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  1. Blocking The Siege For The 2nd Time.

    You should do the quest in wednesday straight away if they blocked it,its their win,simple. its a good tactic it happened for years,or even better use 2-3 parties to block them.
  2. Account ban

    One of my accounts got banned since may. i pmed samurai when it happened,pmed the head gm as well with the details and still no answer why one of my accounts got banned for no reason. can any of u tell me why my account got banned? thanks.
  3. Reporting AlleriaFV.

    kugumo89 can u please shut the **** up and play core instead of making comments?
  4. Account

    so no answer from staff yet?
  5. Account

    my account status is banned,my main char there is gone,no idea why.
  6. Account

    One of my accounts got incorrect ID from may 6,i pmed samurai straight away after it happened in forum but didnt get an answer until now. can any gm look into this issue,if u need details ill send u by pm. thanks.
  7. account delete but still in guild

    i dont think so,my char got deleted as well from my account a week ago.
  8. LiveForKill top loser !

    well if your so good as you say,beat the cs champion in the next championship event.
  9. Jailing Active Players

    we all cant attack? sorry to say some of you did attack so stop QQ all the time.

    you cant attack couse you dced,what it got to do with the fact that your a pinoy?
  11. Fortifying System.

    next time
  12. Fortifying System.

    sorry kana,your wrong i tried 70+ items+9 few days ago and as a resault i got only 1 +12 and i used talismans as well.
  13. About the new rule !

    whats wrong with having few rings set to use it against any opponent according to what u think its right at the time ?
  14. About the new rule !

    boomerz how about if someone want to switch tactic and do more dmg with other rings according to the enemy build?
  15. but if i see my enemy using certain build and i want to change my rings to more defensive or more dmg,i cant do that as well?