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  1. Dont BUY naruke 3dk each

    Hi. so I made this post because i saw rich ppl sell naruke for 3dk each. lets do Math. if you buy 400 naruke for 3dk each is = 1,200DK its better to buy GOLD argates you will save 200DK . you can buy 1,000 gold to ppl for 1,000 DK, then change them to silver. you will have 2,000 silver. in naruke exchange 5 silver = 1 naruke 2,000silver = 400Naruke. so you will save 200DK. normal price shud be 2naruke : 5DK if they sell higher than this. just buy gold.

  3. B>

    only axe sir
  4. B>

    B>Juto or Aba 1h Axe +13 = DK Aba Shield+13 = DK
  5. Stun.

    i suggest to Make stun real stun. not only cant move but cant do anything like silenced. i think DK is nab because of this. and ak too i think. @DEV-Samurai
  6. Not fixed yet.

    There are already report to some bugs. But still not fixed. Like Bazz, Rudni Map when TP auto DC. Tower phoenix still blocked. Plane of pilgrimage, forgotten temple no exp when in party. +Exp on auras not working. Etc. We saw the bugs and report, we doing our part for the release of a6 i hope every report has been checked and be fix in next patch.
  7. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    The deff will increase when you got hit. And dmge increase when you attack. Thats how alo buff work.

    I think -50% damage or -75%damage pvp/pk is better. Not +CD. PVE crap when high cd.

    Wish that belt / armlet has alot of def
  10. Same with Forgotten temple
  11. No exp when you are in pt.
  12. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    IK. and its clearly said that the skill is str base not dex. so the skill has the problem. i did not said the stat lol.
  13. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Alo skill 170/180skills is STR base. I made test with two alo. Both 5rb. Naked. Lvl1 weap One is lvl 245. ( Str type) 1k STR, 171spr. The rest con. 2.2k atk on char tab. One is lvl250. (Dex type ) 1k dex , 171spr rest con. 6.2k atk on char Tab. I tried to use skill 170/ 180 and Str type do more dmge. 4k Dex is 3k only. If you see the atk on char tab dex type shud do more dmge. But str do more. A9 alo was str type and a6 was copied from a9 so i think alo skill are str type. 165skills below DEX TYPE do more dmage
  14. Op Dmg ? O.o

    Is that dmge deal with DB? Or staff?