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  1. WTT >> Gold = DK

    dammm no one interested
  2. WTT >> Gold = DK

    rate 1:1 if anyone interested please respond ^^
  3. Hi.....My name is Rifx

    yup.... bf like scandal .... he so cute
  4. Hi.....My name is Rifx

    sure i know you...you are my beloved bf ^^
  5. Hi.....My name is Rifx

    where hv you been?? but i see you few days ago..hahaha XOXO (Kiss Hug) XOXO (Kiss Hug) XOXO (Kiss Hug) ty for respond ^^
  6. Hi.....My name is Rifx

    i think i know you Maleeq... long time no see
  7. Hi.....My name is Rifx

    Hi.....My name is Rifx... what is your name? & nice to meet you #sigh
  8. Problem with patch Patch 13.8.8 ~ 13.9.8

    already restart...same thing happen :'(
  9. Problem with patch Patch 13.8.8 ~ 13.9.8

    hey my love its not good for me lol...i cant play
  10. Problem with patch Patch 13.8.8 ~ 13.9.8

    i tried manual patch from old patch, i update smoothly and same thing happen.... damm i dont have backup folder....
  11. i update it successfully... then when i click start, the things like in the picture happen... i already try manual patch...same thing happen, i try dekaron.exe in bin when clik start, nothing happen... any comment?
  12. skill point should increased after RB

    i know you love debate ^^...thanx for comment
  13. Auction House to sell item

    hmmmm AH, its a good idea...so players no need to sit and open shop 24/7....instead we stay and waiting people to buy, we can do anything else...
  14. skill point should increased after RB

    ouch, its hurt a bit......i voted everyday to keeps rating up...im satisfied with all the skill that i have....but if all skill fully upgraded i much more satisfied... yeah newbie like me its need a time to vote and collect the coin... dear BlackWizard, i think core can make system like Global DK which is without RB system its more challenging, no point after reborn we get extra stats but skill point same with 0 RB even we maxed....btw thanx for comment but i dont give a damm what simon cowell said because its not an American idol, American got talent or any programs that he become judge.. ^^ maybe i donate too much make me feels unsatisfied for certain things that you guys think its okey....well... peace
  15. skill point should increased after RB

    i dont know about hunter... but in my suggestion i dont want if the skill max upgrade is 5 and it become 6 because it is ok... i just suggest if after reborn we can get extra skill point around 10 or 20, like after we reborn we get 250 extra stats... so that all skill max upgraded ^^