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  1. I welcome all old player on a3 surver

    I assumed you are not. How about marine mammals in general, you train any of those?
  2. I welcome all old player on a3 surver

    Let me guess you are no professional dolphin trainer?
  3. wts

    wts +12 obtund pants magic = 1.200 and +12 obtund boots divine noble and +12 170 whip 33% curse damage and +3 segnale fafnirs all as a bundle pm me an offer. also wts 10% all magic ressistance gem = 1350 vado mori 4% cd 300 inc. mag. dmg = offer or trade to daes with cd
  4. WTS

    PENDEJO - por la cara bump
  5. A3 event A3

    Where did I say anything about my skills? It's not about what you guys want nor what I want. It is about the fact that this topic has been answered multiple times by staff. But yet those noobs keep bugging about it. Why don't they just wait till staff announce further details. Asking in weekly intervals won't speed things up you know that as good as I do. Flooding the forum with QQ-ing posts about an event won't encourage anybody to host it any earlier. And if you see who constantly qqs its the noobs who have no chance anyway.
  6. Sell // Trade +13 Insanity Full CD

    why are you 2 topless?
  7. A3 event A3

    haha Pigpread +1
  8. A3 event A3

    Well my friends all got their champ tags. Like I said I pvp you anytime and anywhere. Would be surprised if you take more than 25% of my shield. Btw: It is not google's fault when you are too dumb to learn a language or atleast try to learn it.
  9. A3 event A3

    The joke of the century: KingBreadd just looked at one of your pictures again "I love her" , gosh I laughed. How are you chubby pinoy kiddo? The point of my post is, as you did not get it, that there is no real competition for the champs I have named.What is the point of constantly asking for a champ event when you have no chance anyway. If you want to exercise and practise why do you need a champ event for it. It is not like the GMs haven't answered that question several times. And yet you "pro-sali-po-dil-for-skill-ser-pinoy-players" keep constantly bugging about this topic.
  10. A3 event A3

    I pvp you anytime anywhere. I am on this server now for almost 4 years and one thing I can asure you, the only thing that sucks is your english. Period.
  11. A3 event A3

    Why are people complaining here about missing champ events. It is not like you will win anything at all. It's not like you pinoys will get a hold of Mage, Segu, Ak, Summy, Wizz, Seg, CS or Hunter championship. The current champs and/or the future ones are offline and play other servers (such as pwnage). They will log in and rape your ass and log off with the tag and their dshops. You get constantly raped even when it comes to a 2-3 to 1 ratio and yet you still think you can win people like Kapu, Seba, Twin, Coke, Frostitude, Blackfury, Nissan, Shendii, Purpless and so on. Hilarious.
  12. Regarding Skills

    Why do you need 3 skill bars for? Gimme one reasson for it! Why don't you learn to play your class instead of equiping every single skill available. Smashing numbers from 1-9 isn't the real deal. Big -1

    Arb i would like you to stfu srlsy you are such and big asshole and retard.. Idk why I even trusted you again fcking scum... 1st: We all know who the retard is. Period. 2nd: Trusted me? EPIC 3rd: This is a game for players aged 17 and older - let me recall: you are 14! 4th: May the staff have a look at you and you recent posts, for all these insults you really deserve a warning point.
  14. Buying & Selling


    @Fuzz +1 @Henk Ok you obviously went full-retard-mode again. You are the last person to mock english speaking skills. #free #opinion #I am #racist #dyslexia