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  1. Need some PRO to answer

    ahhaha.. noob».»
  2. Need some PRO to answer

    camouflage did you read only PRO to answer? So why do u even check the thread? Psy classes need to use 10%cd for sure.. bagi alo and hunter needs cd
  3. Need some PRO to answer

    actually segnales damage based 100% on curse, so I dont see the point of putting cd in whips.. Im with 33% curse, 30%cd wont hit more to mobs or ppl neither. Same with staffers.. 44%poison is better than cd even for pk, only mage need to use cd coz it has different elemental/psy skills. Thats just my opinion..^^ (I have tested it on mage, and with 44%light, the light skills hit more than with 40cd; so why would staffers or segs be different?)

    camouflage.. delete urs.
  5. When did you first play Dekaron/2Moons?

    2moons beta..2004 <_> and yeah..I miss the old times when we were leveling to have nice skills and in ages WINGS! Not like now.. with some money u get 150+ in 2 weeks, and you make a fulll +9 set with 60%talis (it can be bought momently, like 15USD each) I really miss the old times
  6. I will add the ss as soon as i get home, I need pure dks, or nice hunter gear.. Also Im looking for +13 bow /xbow -Helmet[M] +12 2x96medial, 2x11% light res -Helmet+12 44%curse resistance -2x Armor[M] +12 40% AMR -Glowes[DN] +12 6%CD -Pants[DN] +12 -Hermes Speedboots of Azure +12 -Miget[M]+12 30%CD -Lv160 Shield[DN] +12 3x96medial, /8%AMR in stat -lv170 +11 shield 33%curse res -Lv170 2handed axe[DN] +12 (3line dmg) 44% ice dmg Wings of luminance: 80days left Leave offers here, or pm me on forums..Best offer wins C/o: 40k dk - xPRETORIANx
  7. I will add the ss as soon as i get home, I need pure dks, or nice hunter gear.. Also Im looking for +13 bow /xbow Leave offers here, or pm me on forums
  8. What's your least favorite class to pvp?

    All character is about the same