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    It's Official I am back on Core Server on a3 as a Summoner named Divlex. I call upon all my old teammates, friends, enemies all to join and lets have a good time. Best regards : Divlex ^^
  2. Some years ago =)

    I sure will brother, ohh you were to OP bro
  3. Some years ago =)

    I will let you all know in time brother so noobs like kingshit will not cry they will not even notice I am there haha. He didnt notice no one gives a fuc. what he say and keep ignoring him haha. He wanna feel important but the truth is no one gives a fuc. hahah
  4. Some years ago =)

    Everything is good bro Yeah the old times were badass we were like 20 players in total who held the server intresting with fights,trashtalking etc idk how it is today though haha. I am working alot but I am alright though My kof brother haha
  5. Some years ago =)

    It's niice to see that there is smart players left here @Rexxy @Akiri @FierCeSBOrn @LioNSouL How are you guys ?
  6. Some years ago =)

    Well I will let you think all that okey I am maybe closer then you think. "I will let you think about that hahahah". As a poet said What you don't see doens't mean he is not there. Bye bye now hahaha
  7. Some years ago =)

    I am to old to even start a argument with you "kid" haha, you are so confused bro. You have no idea what your talking about. You can expose what ever you wanna expose, you can say whatever you want to say. Ofcourse you blame me for doing some powershit when you all sucked haha. I don't even know what your talking about but I will let you think that you are right if you feel better okey ? Have a niice day sir I hope you wont cry this summer best regards to you
  8. Some years ago =)

    What the hell are you talking about? I never used anything, I still have all my chars,gears everything. Got exposed ? Then I would have been banned from everything if I were a staff member or anything. You are confused buddy. But hey it sucks not to be the best sorry bro. ( All love for you ) haha
  9. Some years ago =)

    You never know
  10. Some years ago =)

    Hello everyone, I don't know who is here playing from the old ones. I just want to check is there some OG's left and how you all doing To the ones who doesn't know enjoy the pictures https://imgur.com/a/1QwafCF
  11. Another one

    I had some spare time on work today so why not haha xD
  12. I am back !

    You should try a9 also alot fun
  13. Maximus

  14. I am back !

    Sup bro no I am playing a9 now
  15. I am back !

    Hello Corentians ! I am finally back on Dekaron this time I will be on a9. https://imgur.com/a/HM7v6