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  1. Update from Core Master

    Dear players, We apologize for taking so long to give an explanation on our current situation. Due to some security issues, the staff has been limited to just myself and Dev Samurai. While this situation is being taking care of, I have brought back an old GM that will be helping out and doing events. We at Core-Games know that you all are looking for answers as to why there is no GM’s and events. The GM situation is being dealt with within the staff. As for all the illegal items that was created and distributed in game, the majority of them have been deleted and Samurai is currently getting the last bit deleted. We are working nonstop to try and fix current issues, also currently working on balancing both servers, patches and future updates. We also have 2 new guardians in place. We hope to see new faces and old faces return. Core-Games is here for the long run and not going anywhere ! Only to make this the best Server, community, and gaming experience we can!
  2. I Suggest!

    1. Rates is good but we still can think and increase a little more ... 2. for GMs i dunno what they can do more ... tell players jokes ? they are every day here and do events and if anyone ask them they will answer to every player .. 3. for dils we will take care one way or another to make them mean something and to be more wanted this is for sure .. 4. for balance we not have any complaints .. but if is something just tell what what were explain give more info and dev will fix it .. Like this
  3. I Suggest!

    still on topic i not see good honest suggestions what everyone expect from new updates ?
  4. I Suggest!

    i m for scheduled event plan on this one ..
  5. I Suggest!

    about donation in other server give 100k but there items cost like 17k some items or 23k etc .. is diffrend setup they use more big numbers but if you cheek is all the same event better is one core .. and core a3 is almost 99% bug free is a3 server other use a9 files is complite diffrend setup is there .. a3 just some things cannot be done ... but we can think ro rise mabye upgrade rates .. and make dils more wanted also ... we also working on a3 upgrades who can bring new futures soon ...
  6. E-mail conf. problem still there

    already is fixed and new captcha is added on register form also .. try it now please !
  7. E-mail conf. problem still there

    will be fixed soon can take 1-2 days and new account if is not activated in 24 hours is uto delite from the system so not worry ...
  8. Dekaron 3D :)

    Perfect !
  9. New Socal Core Network Page

  10. To Staff-Core

    id this rings disapired this mean the was duped 100% .. they is not other explanations ..
  11. coins.

    next time send you username insade quetionare .. and pls read how to donate whit sms ..
  12. My Account

    ok what is your account give me more info pls ..
  13. To All Corentians

  14. To All Corentians

  15. To All Corentians