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    he keeps on shouting.
  3. Voting Issue

    I'm not really sure where this issue falls under. if this is a Script Error on the Site or Its a browser issue. this happens when a user login on the site to vote , when you sign in the first the time and when Google Chrome ask to save your Password. if you would notice it will surely display your username and password in full string. non-encrypted/plain text format. this would be an issue for those people who doesn't have a computer at home and plays on Internet Cafe/Shop/Rentals. I hope the webmaster could look into this to clarify.
  4. Aloken bugs

    La defense, Shadow Catch works
  5. Aloken ShadowCatch Fix

    Ethereal Shock too..
  6. Cool Down for Fishes

    I request this thread to be close
  7. Balanced fish

    Maybe 3.5 Sec is enough. or having it as it was before (old sec) then just lessen its, HP recovery by 25%? just like what xCorruptor said Bringing it back to 5.3 , it will just be the same issue and Also just to make things clear, this is for malakite only, the rest of the fishes will have its old/original CD
  8. Balanced fish

  9. Balanced fish

    I couldn't agree more!
  10. Cool Down for Fishes

    FISHes CD has been restored! Oh yeah!!!
  11. Cool Down for Fishes

    Do you really know dubz personally ,a lot of people knows how many account he has and the IGNs that he uses just to give you a bit of history, xCorruptor was his account when he coudn't beat that freaking summy (forgot the IGN) , got himself beaten so many times he resolves in creating a new char (Dubz). one good reason why they should have the fish at a lower CD is to help players kill bosses in the game.
  12. Cool Down for Fishes

    then what's the point of having this confirmation? (just a point of inquiry)
  13. kileebee hacking in elonohm

    What kind of hack? It's more like a BUG for me.
  14. Cool Down for Fishes

    And here you go again dubztep. be warned [GM]Psy might be reading this... be cautious.