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  1. Selling List...

    +12 SEg armor ?
  2. +12 DN ARMOR -- WTB

    WTB +12 AK NEW ARMOR 30% AMR 10% FLINCH Sell +12 dragon whip 33% CURSE Got 2x old dn AK armor to SELL 30% AMR + 10 %flinch 3x96 def +10% flinch
  3. I would like to have that armor, i got 2x old armor DN +12 3x96 + 10% flinch 2 Lines def 3x10% AMR + 10% flinch
  4. +12 DN--- AK

    Buying AK new DN armor +12 30% AMR, 10% flinch Leave offer here and IGN
  5. is the smoke +13 FULL CD or not. if yes, then i offer 8k PURE DK, + AK +3 Festival
  6. Azure Knight Sign-Up (September)

    Character name: HardstyleZ Class: Azure Knight RB: 5 Level: 250 Country: Estonia
  7. WTB +13 SMOKE

    Buying +13 SMOKE THORN , 30% CD PM me IGN : HardstyleZ
  8. AncientPower :3

    CS is OP as fk , just saying., should lower PK dmg, alot.
  9. AK master helms

    Buying 3x+10 AK master helms or new helms.. (DN) max 150 DK each.
  10. Pros/Cons

    Still gota love those hunters with 1000 slow and 100 stuns
  11. Champion

    Sorry, didnt see it under class section, cause its class champ ...
  12. Champion

    Any Champion events in mind ? So long since the last Champ.
  13. WTF GM Say XO

    You just got DENIED.
  14. Patch v[100.0.0 -]

    To be honest, i wouldnt be surprised if CS hits me 18k, i know have pvp Ancient, 17-10k, kinda unreal. And their def is really good, now again. Coz new armor, and new buff.
  15. Recreating eXistence

    I'm just trying to revive, it, and btw, i was in it with segnale...