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  1. Seguriper Sign-Up (December)

    Character Name: AngelOfDeath Class: Seguriper RB: 5 Level: 250 Country: United States
  2. Guard Rate/Block Rate

    That sucks
  3. Guard Rate/Block Rate

    Is there a way we can view what % our Guard and Block is? Cause if we buy those gems and even on our gear we don't know how much we actually have. Cause rings reduces it also and gears adds it. If we had a stat table for it maybe we would know where our characters stood in those areas. Merry Christmas Guys/Girls.
  4. JokerZ

    Oh and goodluck with next seige here's a tip though. Laying on your face in front of Juto doesn't count as communicating with it. Just so you know. Goodluck and Merry Christmas
  5. JokerZ

    We fail? Yeah yeah yeah, you're so boring. We sure met your pain Rongie you about bored us into a coma, So keep flaming on a forum it makes me laugh
  6. Christmas survey :D

    Spending time with my family, and if I get any spare time I'll play on dekaron with friends. Merry Christmas
  7. OverXin

    I'm seriously done with this. You're nothing but drama always trying to prove a point and get good people in toruble just because you know somebody. On behalf of everyone else, you can kiss ALL of our asses and have a nice day
  8. OverXin

    I don't have any privelages, this is the forum not the game. I haven't broken any rules in the game. Jailed unfair? You SHOUTED that USELESS was ascammer in loa for everyone to see and when asked if you had proof of it you didn't. Do you have video or screen shots of this guy being a scammer Furian? If not what makes you better than the MANY who have been banned for doing the samething? You got jailed for 2 days and instead of facing what you did. You ran to the owner and cried and you dis respected the staff which shouldve been a perm ban for you but instead he un jailed you cause he's your friend in real life. So, then you go IN GAME BRAGGING about how you're above the rules to people and you can't be jailed or banned. How pathetic is that? So, I'm a liar? Prove me wrong furian or shut up. You're probably on the phone with the owner right now crying about a thread on a damn forum that doesn't even matter cause you can't back up any of your lies. You haven't answered nothiing you just DENY when I watched you do everything I've said. I watched you do this myself. So yeah, I'll say it again. If you don't have to follow the rules then I think nobody should have too. Also I think players who've been banned for doing the same shit you did should be un banned. How about that? It's all bullshit and talking to you is like talking to a wall. Nothing registers and you're in denial but I guess if I fucked up as bad as you did I wouldn't want people to know how damn childish I was either. It's too late though there's too many people in game who knows for 100% fact from you bragging, "Furian knows the owner so he can't get in trouble" it isn't just me.
  9. OverXin

    Also you brag in game about having special privelages and there's PLENTY of players in game who can prove that. You brag on how you know the owner and can't get in trouble, how childish is that? What happen to being a adult and just following the rules? Is that so hard? Like I said if you don't have to follow the rules then nobody should have too. Simple as that.
  10. OverXin

    So it's non sense that you cry to the owner and have meetings with him over staff and players? You trying to say I'm lying? You want me to fucking prove it? Cause I can prove it. You tell him everything that doesn't go your way and yes you might have told the truth about the player you got banned about BUT claiming someone is a scammer without screenshots and proof is a jailable offense and you went on to HARASS that person in loa like a child and broke the rules and when [GM]Xyience jailed you, you then dis respected him to his face for doing his job claiming you know the owner and you'll be out of jail blah blah blah running your mouth like a baby when you was the one who messed up. SO, who's the liar? I think what we said and expressed is the truth. You have NO right and you're not above the rules. IF YOU'RE ABOVE THE RULES then UN BAN everyone who's been banned before becaue they shouldn't have to follow the damn rules either. So if you're gonna reply here at least be a man and admit to the facts it's so childish to lie. Point is Furian, you have ruined so much in this game with your ignorance. But yet you're allowed too so I guess not my problem.
  11. OverXin

    Wow you really are dumb. You're replying to things that doesn't pertain to you. You're adding your two cents where it don't belong. You said yourself you're not a mod, nor are you a gm or staff. So, why is it anything that happens you call the owner or having meetings with him online crying over staff who done this or that wrong and making things harder for them to do their jobs. You're pathetic. I can't stand people who cry and complain like you do especially when nothing pertains to you or is any of your business. You have special privelages and can't get in trouble. Good for you. Now is that fair to the people who donate and line the pockets of your friend but yet they have to follow the rules????? I don't think so. I think you should follow the same rules as everyone else. Instead you go online bragging to players of how you're friends with the owner and nothing can happen to you and you can do whatever you want and everyone else gets banned for dumb reasons and you get to run free? lmfao I'm done with this but just know that nobody likes you or cares about what you have to say brown noser. Goodbye I'm done with this topic.
  12. OverXin

    See this is my point, all you can do is whine and TRY to back yourself up. Here's some friendly advice: Grow up and mind your own business and you won't have to defend yourself. You make yourself look so ignorant sticking your nose where it don't belong just because you brown nose the owner you think it gives you some special privelages? We're all so proud that you don't have to follow the rules Furian, you want a fucking cookie? I'm not gonna kiss your ass, and frankly nobody here will. So, have fun amusing yourself by sticking your nose in everyones business, flaming on topics on a forum that has nothing to do with you, and fucking up the game with your ignorance. Have fun. Go cry and whine about this too when you started the flaming to begin with by disrespecting staff members when you aren't even staff at all, wtf are you anyway? Who made you anything? You're nothing but a brown noser who knows somebody. That's how you do though. We have to follow the rules but you can say whatever you want and nothing happens to you we suffer because of your childish bullshit, Grow up and mind your own business. Oh and be an adult and don't call your friend to have me spanked be a fucking man and take what you dish out for once. Man enough to run your mouth be man enough to hear the truth. Have a nice day jackass.
  13. [GM] Staff (Howling)

    Actually, to be honest with you Furian everyone quit because there's no structure in the staff and when players like you know the owner and brag about it in game and do as you please and flame in the forum on people and never can be disiplined it kinda kills the moral and fair play of the rules. So technically there shouldn't be any rules because you don't have to follow them. If any GM now was to jail you for even a day you would cry about it to the owner and that GM's job would be in question because of your ignorance and wrong doing. Is that fair? No it isn't. I honestly think you should leave the staff alone and mind your own business and grow up. Someone as childish as you has no right to judge anyone. I remember when you got a simple "48 hour ban" True story" for making fun of a player shouting it in LOA for everyone to see. Made fun of them so bad they almost quit the game. Then instead of being a man and facing what you did and setting out the 48 hours you went and cried to the owner insulted the GM's who punished you and got good people in trouble for your ignorance. Close this topic Mods, when people like furian adds their ignorance it kills the entire point anyway. All he does is flame and add stupidity to everything he can find. Go cry about this to Furian, it seems to be the only thing you're actually good at. 'CLOSE THIS TOPIC' before it gets worse.
  14. [GM] Staff (Howling)

    yeah turning 3x and 2x on is a big event now hahahaha
  15. [GM] Staff (Howling)

    That's the last one I seen too. Yeah it says, 'DAILY EVENTS' and we have no events not even a middleman. xD