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  1. Scamming

    people in a3 will never learn, that goes for scammers and the people who get scammed.
  2. Game loading really slow

    nothing bad in game, its windows 8 itself. your problem lies with the os, i know because i switched to windows 8 only to find out that win 8 is filled with problems so i went back to 7.
  3. Game loading really slow

    its win 8, deal with it.
  4. One of my favorite clips from this movie!

    movie was funny but still so bad. love seth though XD
  5. fake breads :)

    what is so original with KingBreadd, most generic thing i've ever heard. and why even make a topic abut this if it isn't the first time. do you just want attention?
  6. My final resignation

    cry ertime
  7. Now on both a3 and a9

    ain't one of them. didn't announce i was quitting. but i know what you're talking about.
  8. Now on both a3 and a9

    no point in being on a9 line since no one at all is playing. hell even i stopped playing yesterday. and the reason that no one is playing is because no one is playing.
  9. Rings for Wizard

    it is. always been.
  10. Looking for a movie

  11. disciplinary action? what are they, his parents?
  12. To Staff-Core

  13. Yep. Confirmed.

  14. KingBreadd`s Sign

    did you *see, not saw