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  1. We need your input

    Hello, just so you all know everything mentioned here has been submitted into our meeting and the Dev has seen them. Thank you to everyone that had bugs, and suggestions! Sorry I have taken long to reply back here.
  2. We need your input

    Thank you! I will make sure we are fully aware of this.
  3. We need your input

    Thank you!
  4. We need your input

    This is a Topic for the dedicated players who can supply me with Bugs, Ideas, any input they feel might make the server better. Not negative comments. I want this to be a positive thread.
  5. We need your input

    Thank you for your own opinion, but this issue I can't do anything about considering I am just a [GM] and not a [DEV]. I am coming back to where I left off. Making Core better. And yes I opened a topic to where I believe I can start by helping the server. This topic is for bugs, ideas, not for someone to come complaining about a known issue, that a [GM] with no access can help you with.
  6. We need your input

    This right here is what I am talking about. This is one that will be looked at.
  7. We need your input

    Yeah I know, but I wanted a post for where everyone can reply. It makes it easier for me, and I can keep up on it.
  8. We need your input

    Hello Corenthians! As some of you know I have returned, I will not go into detail as though it was for VERY Personal reasons. Anyways, I am creating this topic because I have seen how low our Player Population has become. So what I really need from all of you dedicated players is Input, Feedback, Bugs, Ideas, Anything you think will make this game great again. Even if its anything custom, anything we can add or subtract from the game. Your opinion matters to us! Please take the time to scavenge your minds to anything you think will be good and beneficial to the server. Also please note that the [GM] Team is still being rebuilt and assembled. This post and all your comments will be here for Sam and the Team to go through and work on. I will be making sure this happens, as I also have experience with files. Also, I want to bring back Texture Modding Events, and I also want to bring Events for the community as in Creator Content Events. These are just some ideas I think will make this community participate in, in a good way. Stay safe in these hard times everyone, and please help us do our part in striving for the best Dekaron Experience out there! We can do it!
  9. For my absence

    Thanks again Yes I am currently going through files trying to see what the cause of the crash is. A lot of things have been changed so atm I am unsure.
  10. For my absence

    I am currently working on a Team. And I will pass the rest to the Dev. Thank you.
  11. For my absence

    I absolutely agree. I was in the middle of assembling a team before I got pulled away for "Real life Responsibilities". I am back at it and hopefully have a team by next week if everything goes correctly.
  12. For my absence

    Actually I am not even gonna comment on your ignorance. But the event never happened because of my "Story." If your gonna be toxic, then stay off my Posts please.
  13. For my absence

    Hey everyone, I apologize for being away for a month and a half. It was unexpected for me as well. My job decided to make overtime mandatory because we was behind on orders due to our canadian plants being on strike. After a month and a half of only having 1 day off a week, while the other 6 I was working 12 hour shifts, I had decdied to spend that day a week with my son. But I am back on normal hours again, and I am back to help out where I can. Again I am sorry for my absence!
  14. Class Championship 2019

    Good job [GM]LightSide! I would love to be a part of this, you know as "Another GM', but unfortunately I work the weekends when the Championship is being scheduled.