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  1. This is literally a gay thread.
  2. WTS 11%CD segu gloves

    All deals fell through, BUMP!
  3. WTS 11%CD segu gloves

    Okay, just pm me your offers.
  4. WTS 11%CD segu gloves +9 Post your offers here, thanks.
  5. No slots. 1% curse res 1% curse res 1% fire res 1% all magic res Leaves offers here, thanks.
  6. WTS WIZARD FAVNIL WINGS (330) days left leave offers here pls
  7. wts +12 hermes for VS tell me price here
  8. BUMP - edited original post
  9. WTS Seth Necklace
  10. WTS DN +10 Wizard 230 Set / 170 Weapon +10 DN Helm 4x85 medials +10 DN Armor 4x6%amr(SOLD) +10 DN Gloves 4% CD(SOLD) +10 DN Pants(SOLD) +10 DN Boots +10 DN 170 full dmg weapon 44% Fire Dmg(SOLD) Favnil Wings 333 Days left Leave your offers here, thanks.
  11. red black or yellow?

    If you are asking which one looks better, I would have to vote for the one on the left.
  12. banned

    you deserve to be banned from the server for promoting other dekaron servers. hopefully GM's ban you, or at least jail you.
  13. suggest for the Ksers

    LOL stop crying