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    What you don't realise is the biggest draw of core has been its oldschool server . Also the current A6 was A3 before it got upgraded and added new features/changes which not many of the people that played A3 really liked but still continued. Yes people may have invested to make their chars But what you don't realise is many who have invested have done so to enjoy themselves and if they enjoy A3 more then A6 they will reinvest and for those who dont want to shift to A3, A6 is still open. The major advantage for A3 has been that people that quit after A6 have returned to A3 ( myself included ) Also you underestimate the advantages of a fresh new economy.. Many people enjoy the journey rather then the end result not just titles or hoarding wealth. Yes it might seem no dk on A3 but thats 1 class outta 12... and not everyone loves dk. So rather then condemning A3 or A6 its better to just enjoy where you are and if your not happy just swap to the other one and have a look.
  2. GiveAway.

  3. Birthday Video Challenge.

    Funny 13k outta the 16k in SS event went to non-Fallen. That time there were no complaints... Now cause u didn't win such comments... Also as far as fallen goes.. this 10k would be nothing for em .... I gave a way +13 helion/+13 Dwhip/8%rhombusx3/VIPaurax3/Furyx5/Devil wingx 2/150+talis/20k+Dks in events just for fallen members Which i never even bothered to Post anywhere cause it was a biased event for my friends. Events which i ran on a common forum i ran fair. I know who i am. And if i wanted to give 10k dk to someone this is not my way. Also 2k for every participant for effort. Rewards- Tomo near exp event time. @MOD-KyleKindly close the thread before it becomes a Flame chat because people cant really think and see. Thank you
  4. Birthday Video Challenge.

    Winner - StellaRosa Rewards will be given out tomorrow about the same time as the exp event. @MOD-Kyle Please close the thread. Thank you.
  5. Birthday Video Challenge.

    Winners will be announced tomorrow. ( My wife is deciding the winner lol and she seems to be taking her sweet time with it ). Prizes will be given on 3rd April 5-7pm server time. Thank you.
  6. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

    Rewards will be given to all on 3rd April 5-7pm Server time @ Core tele ardeca try to be online then or if u cant let me know if i can give your reward to a friend or something. Thank you. P.s - For the mage winners i have decided to split the rewards... so 500 each + 2k each for the VIP split = 2.5k dks per person. @MOD-Kyle Kindly close this Thread. Thank you.
  7. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

    i can split the reward between the two of u thats what i asked do u both want half each or do u want me to pick 1 out of the two of u
  8. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

    Kyle - Wiz Yano - AK Reload -Aloken Achiliss - VS ScratcherBoi - HB xThar - DK Heathen - Segita ANONGULAMMO - bagi ANONGULAMMO - Seg YakuzaCS- CS Sarawara11 - Segu Winners ur prizes will be available in 1-2 days when i am able to login. Now the Most amazing entries came from the Mage Class which i felt is a tie 1 - kagura 2 - xJheyCell Also Teferi ur idea was good too unfortunately there were more entries had it been CS/Seg/Segu/bagi am sure u would a won. My Suggestion for the Mage winners is either u can Split the prize among urself .. The top prize of Aura will also go to the mage class... So do u both want to split the reward or Do u wish for me to pick a winner between the 2 of u ?.
  9. Serpent rings

    how much for the 3 serpents?
  10. Birthday Video Challenge.

    @Delir1c Meh i would give u a 100k just for the wish if u want to play again
  11. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

    This will be the 2nd Forum event. Showcase how Awesome your Char looks!! Dress up with your favourite Fashion with an awesome background and show the Server u look the best!! This will be for all 12 Classes. Every class will have its own category. So there will be 12 winners! Along with the ultimate winner who looks the best among the Top 12. This will be open for A3 and A9 both. Rewards - 1k Dk( A3 ) or 1k Dshop (A9) per category Top winner - VIP aura (A3) or 4k Dshop A9 Entries will close on 30th March 2019. All entries must be posted here for everyone to see and qualify.
  12. Birthday Video Challenge.

    Okay So here is the first of the 5 proposed Events. This event will be open to Both A3 and A9 servers. The event is Simple - Make a Video of chars INGAME with a happy Birthday wish. ( xHeera/Incinerator for A3 ) ( Ravager - A9 ) U can be as creative as u want with the video ( editing is allowed ) Reward - 10k DK's for A3 ...... 7k Dshop for A9. The winner will be only 1 either from A3 or A9 but both servers can participate. Entries will close on 30th March 2019. Also u have to Post your Video here so everyone can see.
  13. Okay I like the Birthday Video challange...and the Fashion show! ...will also maybe do a couple more lets see. to a total of 5 ... since 5 different people gave me the ideas. either in pm/fb or here lol.. so i will reward the 10kdks/5 = 2k each to the 5 people ... @xCast @Ferrus Pm me ur Ign's
  14. Favourite spotts for chill

    I would fund @{KING}Shinji too but he is apparently a rich king now that cant even bother to reply to my FB messages!!! .. He is now a Big person it seems... @{KING}Shinji nuubie atleast reply sometimes!!!! KID!