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  1. Buy 1 (Thank You)

    I wann buy Festival 3+ wings for summy
  2. WTS Segu New Wep 12+ fs 3gems cd 10+ 1 11% WTB 12+Summoner new set
  3. What does the Fox say? Event!

    Nice Pictures By Event
  4. How sudoku play it i never play with pet my
  5. IGN:DeadlySengalSub ...Its Hot to Cry in fire ?? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=571738352910275&set=o.129726333795935&type=1&theater
  6. banned from shoutbox :D

    cro need be pinoy if u want talking in box lol

    im need acept with firrce and with Rock,siege is 100% clear it is can happend on private server no one no guilty