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  1. Grade Points and Df exp not needed

    That expected if you add gp on other map. It will kill dksq. And i hope. Staffs read this and tell to Dev. if dev got no time to read all dramas here
  2. Isadora is Bugged cant select gems...

    Just click upper side of each circle
  3. A6 bugs/suggestion - VS (tb and staff)

    Damn. I want play staff vs. ima play global because core style staff vs crapp. Sad. Ima eat whole the cake because i bought it. Im poor i dont wastse money
  4. Grade Points and Df exp not needed

    Split the GP and DK df. Farmers in hell( dk's feather df) . And new one df for rankers ( gp df ) Or REMOVE RANKING . Ppl got bored before because nothing to do and now we have dksq for new things .and they want it to get max easy. For easy nothing to do again. + Just lessen the gp requirement in each rank. No need other map. @DEV-Samurai
  5. A6 bugs/suggestion - VS (tb and staff)

    remove curse i think its imposible for a6. just make it silence and dark avatar hits 9 if you walk on the skill. + Palpus (Staff) = -100% poison res. Hell Burst (Staff) = add buff Increase Magic damage while casting the skill like Aqua(mage skill) 170 Pet -crit rate change to -amr ( -crit rate not working. instead of decrease it increase or no effect proof : speed aura) @DEV-Samurai
  6. One Meister Skill Tree

    does seg skill same with bw fast hits ? thats how BW made. adding its duration will make it OP sir and that is not balanced. because Wizzard has High damage,fast hits, OP silence 100% working if enemy got no abnormal rest, mana burn for physical class.
  7. One Meister Skill Tree

    the things you mentioned this is already the answer (for balance/fair class/different build) this is not new things, this is what tree shud be. and for damage for 15skills lvl 102 below is just to have difference in each tree not to have high damage. --------------- and this will make pvp longer. ex. aloken. lvl200 skill hit 30k, 9hits = 270k 2x lvl200skill = 60k, 9hits = 540k 1x lvl200skill = 30k, 9hits = 270k
  8. Believe it or not it excess

    Even in Main Dekaron. PPL can edit item. Is not a gm not a dev. Just a player. So its impossible for private server?
  9. One Meister Skill Tree

    (for balance/fair class/different build)
  10. Alo Skill Bugs

    Aqua Remover decrease enemy AMR by 10%. Ethereal is just a stun. Cant move. And not 100%chance to stun.
  11. One Meister Skill Tree

    One Meister Skill Tree (for balance/fair class/different build) Ex. VS - gives 1,000 skill points to character (at lvl 1 or when they hit lvl170 since meister skill start at lvl 170) - make the the Twinblade mastery(TB) or Vicious Mastery (Staff) requirements to lvl11 is 1,000 Skill Points, Character Level 170 [ 1k points to make sure they can learn only one tree ] lvl12-lvl15 just 1skill point - make all skill lvl102 below maxed lvl15 [ to have difference on each tree] - Requirement to learn 170, 180, 200 Skills and to Level Up lvl102 below skills to level 11 -15 is [TwinBlade Mastery lvl11] or [ Vicious Masterylvl11] - Remove the +10seconds Cooldown that you added last last last patch. since they can learn half of 170 180 200 skills. - Global Reset Skill - 170, 180 skills 50m dils to 25k PP each or 10k PP each skill lvl11 to lvl15 skills TB Mastery twing blade mastery = add 50% more damage ( 10% each level ) Example TwinBladelvl10 gives 100damage make lvl 11 110, lvl12 120, lvl15 150. or just 5% each lvl. all damage skill just add 50% Ex. Dark Ava if it hits 100, make lvl 15 hit 150. buff skill. Invisible Shadow lvl10 gives 11%AMR and 5%PR , lvl11 = gives 12%AMR and 5%PR lvl12 = gives 13%AMR and 5%PR lvl13 = gives 14%AMR and 5%PR lvl14 = gives 14%AMR and 6%PR lvl15 = gives 14%AMR and 7%PR Vicious Mastery (Staff) Vicious Mastery = add 50% more magic damage and 5% Poison rest. 10% magic damage, 1%Poison rest per lvl Resist Chakra = lvl10 gives 10amr, 11=11amr, 12=12amr, 15=15amr force chakra = add 50% more 10% each lvl crit dmge and crit rate just add 50% more in all chakra. all damage skill do same with tb dmge skill just add 50% dmge. PS to hard to explain. just understand it.
  12. + I think no one use Cannabis for pvp,farming . No auto fish on auras too. Its like now a trash aura. I suggest this so we can use Cannabis in some way. Bring its value again since its price in dshop and agency is kinda expensive.
  13. Hi. This suggestion about cannabis is good for Physical class. You can kill boss 2x or 3x faster with normal attack. -5℅ is nothing if you will have 25℅ attack speed for normal attack. And it just a suggestion.
  14. Edited. Please Fix Forbidden [ if it was hard to fix. ask GM to do work. that player will give them 1k DK and the item with GEMS , then GM will give the same gems on items to the player. then GM will give you the Item and 1k DK.] thankyou
  15. Hi. removing kb on that skill will make HB combo better. And, Yes in all server HB has one KB skill but not in burst slash it is on furious brandish.