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  1. change password ...

    Security Question Security Answer [required] For the Question and Answer portion, if you are an old player with old account, our Question and answer before did not work properly, hence the answer used was 'My Answer', please use this to fill in the textbox if you are having problem with the password recovery. wtf is that website giving i wont try this i want a email verification code or somthing else for get my account back
  2. + 12 fail record !!

    heheh dude i can get it + 12 whitout !!! its just showing but i fail hard at dn its free 3% i test now noble items i and faild much i stoped i need take i breack to perfect + 12 whitout on dn showing items hahaha
  3. have cancel my donation ty

    took this like an eror lol i i have money to donate but ater reminded my thing and wont anymore ( so i sent i reply by paypal ) i wont get it anymore but he shares me << ( in the laps time 24-72h ) so its not donating its buying <<< when you see messegage dude its long i wont it anymore you can beee more intelegigent then dont use it ( i have donate ) well https://history.payp...ew&amp;sc_page_info= paypement have been complet << ( lool its look like if i watched for 200 - and 500 donation i have money to get 500 i wanna get 200 but forgot to switch i paid 500$ then when i see it its to late !! (THE HIM) have sent i reply ( not my fault if he haves use it or not ) do hes guilty ?? << do i am to wants more << ( if i go trought the things players said i am scamers) look at my things and see i am not ( i wont get it !! anymore !!) well 149k dshop what should i do whit this lool paid for all char costume cana aura evrythings << !!! no need started to be bored !! 50$ donation 1hours 500$ ! ( i see like thats i sent you money for pizza then when she arrived the pizza is cold do i want << i i past by evryone to see what they say !! i say i want my pizza free and get back my money !! well in this story i called pizza ( i dont want it its not in time !! and its cold !! i have eat << to long and cold !! they sould give us hot pizza next time but canot trust the pizza makers ! cuz he can be mad !! i still dont have use it cuz i canot do my thing ( dev or vladi are always online !!) well if can one of the DEV or VLADI CAN ANSERW ME IN PRIVATE TY !
  4. have cancel my donation ty

    bored to w8 ty for no reply after i sent you 500$ i call it back
  5. debuff candy plz !!!!

  6. + 12 fail record !!

    yea why me always fail + 12 talisman i can + 11 whitout and + 12 !! hehe todays

    Windows 8 is not like the others its not the same default programmes for music so i think we have to change the default panel but how i dont know lol it make 1month bought this and i still have fk whit it xD !! maybee the sound cant be read on this lol cuz old private like ( data base ) are automaticaly undetected or canot be played like an mp3 cuz of win8 does well personnaly i hate this musique things on win 8 select all tine your song you wanna chose get vlc media players well i litle story of win 8 and still canot hear a sound
  8. agains me ! donator bonus ??

    soorrry for my bad English i am french from french canada
  9. agains me ! donator bonus ??

    yes well you understant what i said here hehehe !!! i asking somthing ( tanks!! ).....Me by my self i have chose to donate for server dshop becuz i love it ! my see not big difrence between 100$ and 200$ 2kdshop ! if you see well where i am coming ( its only donating or well buying ) how depnd how you take it so the bonus must be more about 2k ( now vladi should know meh well ) hope so that will change and i will get ty for donated much this month +500
  10. debuff candy plz !!!!

    you canot change cd well solution debuff candy can fix this angry dced its always happen when i am sure to win x) and i do df for what
  11. debuff candy plz !!!!

    but its horrible dced after each df ! i want to rape some you dced on pvp its shit its fun to pvp some players you dont know when seg have to roh debuff 5dude more her !
  12. debuff candy plz !!!!

    O.O fking anoying 6buff + dc when pvp at df plz try to create an debuff candy to add in npc mintro menta loa caslte !!! plz !!
  13. me have buy 20.000 dshop and thi smorning when i waked up i got for 50$ .... help plz 15 nov 2012 Paiement Pour Vladimir Zaykov Terminé Détails Paiement Pour Vladimir Zaykov 2DF05170K7707212K -$100.00 USD

    yes dudee remove your dk luncher on history antivirus and click on doo nothing or this programme is good ... but after that this is my problem (no sounds)