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  1. For my absence

    Thanks again Yes I am currently going through files trying to see what the cause of the crash is. A lot of things have been changed so atm I am unsure.
  2. For my absence

    I am currently working on a Team. And I will pass the rest to the Dev. Thank you.
  3. For my absence

    I absolutely agree. I was in the middle of assembling a team before I got pulled away for "Real life Responsibilities". I am back at it and hopefully have a team by next week if everything goes correctly.
  4. For my absence

    Actually I am not even gonna comment on your ignorance. But the event never happened because of my "Story." If your gonna be toxic, then stay off my Posts please.
  5. For my absence

    Hey everyone, I apologize for being away for a month and a half. It was unexpected for me as well. My job decided to make overtime mandatory because we was behind on orders due to our canadian plants being on strike. After a month and a half of only having 1 day off a week, while the other 6 I was working 12 hour shifts, I had decdied to spend that day a week with my son. But I am back on normal hours again, and I am back to help out where I can. Again I am sorry for my absence!
  6. Class Championship 2019

    Good job [GM]LightSide! I would love to be a part of this, you know as "Another GM', but unfortunately I work the weekends when the Championship is being scheduled.
  7. Korrz is BACK!

    Thanks guys!
  8. Base Event Schedule

    Once we have everything situated they will. I have a schedule prepared. I'm hoping next week. Once I have it finalized I will pin it on forums.
  9. A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Thanks, honestly I never did either. But when the owner came to me and said they have a big problem and wanted me to come back and help I knew it was time!
  10. Base Event Schedule

    Hey thank you! That is actually what I was thinking too. Because not all time zones are on at the same time. Which is why I made the Time zone post. I am trying to collect as much time as I can to properly even out the exp events.
  11. Dual ak weird lookin' eh

    Weird looking is right...O.O
  12. Base Event Schedule

    Thank you! And yes, but this schedule will take a little bit to finalize once I have a good amount of different time zones that I can make a happy medium with. I am doing this for the players.
  13. Time Frames

    Yes, that is what I asked. Just worded differently
  14. Vote Coins

    I will bring this up to Samurai. I think this is a great idea to bring back, and to boost the coin amount a little would be a good boost to the server as well!
  15. Time Frames

    Great! Now for a few more replies in different time zones and I am sure I can schedule a happy medium globally. Thanks guys!