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  1. Game not launching

    still cant fix it
  2. Game not launching

    i dont know what to do with it. afraid if i mess it up
  3. Game not launching

    I'm using local account
  4. Game not launching

    i tried. still not fix
  5. Game not launching

    i just reformat my laptop also install fresh windows and tried to run. can play only for 3 times for A6 and A9. but the same shit happen again after i click START. i did turned off the firewall and windows defender. ALSO put the game folder on exclusion. BUT STILL IT WONT LOAD!! DON'T PUT "ANSWERED" ON MY TOPIC WHEN ITS NOT EVEN FIX MY ISSUE!
  6. Game not launching

    Crap. Now my game cannot open even on 2nd account. Crash again n again after i click start on launcher
  7. Game not launching

    So if i want to play it i need to switch to other account. Unless i format my windows. Right?
  8. Game not launching

    Is there anywhere that i can fix it?
  9. Game not launching

    ok i can play in new user account. so how i want to play it on my main account?
  10. Game not launching

    reinstall windows? all my saved games files will be lost right? got lot of games in my pc that i have it saved
  11. Game not launching

    there is so many method i tried. turned off the windows defender and firewall and redownload and reinstall the game but still the game just closed itself when i click START. i also checked my net framework n i got the 3.5 n 4 installed. what else should i check till i can fix and play the game?
  12. Game not launching

    yea already installed net.framework 3.5. Still cant load the game after press Start. Rec 001.mp4
  13. Game not launching

    i tried. it crash after click Start on launcher
  14. Game not launching

    Can't open game after i press "Start" from launcher. how to fix?

    i saw the siege time already changed from 2100 server time to 0300 server time. well, i thought it wont change but.. yea. it does