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  1. Goodbye.

    Hey peeps! Just wanted to say goodbye to all of you. It's been nice journey and I won't forget what I've learned here. Wish you all good luck.
  2. About Thyke..

    Since when "dumb" is bad word? Offending parents without even knowing the family is the lowest thing you can do Sir! And you even applied for Guard? I can tell you now, you're not getting invited anytime soon. Let any of GM's decide about the punishment.
  3. Needs urgent help

    Our rules cleary state: However, deleting someone characters is serious matter and I'll talk with Samurai and see what can be done.
  4. Saying this word made me cry

    Provoking and lying is much worse than saying "you're weak" to someone.
  5. Nivada

    I'll talk with Samurai and probably Nivada account password will be reseted. So you're saying that your accounts are registered with fake/not working emails yes? If that's the case, we can change your email if you know details about your account such as sercet question/answer/name/age/country, please pm me all the details you know and I'll see what can be done. Thanks.
  6. DEV please help

    Nothing we can do here, we can't take your current pet and give you another. @Closed.

    Here's the link: http://www64.zippyshare.com/v/88732206/file.html
  8. Server is full !!!

    Since for now only 2 channels are "stable" beacuse of the amount of DDoS we're getting our owner had to set players restriction on each channel so channels won't overflow. It will be back to normal as soon as DDoS attacks will stop. Thanks for your understading.
  9. WHY IM IN JAIL ???

    That picture is too small to read anything from it, what's your in game name?
  10. Signature request.

    Your choice mate. Thank you, but can you add the 1px black border? That would be awesome.
  11. Half bagi Sign Up [Jan]

    1st team: Vampirella vs HornyDevil 2nd team: MissBaggi vs HEARTLEZZ
  12. Dark Wizard Sign up [Jan]

    1st team: Verloren vs tanaz 2nd team: LegionOfDoom vs Purpless 3rd team : TanyaMar ova vs SORCERER
  13. Bagi Sign Up [Jan]

    1st team: Khazard vs HITMEN 2nd team: JakeTheDog vs Muthafxxker 3rd team: Heroes vs row2 4th team: sHarKnuckles v s xGRAPLERx 5th team: ShadowFriend vs GONZALEZ 6th team: xbl4ckm3nx vs xPeterFlip
  14. Concerra Summoner Sign up[Jan]

    1st team: xRea vs ApuMuLoko 2nd team: oOXhaiOnMeOo vs Miiu Person which will start from fighting a winner from random team: NymFeN1 Random team:1
  15. Incar Magician Sign up [Jan]

    1st team: DanoDirecto vs Ardenesa 2nd team: KRISHINA vs XxTypeRxX 3rd team: ThePriestess vs Mahikera 4th team: YoungBlood vs FirRCeSBoRn 5th team: eXeCutie vs MagicalMage 6th team: Malvada vs InChara1 Person which start from fighting a winner from random team:dinosaurx Random team:6