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  1. WTS DN WEAPON +12

    # SluttyBeast . .Oh Really! Sarcasm !
  2. WTS DN WEAPON +12

    tought about 5k DK
  3. WTS DN WEAPON +12

    @ Slutty. .your offer is too low. .
  4. WTS DN WEAPON +12

    Offer in DK..
  5. WTS DN WEAPON +12

    I need DK. Not full Slotted. put your Offer here.
  6. WTS DN NUADA Spear +12 Full Damage (+48 +42 +59 +68) Reply here or Pm me IGN: sCarleTknightwalker
  7. sCarleTknightwalker- Hacked -Deleted

    Don't talk as if you know my aloken so well. I am a frequent player. And lot of Players in Core knew me. Do respect dude!
  8. Hi Core Staffs/GM/DEV, Greetings! You asked me to send you a message about sCarleTknightwalker info, here it is below: IGN: sCarleTknightwalker Last time I've login my Aloken was on September 04,2012 around 12am GMT +8 Then same-day afternoon when I logged in my account the Aloken : sCarleTknightwalker was Gone Below are the Gears in my precious Aloken : Weapon: - DN Nuada Spear +12 Full Damage OPT with 4x 10% CD - M Nuada Spear +12 with 1x 11%fire + 3x11% curse damage Helmet: - Noble Zinna Tali Helmet +12 with 4x 96 medials Armor: - DN Zinna Tali Armor +12 with 4x 96 medials - Normal Zinna Tali Armor +12 with 4x 10% AMR Gloves: - DN Zinna Tali Gloves +12 with 3% Dmage - DN Zinna Tali Gloves +10 with 6% Critical Damage Pants: - Normal Zinna Tali Pants +12 Boots -Hermes Boots Of Aloken +12 Guard -Normal Elvis guard +12 with 2x 96 medials Rings: -necklace of seth, necklace of archangel, 3x rings of Oceanus, 2x permanent canibis ,wings of fate And about my stash and inventory , ,there are more valuable items, dills, rings ,CD gems and other stuffs there .I really need your help DEV. I hope you could help me with my problem DEV . Respect, sCarleTknightwalker