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  1. i am back after about 2,5 years

    hey kev you online right now? my ''new'' IGN is TasteMySpear xD
  2. i am back after about 2,5 years

    hii everyone, i dont know if there are still people here from when i was playing it would be fun if i could find em here, id like to here whats all new and what has changed in the past 2 years. ive started a new character because i gave al of my gear away when i left last time, because i thought i wouldnt be coming back because i didnt have any time left, well life has gotten easier and here i am again, i hope il be havong a fun time again!! dave
  3. im back

    well guys im back after 4-5 months i seriously always kept thinking about the server. so im starting over from scratch and hopefully il still find allot of old friends ;D. Dave
  4. WTS +13 Weapon. +12Master Helm.

    thought he said selling only for pure dk
  5. cya core

    >.< just kill that guy hes likes that
  6. cya core

    well guys im saying goodbye for good now i hope u all have fun and dont u dare not miss me. id like to thank all my friends and gm's, guards, mods and ofc Sam i prolly wont see any of you again (excecpt iTerror cuz hel stalk me anyway) so gl and have fun. Dave TastOfTerror TastMySpear PS all kill iTerror
  7. +13 / +12 FOR SALE

    how much for hermes?
  8. Bye Bye Guys <3

    i love you dror
  9. Yo momma is so fat...

    yo mama so fat when she walked passed the window we last 3 days of sunlight
  10. congratulations to [DEV]Samurai

    congratulations buddy on passing 1000 likes
  11. Leaving for a while

    Love u guys :*
  12. Leaving for a while

    i think allot of u guys havent seen me online allot the last few weeks,but i got some personal/family problem. so im leaving for maybe a few months. ill miss u guys and hope u guys keep having fun Dave (TastOfTerror)