] =

- Ethereal Shock = +stun and silence


[AK] = add dmg and deff

- Sacritection = make the effect same like vital drain

- Taunt Bash = added effect Cannot regenerate HP + HP Drains


- Charge Diss - silence changed from 3 sec to 2 sec

- Gira Spit - silence changed from 4 sec to 3 sec

-Other miscellanous bugs fixed



- Fixed Shangri-La monsters attack "stun" - changed into decrease movement and attack speed
- Updated Vicious Summoner skill Increase Poison - changed effect to be same as on Concerra (Added decrease in poison res.)
- Updated Vicious and Concerra Summoner's skill Summon Ghost - decreases in Critical Rate and Critical Damage and not only in Critical Damage as it was before
- Fixed Vicious Summoner skill Erigol - summoned Giganted instead, its fixed now and increased max level to 6
- Updated Vicious Summoner skill Gigantes - Increased max level to 6.
- Fixed Vicious and Concerra summoners pets attack
- Fixed Vicious and Concerra summoners pet skills and their description info in skill bar
- Added missing skillbooks of "pet skills" into NPC Skill Masters

- Updated Azure Knight skill Sonic Massacre - Increased percent chance to activated "Unable to recover HP" effect buff from 10% to 25%
- Updated Azure Knight skill Break Arms - Added chance to "Blow" attack
- Updated DK-Coins Exchange:

  • 7% Max Critical Rhombus and Pyramid price lowered to 1750 DK-Coins
  • 10% Max Critical gem price lowered to 1150 DK-Coins

- Fixed GM Annoucement UI
- Fixed Mailbox UI
- Fixed Inventory UI - removed useless and not working buttons
- Fixed Change CTRL keys UI - added set Default and OK buttons to save new keys

- Very Slighty decreased defense of Vicious Summoner class (to be same as Concerra)
- Very Slightly increase in Incar and Wizard class magical damage

- Other miscellanous bugs fixed




Updated following skills to A3 style (more attack hits):

  • Dragon Knight skill Bisar
  • Segnale skill Empress Schiff
  • Half Bagi skill Beristo
  • Half Bagi skill Toris Wheel
  • Half Bagi skill Sober Rage
  • Segita Hunter skill Duporun

Updated following skill effect buffs:

  • Dragon Knight skill Charge Diss and Harsh Spirit - added silence how it was in A3

- Party EXP updated to A3 style (adds more exp rate for party members)
- Fixed Plane of pilgrimage, Forgotten temple exp bug
- Fixed Ruins of Rudni and Baz teleport DC bug
- Updated PK/PVP Damage Ratio settings (higher value = higher PK/PVP Damage):



Azure Knight    Segita Hunter    Incar Magician    Vicious Summoner    Segnale    Bagi Warrior     Aloken    Dragon Knight    Black Wizard    Concerra Summoner    Seguriper    Half Bagi
Physical Damage Rate:    31    31    30    38    40    31    37    31    30    45    25    32
Magical Damage Rate:    20    20    35    30    20    20    20    20    35    30    20    20




Azure Knight    Segita Hunter    Incar Magician    Vicious Summoner    Segnale    Bagi Warrior     Aloken    Dragon Knight    Black Wizard    Concerra Summoner    Seguriper    Half Bagi
Physical Damage Rate:    35    32    30    35    40    30    37    31    30    42    28    32
Magical Damage Rate:    20    20    30    30    22    20    20    20    30    30    22    20


- Fixed text errors (teleports, quests, recovery shield and so)
- Updated Ardeca map NPC Dears changed into Sinan (Trader - Stash)
- Other miscellanous bugs fixed



- Fixed Aloken's skills damage - some skills were based on STR type, that has been changed into DEX how its supposed to be
- Decreased Incar Magician skill Earth Eruption damage
- Picking-UP Pets added (Woody, Wiki, Ariel, Kittay, Demi) to Dshop
- Added Awakening Ocarina to wake up sleeping pet (after 30 days of use) to Dshop and exchange (DK-Coins II)
- Updated all class PK/PVP Damage ratio (more like A3 style)
- Fixed other miscellanous bugs




Patch 6.3.4:

- Increased cooltime on Meister skills

- Updated Juto's Upgrade exchange into Epic Upgrade and added abaddon's argate exchange

- Decreased PK/PVP damage of all class



- Updated PK/PVP/PVE balance - used A6 settings - increase in Defense, PK/PVP Damage changed
- Fixed Aloken Spells, updated buffs effects and fixed skill description info
- Added Aloken Spell "Blow Attack" - to activate "Blow"
- Added "Blow" effect to Azure Knight skills:

  • Fatal Lunge
  • Armor Breaker
  • Achilles Tendon
  • Sonic Massacre
  • Fury of Rondow

- Updated Azure Knight skill buff effect Protection Sanctuary - increase in ranged and melee damage resistance
- Updated Azure Knight skill buffs Air Spirit, Sharpen Spirit, Health Spirit
- Fixed Black Wizard skill Dark Wide buff effect
- Updated Dragon Knight skills Riracume 2 and Chricon 2 - increased % chance to apply buff effect
- Updated Vicious Summoner skill damage Familiar Spirit (Next update will be on Concerra too, forgot sorry)
- Decreased monsters attack damage



- Fixed Sunsoa Helmet causing server crash bug

- Fixed Golden Fish/Frog buff recovering full shield

- Fixed Blacksmith's Talisman, Soul of Alchemists, Gemcraft Booster success rate

- Added "Storage Mastery" to Dshop - increases space in your stash

- Damage/Defense/Magic Resistance factory settings updated - used A3 settings (Under testing - this may cause big damage changes and PVP balance can be even worst than before) [TEST STATUS]

- Fixed other miscellanous bugs

- Other bugs are being under investigation and fixing. Please be patient. Thank you for reporting all bugs.


More features coming soon:

  • DK-Square with ranking (More like official, not custom like a9)
  • Mavrics system
  • Picking-up item Pets
  • maybe Blacksmith Talismans +20%-30% - Would you like that?

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