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  1. Favourite spotts for chill

    @MOD-Kyle Why are you using and revealing my best spots.. heartless person..
  2. 9th Bag

    9th Bag:
  3. Helion Wings

    Helion Wings:
  4. jutowep Spammer and disrespect

    Because he was realy insolent, he got 5 Accounts banned with the following characters inside: XxArabanXx IIDKPOWERII jutowep jutowep1 XxArabanXx IIBLACKMAGEII PZxWONITCS 20badsegnale16 Release date: 18.02.2018 17:00-5:00 PM server time.
  5. champ wings no movement speed big joke

    Hello, the wings were made with a common options to satisfy all classes. We understand that your class doesn't need Magic Damage, but also segnales doesn't need Physical damage. (For example) I don't think any of the classes don't need Critical Damage.. So the only ones to remove are one of the two Max Shield Options or the Max HP... And even then it should be discussed with other Champions.
  6. I had a nice time :)

    @Head-GM-Kyle Hey man, good luck and wish you all the best, I know how it is, almost the same happened to me, I'm sorry that we didn't have the chance to make an event together. I'm happy to see you mention even me, I hope you wont forget my memes! Farewell! Regards, Ex-Core-Admin.
  7. Scamming and Scamming attempts.

    Because some people say there is no proof only attempts.. BowKiller was scammed he lost his +13 bow. (one of the scammed players) Now I will show how do we catch these stuff.. as I said.. this is a special case I took action BECAUSE this guy didn't stop scamming or attempting to do it... I will explain of course. The first index is the type of the item 51124 is Ultimate Blistering Bow+13. The second is 6564238400020101009E2193398D5835 this is the item unique index.. I can check everything which was done with it.. not only trades here is how our guy was making some extra sockets on the scammed item: Oh and one more secret... Droping - Picking items is also visible! Here is an example.. after one of the long chases in the logs.. This is one of the other scammed items... 43296 - Enchanced Vicious Legion Armor+13 Infite droped him.. and here is who gots it.. This happened in ardeca near Underworld portal.. 80-90% (which we are aware for) of the scammed items were found in TankyGG. #CLOSED
  8. The Mystery Guy who scam.

    I'm on it. If you know any info, which can also help.. send me a PM. #CLOSED
  9. Alright guys, I've seen the reports of scamming or the attempts to scamm.. So I've started an investigation, which will continue! Honestly most of the scams are because you guys weren't careful, which wouldn't allow us to investigate, but because they are few real scammed players, and he didn't do it only once.. We started an investigation! And I'm amazed that someone doesn't have a real life... and use his free time to "work" like a scammer... I don't know who lied to him that droping-picking instead of trading items is untraceable, that is a lie! It is traceable. Thanks to @GM-Kyle and other Staff members for their help. 10. ScammingScamming in any form is strictly forbidden on any of our servers.• Punishment • Permanent Ban of ALL accounts linked to the scamming account• TIPS:• Ask in the forums shoutbox for the help of a GM or Guardian to assist with a tradr• If GMs or Guardians are not available you can still proceed with the trade but it is at your own risk. We advise you to record the whole conversation and transaction between the 2 parties using Bandicam or Fraps. Having each other in a party and talking in party chat is advised. Currently Banned Characters: cerosDcannith RealQuik BartTrade A0000A Lucy1 0MaleficenT C0L64T3 LucY1 opSTASHkeeper NIETEcollector RiskyReallity CzarReignAk GeoffroiDeCharny x16nC0d3 LegionCommanderIiI GenuineMage QuasWexExort Zimmer55 EngravingBBLLIISSTT Fall3n TreatMeBetter zxcqweasd ThirDInsecur3 TankyGG GlobalDestruction iRage Soultaker Rowleyz InfiniteHP JustKillMeLel ArmorBreakerTM Butterman69 Nightwish xOlivia SynthetiS SeguFrost Genus PrFrost To be continue...

    Thank you, for your correct information, password recovered. #CLOSED
  11. Problem ! need help

    Correct Information has been given, password recovered. #CLOSED

    Hello! Send me your information to PM, I will send you a password to your email, if it match, that is.

    @TheGreatBOBO It is better to know all the things before telling your opinion.. The 1 hour I lost is not for putting him in jail, his PuteriAlia character isn't even jailed from me. I lost 1 hour in game to explain him why he got jailed insted of using that 1 hour for a MM..About scammers if you don't have good enough evidence we can't help, prevent being scammed using MM, if there is no MM, you better loose the trade-deal.

    Thank you for your report, I will fix this mess...

    @NenekTua I'm not the only one who didn't notice that, still I confess it was my fault! His chars are free and I do apolagize to him. Of course I wouldn't react also so fast and careless if he already didn't have enough black points. BUT if you are trying to speculate or undermine my authority you better stop. I'm not playing the server from very, very long time as a normal player, I also was retired for some time and I wasn't here.. I've never ever heard about Puteri before he went to jail few days ago! So tell me how the .... I can have something personal to him or anybody from this server?! Also if you can't prove something you better do not False Accuse someone! Also if I allow to Ban someone without reporting for it, HGM , HDEV and Master will see it and ask me where is the report? The are logs for every ban,every password recovery and every item I own.. If I even abused my powers The Owner will see it. I'm not in this Staff 4 years without a reason. I'm a human and yes I do mistakes (surprise). If I wanted to move him out with personal issue..I would probably do this: delete all your and @iEra posts and I would banned your forum accounts.... But that is also visible for HGM, DEV and Owner. Thank you for your report about the fake profile. On the question why other Staff didn't answered, probably it was because that was my fault and I have to fix my mistake.