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  1. SOLD #Request to close the topic pls:)
  2. Couple clean "Core Games" designs.

    OMFG The King has returned ^^ Nice Pictures btw welcome back Quazy :afro:
  3. Yippie-Kai-Yay Motherfu*cker

    goodbye Babe take care of yourself ^^ cya on skype sometimes hehe
  4. Update the new character the famale AK

    as i know.. playing the game and posting/loging in forum are two different things... so even though i dont play the game...i still have the rights to comment/start topics or reply to others here... anyway i dont have to give reasons or replys to you Sarimanok...as i've heared u weren't a saint either... have a nice day "babe" :rolleyes:
  5. Update the new character the famale AK

    and for your information i dont even play Core at the moment... or in the near future... so i dont give a fk of what "you" ppls talk about.. Now let the "retard" coments begin... Cheers :drinks:
  6. Update the new character the famale AK

    sadly that wont happen.. its hard to implement those Dragon Knight files in A3 server... cuz for real..that character made his debut in dekaron like 1 year ago.. so there was alot of time when he could've been introduced in A3... and since even then its not there... i doubt that he will ever be in A3 but i guess if u rlly want that girl u can always try A9
  7. you know... that kind of ironic coments.. can give u a ticket straight to bann land just saying :whistling: idk why ppl cant let it go... and moove on.. Cheers!! :drinks:
  8. Any GM ? PLS HELP !

    uhmm... its not so hard to donate ... you must follow the steps that Core-Owner posted them in the load upp page..
  9. Halloween ScreenShot Event October 2015

    http://i.imgur.com/C7HDV5A.jpg?1 Server : A3 IGN: Amelly
  10. Looking for champion event 'Date'

    well since they have only 2 Gms online - - GM-Bluefire i rlly doubt the champ event will come rlly soon... since they are short in staff..
  11. False accusion

    first off all i wasnt the one that reported you.... and second of alll... please do send all the things to DEV-Samurai/Core-Master... guess what.. who do u think cought/banned us from first time..therfore DEV already knows the story, also all the current accounts of that time were banned...and about IP banning... its simply to dodge it.. by changing it... anyway so i can close this shit and i wont reply to any others players from now onn about this...this thing happened 7-8 months ago (the date your reffering 25/02/2015)so it kinda dont matter atm.. all those items that been "stoled" was lost when the accounts were banned... idk why the fk you guys are bitching so much now... ive been starting all over from bottom.. so why do i deserve a bann atm?? please do tell... im already sick of all this story... from now onn ill chose to ignore all thise retard arguments...from ppls who dont even know the true story.... If Sarimanok rlly choosed to expose this story to the whole server its his choice...(also he had no rights to do this,since all that matter involved only the Staff ppls) but please do tell.. why now.. why didnt he expose this story in that week when it happened...because his mad that he got banned since he was a "great" GM aswell... oh and another thing Deliric-babe.. dont try to involve GM-Bluefire in this ... cuz he/she dosent know about this either... since he/she wasent in the staff at that time... the only ppls that know the whole story is & DEV-Samurai & Core-Admin and ofc Core-Master i dont care if you understand a shit or not...and i dont even need to convince you about something...bottom line is that ill stay in this server as long as i will so deal with it.. also im requesting that if you want to close/delete this topic so wanabe ppls like Deliric wont comment just not to fall asleep sometimes, since they dont know shit about the topic
  12. False accusion

  13. False accusion

    hahahaha thats nice missed you lya...
  14. Amellys Sign

    OMG ) i rlly need to give u a beer hehe thx alot Hooligan as always its perfect :drinks: