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  1. Seg/Segu

    I got tons of messages about the seg/segu, we'll set the damage back to how it was before for now. We tested a damage reduction before and it apparently crippled them instead of helped them which is not what we intended, very hard to find a perfect solution for the seg/segu but well continue to try, For now we'll set them back to how they was previously
  2. Today I was online in the game until 18:00 PM in the time zone of my country (GMT -3, Brazil) I had an appointment at this time and left the game, I returned home now 00:35 (Time I am writing this message) and when I logged into my account I found the My naked character with no items someone stole everything. They just did not steal the champion items because isn't tradable but the rest I lost: legion set full +13 + hermes +13 , blist wep +13, all rings (daes aries, serpents, neptunes) , 2x vip auras, 1x light str aura Anyway, everything... stole everything until the money 3 billion. A few days ago the server was invaded by a hacker who calls himself "Jerbo" I saw him in ardeca saying by post that he sells any kind of cheat to the core dekaron inclusive, he used the name of [DEV] and also the name of [GM]Siren. As an experienced dekaron player who has gone through many things in this "life" I decided to take a picture of my items as a security measure since, a friend of mine told me that he had lost feathers and dk coins from his account a day after this hacker appeared. That said, I have a question to do: How am I going to stay in this story? So this is how things happen? Malicious people invade the server, invade as player accounts steal everything and the player has no guarantee of anything? I play this server for years, I invested a lot of time, dedication, hard work, perseverance, patience, money and now I lose everything because of a server security flaw ?? I kindly ask you to pass my problem ahead, talk to DEV so he can solve my problem, I'm not to blame and this can not end in this way at all. PS: I have SS of all my items if needed. I particularly liked this part. "So this is how things happen? Malicious people invade the server, invade as player accounts steal everything and the player has no guarantee of anything? I play this server for years, I invested a lot of time, dedication, hard work, perseverance, patience, money and now I lose everything because of a server security flaw ?? I kindly ask you to pass my problem ahead, talk to DEV so he can solve my problem, I'm not to blame and this can not end in this way at all." So, without further waiting lets reveal the "hacker" picture below: Now kindly check {Champion}Espartan's name and compare the two pictures. Well, we found our hacker folks, he stored his set on a bogus account trying to scam a duplicate set for free from the staff. As I told him already the part that really makes me upset is trying to claim that people can hack accounts on our server when I know for a 100% fact they can't, for years people claim this and argue with us and for YEARS, we prove them wrong just like this. Both of the accounts are banned, Espartan you are right sir, we do need to do something asap about the issue, I'm glad we could assist. BANNED: {Champion}Espartan Bahalama #CLOSED
  3. Jerbo and Hacking (Please Read)

    Dear Players, We are very aware of the person called Jerbo in the game, he is banned. I just want to make a public post and assure the community your accounts are VERY safe and nobody can hack anything. This guy isn't a hacker at all, he uses mere parlor tricks folks. Example: make DEV/GM names is him simply using the right amount of blank spaces. Is that a hack? No it is not. He uses a software anyone can download and most are aware of and does mere tricks like Chris Angel, all fake. My point here is this- your accounts are safe and just because a guy is using fake names or doing little odd and end weird things here doesn't mean he can hack into our database and touch personal info, that's way out of his league. I would get into specifics but it would be way too long of a message. I do promise you guys your accounts are safe, there's no worries and as these people come onto our server the staff is always watching we ban them right away. P.S. DO NOT USE THE METHOD I SUGGESTED TRYING TO PRETEND TO BE A DEV OR GM THIS WILL GET YOU BANNED. Thank You, Core-Staff
  4. EXP Moshpit Event

    Very good idea, I think it'll work out nicely. Also a good idea to have a specific map so thank you kalithar for getting on that idea as well.
  5. Hi Guys, We found out a solution and reeason why a lot you get the error when trying to recover your account from our website. Wrong Verification Code If you're getting this error there's 2 options that work for using recovery: Option 1). Use a Different Browser Option 2). Clean your cache, Clear all web history and cache within the browser. If this doesn't work use CCLEANER or another tool that will clean out your browser and then try again to recover your account. This issue is apparently a simple cache issue in your browser. Hope this clears everything up with recovering your accounts.
  6. New Costume for all class

    We have this as well, it's actually a gear set not a costume. The Developer is actually trying to decide rather to release the gear set or make it into costumes. The developers at core is always working on stuff for the community.
  7. Class Championship (MAY 2017)

    its there, go to the link posted or on the forum and click which class you're applying for
  8. Class Championship (MAY 2017)

    we decided to make the a9 one, one month after this one. No way we can do both at the same time. But no worries we'll also be doing it as well, i'll be announcing it very soon
  9. Class Championship (MAY 2017)

    Registration is OPEN until MAY 5TH! Register below: http://forum.core-games.net/forum/168-class-championship-registration/ RULES Class Championships will start May 10th-13th (Finals will be held on the 14th). Open for all reborns, levels and classes. All buffs are allowed. Only one disconnect is allowed and you have 5 minutes to get back online. Registered players need to be online and ready when the event starts, if you're called by a [GM] and you're offline you'll have 5 minutes or you'll be disqualified. Players are only allowed to register ONE CHARACTER in this event, if you're caught registering multiple characters you're automatically disqualified. Getting disconnected will be considered a loss. Before any match starts, the corresponding players who will be PvPing are required to RELOG (to make sure no external BUFFING). When the PvP starts, no one should interfere. Any interference by any other player will disqualify that player. Cheating, glitching, and/or abusing during the event will result in forfeiture of match and jail. Disrespecting staff will not be tolerated in any form. This includes written or verbal comments and may result in forfeiture of match and jail. LAGGING will not be considered an excuse. No piloting - if anyone is caught allowing someone other than them to play their character in the championships they're automatically disqualified. ONLY ONE SET OF RINGS, once you're teleported to your fight only have 1 set of 4 rings with you. Both players will be checked before the fight we can see all items on you, if you have 5 rings not 4, you're disqualified. {Champion}'s don't have to register, they'll automatically be required to defend the title, failure to do so will be the loss of your title. If you can't register for the event send a pm to Head-GM-Quaz and he'll add you to the bracket Event Class: The class order is alphabetical order of the class spelling. Make sure you guys not only check the time of when your class is scheduled but the day as well. The event will be for 5 days and only 3 classes per day so that people don't have to wait around because we know time is precious and nobody likes to wait. Also, the champion fight of each bracket will be recorded and posted. The day all champions fight, every fight will be recorded and posted. *Note: Times may change for each day to suit the hosting gm's time frame, please keep a eye on this thread for changes Grand Champion: Your name on a Statue at Ardeca + {KING} name tag + 8000 dshop coins Champion per Class: Your name on a Statue at Ardeca + {Champion} name tag + 4000 dshop coins + Champion Wings (90 days) (These wings are altered festival +3 wings with better stats and alternate coloring special for class winners only) + Champion Costume + Champion Aura 1st Runner Up: 2500 dshop coins This year all winners of each class will receive a T-Shirt, we will need the name and shipping address of each class winner in order to send your shirt. (shirt is below) CLASS SCHEDULE: ======================================================================================= MAY 10TH @ 15:00 SERVER TIME Hosted By: [GM]Kyle Camera Man: To be named Aloken CHAMPION: {Champion}Cassiopeia RUNNER UP: Midoriya Azure Knight CHAMPION: {Champion}YANO RUNNER UP: Ohara Bagi Warrior CHAMPION: {Champion}Espartan RUNNER UP: {Champion}KENK0X ======================================================================================= MAY 11TH @ 15:00 SERVER TIME Hosted By: [GM]Loki Camera Man: Kylene Black Wizard CHAMPION: {Champion}Bicibaci RUNNER UP: PicaDura Concerra Summoner CHAMPION: {Champion}youEasyBoy RUNNER UP: Dryadia Dragon Knight CHAMPION: {Champion}TatsuRyoko RUNNER UP: Shaphir ======================================================================================= MAY 12TH @ 15:00 SERVER TIME Hosted By: [GM]Siren & [GM]Psyche Camera Man: [GM]LightSide + Kylene Half Bagi CHAMPION: {Champion}Crisa RUNNER UP: Arconte Incar Magician CHAMPION: {Champion}MisSimpatia (Yasmin) RUNNER UP: Nikki Segita Hunter CHAMPION: {Champion}Ashe RUNNER UP: BORISLAVA ======================================================================================= MAY 13TH @ 15:00 SERVER TIME Hosted By: [GM]Lightside Camera Man: [GM]LightSide Segnale (SilentMurderr was the only Segnale to show up) CHAMPION: {Champion}SilentMurderr RUNNER UP: TBD Seguriper CHAMPION: {Champion}Shinigaml RUNNER UP: iLOV3 Vicious Summoner CHAMPION: {Champion}Tro0neRs RUNNER UP: Mieszczuch ======================================================================================= Final: Round 1 {Champion}Crisa vs {Champion}SilentMurderr {Champion}Ryouku vs {Champion}youEasyBoy {Champion}YANO vs {Champion}Tro0neRs YANO didn't show {Champion}Bicibaci vs {Champion}MisSimpatia none show up Round 2 {Champion}Shinigaml vs {Champion}SilentMurderr {Champion}Espartan vs {Champion}Ryouku {Champion}Ashe vs {Champion}Tro0neRs {Champion}Cass vs {Champion}MisSimpatia none show up Semifinals {Champion}SilentMurderr vs {Champion}Ryouku {Champion}Ashe vs {Champion}Cass Final {Champion}Ryouku vs {Champion}Ashe Supreme Champion: {Champion}Ryouku Worthy Adversary: {Champion}Ashe Fight for KING Title {Champion}Ryouku vs {KING}Waxim
  10. Caught botting in the video below, watch you can tell the skills on timed by software and he's obviously afk. Easy to tell that this is botting. Also, to give away the guilt he transferred everything off the character in the video right away knowing they was banned. Cheating will not be tolerated in our game, as everyone knows. Please follow the rules when playing our game to avoid losing your accounts. I will not accept banning a emptied out account for punishment, so the result in this matter will be all accounts banned. Character List: TheBest RoyAl Tsukio GhostRiderBoss Toom MonsterKor fishfishfast eusunt1 Hiperions BOHO PROseg EasyBoy BlackEvil Proof:
  11. You was caught using staff tags in shout in the game impersonating the staff team, i also found all of your other accounts as well, if this behavior continues you'll be banned from the game entirely. This is a very childish way to behave. Also, in case the rules are not clear enough using staff tags in the game {Guard}, [GM], [DEV], ETC will get you banned. It's clearly impersonating. PROOF: 6. Using [GM], [Dev] or [DEKARON] name or Impersonating Staff member:A player shouldn’t copy/impersonate a Staff member.• Punishment• Permanent Ban CHARACTERS BANNED: xDontCryBaby WannaTry #CLOSED
  12. Scamming Attempts

    Yeah that's for sure, I don't understand how someone can do things like this. I'll explain what I mean, this is the same guy players have had issues with "Ceros dude" who was stealing accounts.
  13. DK Blist weapon and Wings

    We was talking about this earlier, we'll inform the Dev so he can correct it right away.
  14. Appreciation?

    Thanks a lot for the kind words, hope you had a great weekend and enjoy the game
  15. Need a VOTE about channels! (please read)

    I really appreciate all of the feedback from you guys. I'll inform the [DEV] of how the votes sway, kinda feel as if we'll go with: Channel 1 Fishing Leave it at that for now