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  1. Harrassment by GianeKate

    i'm just saying u started this kind of style in the server when u and ur friends reported me b4...that is why i mention ur name...i am just telling the truth here...u and ur friends PKed me in BA b4 i did not report it as HARRASMENT...but when i PKed u in ice as a revenge u reported me for HARRASSMENT...i got jailed for non sense report...try to mingle other player and u can see more worse trash talk in the server and everyone treated it as normal in the game but for u its HARRASSMENT!!!grow up kid!!!
  2. Harrassment by GianeKate

    u play in server just to destroy the server...u started to trashtalk on me but i respond calling u idiots equals harrassment?dont use ur being a donator to be treated as VIP...Core is not the same style as what server u came from...actually my price is very cheap for Noble Bow 8%CD +82 Dmg = 30k DKs only...imagine Durp made DN wan 8%CD 2 line IMD = 70k DKs buyer did not complain and did not trash talk seller he just buy it coz he need it but u...players likeujust want to destroy the server must be the one to be terminated from the server!!!i know u are ArkzAngel even if u use ur dummy account...IGN:TemplaR why u erease ur name ur not sure of ur reports?u play in server b-coz u want all players to get banned and destroy the server?u trash talk to players if respond and trashtalk u too u report as HARRASSMENT?u PKed players if the players PKed u,u report it as HARRASSMENT?u and ur friend Ancy is doing this style in the server this will 100% destroy the server if the staff will tolerate this kind of behavior!!!Enjoy the GAME stop complaining...trash talk is always part of this game if u cant accept trash talk...find a game thats no much trash talking!!! look at the screen shot he ask me how much my bow i answered him 30k no more less but look what he respond...he want to trash talk me but he dont want to be trash talk...if other player trash talk on him equals HARRASSMENT!!!Ancy and ur Friends stop this kind of behavior please it wont help the server u guys are destroying the server 100%!!! To Tell prankly bro its me the real victim of HARRASSMENT here...Ancy and ur Friends try to eliminate me from the server...u guys want to be treated as VIP u take advantage of ur being a donator to take down someone...i played in server for 9 years and u just played here for how many months u think already knows the pricing in the market...when u guys sell ur dshop nobody's complaining its high price even if its 2x Donation is active...its ur right to sell that price...RESPECT others if u want to be respected!!!
  3. Look guys how Ancy is...when PK me b4 i never complain now i PKed him he want me to get banned....hahahahah
  4. Guys look what Ancy pm me he want to get banned on Pking him...i never say anything now...PK is allowed bro!!!just when u PK me in BA and Ice b4!!!not all the time is urs!!!
  5. LightSide ur friend is Accussing me of hacking are you not gonna take some actions?and he called me retarded...its not harrassment?or this will be ignored b-coz he is ur close friend?okay not a BIG deal im not the type person cant accept trashtalk!!!
  6. i dont know what LightSide expecting me to do...1st of all i was just farming peacefully then DeathSquad member came to my spot and want take my spot like a boss i dont want to give them my spot so they PKed my Seg w/3xFury then i fight back and killed them after that they bring thier Guild Master Ancy and they PKed me again so what LightSide expect that i will say to them?keep coming,keep killing me i love it?keep disturbing me...in BA i kill weap boss they come then PKed me and ks my boss...what LightSide expect me to say?thank you for PKing me? This server really need professional GM so badly!!!GM that can make PvP events not just expi and boss kill event...players did not make good set just to join those BORING events!!! this is just facts no hurt feeling LightSide but u have to accept that this is a war game not farmville!!!!
  7. see this photo they are 1 party come to PK me while im farming that is why responded kill them and trashtalk them its all part of the game if they can't handle trashtalk they should quit and delete there char then!!!
  8. this GM want to makes the server boring...trashtalk is part of the game they trashtalk me i dont complaints but if i trashtalk them i got Jailed?100% BIAS GM sorry to say but truth hurts!!! this kind of GM give player the reason to quit game!!! so many game to play if this GM want to play solo in Core let him be!!! 100% BIAS detected!!!
  9. Miss u all <3

    comeback and paly xD its time for to tkae revenge with those hackers who ur items,DKs and Dshop
  10. Championship multi account issue

    trace my IP then if how many vote i did cast {Arrogant}Janan
  11. Championship multi account issue

    Same account?how can it be same account when Stormy was the one who invited me to play Core way back 2011 that char is older than any of my chars u can request DEV to trace how old is that char Stormy been here so that u know if im telling the truth or not or else its ur problem if u wont believe me!!!he the owner of KnighTingLe AK the finalist during CvC vs Nissan's AK b4...try do some researched...i think u always do hacking that is why you know nothing!!!am i right Master Puteri?
  12. Championship multi account issue

    1st step they made was take down my MajinBuu they made me DQ in CvC b-coz they know that i'm the one who can beat Vaatu on BW in game sometimes not always but they have 50/50 chance vs my MajinBuu...1st time i join CvC after 9 years of playing the server and this is all i get...DQ me in same IP b4 champ event where the rules of same IP is only applied in CvC rules not on normal days!!! Knowing the facts that Janan and Vaatu is also sharing accounts!!!
  13. Championship multi account issue

    LOL look who's speaking about corruption?the {Arrogant}Janan speak about corruption how dare you bebe when u have so many complaints on your own shit!!! Akainu is accusing you of SCAMMING now puteri revealed that u hack him his account and get his 250k DKs,sets and 70k dshop and now you still have gats to talk about corruption?LOL shame on you {Arrogant}Janan BTW Puteri is asking why are you still playing in this server after all the reports and banned you have been so it means you are already 2x banned from the server 1st one is Puteri's report then 2nd is last CvC when u delete Shinji account so that if u WIN in hunter CvC u will become KING? dude i LOVE the gats that u have 2xbanned so many complaints issue in Hacking,SCAMMING and still acting like u are respected players?hahahahaha tryhard more bebe You have 0% integrity bebe who will believe u after all this SCANDALS that u have? Who is the real GREEDY now?
  14. Championship multi account issue

    True that is why his Tag is {Arrogant}Janan hahahaah
  15. Championship multi account issue

    last CvC he was also banned then cameback with almost full set again...where in he is a known lazy farmer!!!