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  1. name top 5 strongest aloken

    SamuraiBeast apparently owned SluttyBeast recently, hmm. And {Champion}Tigbas beat SamuraiBeast, so that changes some things. xD
  2. Guild Party Pvp

    Good work
  3. Guild Party Pvp

    Yea dude we could have an improvised version of dk square.
  4. Guild Party Pvp

    I LOVE IT!! And it's easy as pie to pull off too.
  5. Just a Suggestion :(

    And more importantly, the trust factor.
  6. name top 5 strongest aloken

    With all due respect, who the **** is FATALCRIT? rofl If he were no. 1, I'd know him. 1. SluttyBeast 2. Desi 3. SecretIdentity 4. {Champion}Tigbas 5. sCarleTheknightwalker / SamuraiBeast
  7. 3-17-2013-Saizu-16

    I say keep the lights on the clothing, but definitely remove it from his face.
  8. Stepped out my comfort zone

    Yea there's none of it in this one, I know. I meant the other examples that you showed, back then when you were applying for the position. ^^
  9. Stepped out my comfort zone

    Woot you took my advice into account. That's sexy. GJ bro, stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing. P.S. When you're using space nebulas, you should try to blur them so that the ''stars'' can't be seen. That way you keep the color which you can use to blend in the render, without making it look like he's in the space. xD
  10. HEY I'M BACK !

    ROFL what an unenthusiastic welcome that was. Made my day xD
  11. WTB Character Name Change! Also, WTT my +12 DN X-Bow (40% CD, full damage options) & +12 DN Bow (40% CD, also full damage options) for +13 X-Bow with 40% CD. IGN: lXeNal
  12. Hey guys, I wanted to create a topic, where the entire community can give their opinions on how Core~Dekaron can be improved. There's just one rule, and it's an important one: This topic is not for players to give opinions on other players' suggestions. This is just a library for everyone to throw out all of their opinions in, and for none of them to be commented upon. It'll just be one huge topic of all possible suggestions, which [DEV]Samurai can visit (if he wants to) and judge the suggestions on his own. Then he can do his own thing. Here's my suggestions: 1. I wish there would be more variety both within a class, and between them. By ''within'' a class, I mean that I would find it cool if [DEV]Samurai would make each class so that not all players of said class pick the same way of playing it. For example, 95% of Segita Hunters now play with xBow, because Bow is useless. 95% of Vicious Summoners play with TB, because Staff is useless. 95% of Concerra Summoners play with Staff, because TB is useless. 95% of Azure Knights play with Axe/Shield and 2h, because Sword/Shield and Dual are useless. You get my drift. What I think would be cool, is if each type of weapon within a class, was very different from their other weapon, so that people could choose. But both would need to be balanced, so that not everyone picks the same weapons due to the power difference. By ''between them'', I mean that all classes kinda have too many similar things. There's 4 classes with abnormality resist, all 11 classes have sleeps with at least one of their weapon choices, etc. 2. Those reinforced rings that a NPC in Loa has, there should be a permanent version of them, also sold by a NPC, but much more expensive. Like 1k DK each - that's just an example. 3. I think you should have a special kind of Staff members, who would be given the job of organizing events. That way, GMs would be free to do other stuff. And you'd make sure that there's - for example - four of the Staff members for pk/pvp events, and four of the Staff members for leveling/farming events, and you'd make sure that between those four Staff members for each kind of gameplay, they'd completely cover the timezone, so that we'd always have something to do. That's it for me. Remember, just give your opinion - don't argue other's opinions, [DEV]Samurai can judge which ones are good and which ones are bad, and can then make his own decision regarding whether he will implement them or not.