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  1. LiveForKill top loser !

    ^^ Humm.. Are you sure ?
  2. WTS +12 Gear / Ring

    Up, 3 hour before leave for next week :=)
  3. WTB [Mage] +12, Pants / Boots

    Finding all.
  4. WTS +12 Gear / Ring

    Up !
  5. Let me see your gaming set up

    I play on gameboy Color Pink, spec : CPU : 2xCore 4 Mhz RAM : 32ko GPU : internal 16ko This is highly good for playing core
  6. Hi all gamers I need to buy a new mage pants +12 with options ( 2% phys ) Hermes boots for mage +12. IGN : SooooCute Pm me here or ig
  7. WTS +12 Gear / Ring

    Back for 2 days, pm me
  8. WTS +12 Gear / Ring

    Hi all gamers Im just here this day now after im back in 7 days. Pm me fast or wait 1 week :=) IGN > SooooCute > 3k DK >6k DK [Sold] >12k DK [sOLD] > 5k > 1k DK
  9. About Pet's [Poll]

    I didn't like add stats to pet, Skiddo say right. If the Pet can buff you with unique buff to you to imagine the buff that it would be possible ^^ but would be necessary that they are pretty small. Or simply they auto-buff as soon as our personal buffs is ended.. ( not it is rotten that..)..
  10. GOOD RINGS!!!

    The Vado for 6k is Ok but other are you sure this is not a mistake with ss ?
  11. This is me in real life

    He look good ^^

    Lol it's not for me ? xD Free bump..
  13. WTB Incar Mage +12

    Yoloooo Bumped