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    Yare, yare.. I'm sorry @GM-Siren I think @AlfredENeuman just nailed you. It was a bit unprofessional to say that with this account. That's why I'm using my alt account. And come on, why do yo interfere Quaz? - You almost made me log in with my retired acc. It was almost impossible to see Quaz harsh. Nor in public, nor in private, even after all the fake accusations he recieved from people who he had to ban. Well okay you had to screw things very bad as a Staff to make him kinda mad(THE HUMPING GUARD for example ) or just if it was me, cuz I like to oppose people. I can spell 2-3 GMs that were harsh, but that isn't necessary. Also I'm not sure If you were here(Staff) at his first time being a Head GM (around 2013) I can't say how he was at his second time as HGM it wasn't the old him, too much RL issues. Anyway.. that's how it was we had proof to show that we did right, but we couldn't show it infront of players just to be professional. Of course the results were bad sometiems.. It had players accusing Quaz he banned them to steal their equipment - ridiculous. Ah this is like a family reunion @GM-Snow don't you think. @Whistler you should join too. @TwinSwordz your signature is my favorite!

    @sprikitik Hmm, he already responded, only time will show now. It is hard to find good GMs these days. Less people less qualified people for the job. (I'm not pointing at anybody.) Old ones have real life things to settle. The oldest active GMs at the moment are Inori and Waffle. As I see most of the old Staff joined around the year 2013. We will see what is Snowy planning.

    We are really spamming here, don't we.. I really have no time for this. It is mission impossible, Panda. I failed too much already.

    @GM-Siren damn, we are realy ruining this topic - ah, feels so nice. Of course you know me there isn't an old GM that doesn't know me, of course everyone both know me and both know nothing about me. The secret, misterious guy in the shadows. P.S. Damn this sounds way more lame than "cool". 2 P.S @Quiro Staff started using challonge from 2013, when I suggested it for the championship event. Usualy the bracet shuffles participants automatically. But after that you can still manualy set em up. Still I think that can't be proven. Except if everytime "MawMaw" are forwarded. Also that can happen only when teams are odd number - yes, in this situation they are, there is no problem for even numbers, they can't be forwarded. There is possibility Lithium abusing powers but you just don't have solid proof. Still I think @Head-GM-Waffle will take some actions.

    Excuse me Staff, this is totally out of topic, warn me if you have to. @GM-Siren the Panda is comming back indeed. About being polite, and "old school GM's", damn now I feel guilty saying those stuff to the topic starter. Even tho you didn't mention me or pointing at me, your words still concern me. I always wanted to be an ass one day with an alt profile.

    I like low intelligent beings like you. It makes me laugh. Nor Core-Master nor Head DEV will give you their attention on this. The only one managing the Staff is HGM Waffle. And what is with the CAPS, does your shift key stucks or you are mad for some reason?

    @Quiro Ah I see your post makes more sense, you had to write it. But still I can't say there is any good proof at all. @xBuyerIV I advice you, don't try to answer to me, mongrel. I know the game/forum and even Staff rules way better than you or any of you here in this topic. You just made a SS how the GM said you have to wait 5 minutes, but you didn't make SS or Video of all other things you accuse him. I got your point accusing a Staff member in corruption, but the "proof" you posted is one big ZERO. You deserve to be judged by In-Game rule 18. False Accusion. The only reason why HGM should take a look at the pointed GM is that some other players support your post. Regards, -Zero.

    Okay... So you say that you and your partner quited fighting and then complain that GM DQ you from PvP event? - Why you complain if you quited? But in the next line you've waited them more than 5 minutes from your timer(I don't see any timer nor you can proove how much time passed with ScreenShots) and in the end you were forced to fight the PvP? You quited/were DQ but actualy still fighting in the end?! This sounds realy confusing and messed up.
  9. Forum Awards Permission

    Hello, @Head-GM-Waffle I think you should fix the permission for this awards. Of course I already gave it to me for reporting this "bug" to you.