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  1. Well since we're all helping to clean up the server from players that refuse to follow the server rules, here is a video with proof that MeGussta is using a farm bot. https://youtu.be/E0S-CJVDFB8 After we recorded MeGussta he/she came back and as soon as we ressed him/her the bot was still working and doing it's thing (not really smart). https://youtu.be/Zn6VkAGZU60 Have fun reviewing this @Head-GM-Waffle @GM-LightSide @GM-Inori @DEV-Samurai
  2. The screenshots say enough
  3. [BT-DT] Been There, Done That EVENT!

  4. Hustler nab loses his bet against Nehh

    So here we have BruTePunK from Hustler losing a bet pvp against Nehh. He bet he could beat Nehh and he said Nehh would get his bagi set if Nehh wins. If BruTePunK wins he will get 1k dk from Nehh. Well here we see BruTePunK losing and walking away afterwards. Just man up... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtBzQ2R8H2M&feature=youtu.be
  5. 7 Chars Banned :o

    You guys should have taken action earlier so this all wouldnt have happened. If you would have taken action earlier a 7 day jail punishment would have been enough. But now you are losing credibility...
  6. 7 Chars Banned :o

    *sigh* Just don't know what to think anymore...
  7. I'm BACK :D

    Welcome back
  8. WTT AK Old Set +12 = Segnale

    Azazel wings are sold
  9. NjurBreakerr`s sign

    Wow great work, thanks man!
  10. I want to trade my ak set +12 Old to a segnale set +12. My armor My pants: My boots: My Gloves: My Helmet: My weapons: My wings PM me in game: NjurBreakerr or Declan I will only trade for a full segnale set. NOT SELLING! Also selling for good offers now
  11. Edit and make new Costumes

    I am really looking forward to some new costume mods coming up
  12. Selling VS items for 13K DK's

    oke nvm then...
  13. 600 dk and we have a deal bro
  14. Im Selling AK Cursed wings of Azazel 40 days left (10th of April 2015), Vicious Summoner fafnir +3 and Cyan aura PM me in game: Declan or NBrewer Or leave a message here
  15. Selling VS items for 13K DK's

    How much for the Covetous gloves?