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  1. Such a shame u guys are from germany..I knew I couldnt trust u nero and I had to laugh hard about the way u got detected brainless child.
  2. Guild War Event !

    Looks really nice but how will you be able to stop friendly fire among the different guilds?
  3. to Dracoo The TrashTalkeR® :D

    hey there, well im just roaming last weeks and had a long break tho dubz is abit busy in rl and play mainly on official server.. what about you? havent seen ya for a while ign :/
  4. to Dracoo The TrashTalkeR® :D

    Just lame how u are judging about that guy..I guess that ss bringing u guys alot fame
  5. WTS / WTB

    What would you offer for a clarent +12 30% CD DN (full dmg)?
  6. I`m selling: 170 seg whip +12 30% CD (M) 170 clarent summy wep +12 30% CD (DN) FULL DMG leave ur offer here or ign
  7. The New Champions Class Event !

    Name: {Champion}Tribal Class: Viciouis Summoner
  8. Tribal says good bye !

    Hello everyone, looks like it´s time for me to leave core. So i want to thank all my friends here and wish u best of luck! I had a great time on core cuz of you even tho it was sometimes a bit boring
  9. Alokens and Summoners

    just some tips u can slow down your enemy with recall not just yourself but u gotta do it in right moment (no speedbuff,abn resis buff on enemy) and just cast twin bore after that so he`ll be stunned like 4-5 seconds beside that it`s even possible to stun him with twin bore while your enemy is running. I don`t really see the point to add a sleep skill on summy even if the decrease dmg on last patch wasn`t needful cuz it was in no case op ... However summy is still able to win over alos i can prove that if you want
  10. Thoughts on new patch - Patch 13.12.17 ~ 13.12.18

    Well done samu, we`ll need some time to try everything out but all in all classes are nearly balanced. Would be cool if we could go on with grand pvp event soon!
  11. WTT Summy Set +12 to Bagi set +12

    which gems are in your polpore?
  12. Afk bot

    I can translate.. He said:Idc if bots running it`s running and I don`t pay attention on game if I`am watching TV
  13. Now it's time for players to do their job...

    lol shat I really like the idea about return scroll cuz it`s getting annoying when your pking. About that guild thing.. ye it was a good time back then even tho we hated scion somehow I miss to kick their asses xD Anyways you can`t force good member to split in 3 guilds
  14. WTB>> Lvl 130 AK Set +10 = DK's

    I sell you my ak 130 + 10 gear with gems for 1k dk