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  1. Haha Funny

    Ooooohhhh ouch....and the proof is shown...now deal with it!
  2. x2 EXP Event

    x2 Weekend EXP Event has now started. This will Last until sunday night. Enjoy!
  3. OMG SORT IT OUT!!!!!

    If your game is crashing, that is not due to the server...If it is server sided then an announcement is made before the server goes down...but this seems to be on your end if the game is randomly crashing.
  4. Patch 10.5.9

    How about you stop all of this and let us do our jobs....Yes some of us aren't around right now due to personal RL issues...Please refrain from flaming the Patch notes please.
  5. hi

    Request granted. #CLOSED
  6. Seriously???

    Ok heres the deal....this video people keep posting is a FAKE!! Let me repeat that A FAKE!!!...Reasons why this is a fake...1. That is not Samurai's real Windows Live screen name...2. This imposter doesn't even use the font nor talk the way Samurai does...3. Anyone can make a fake auto-voter and add the Core logo onto it...and by the looks of it they did a pretty shitty job with the logo.....and why would someone using an auto-voter even put their Logo on to it????....This is seriously getting out of hand and specially with the people who don't have the brains to figure this all out...So my advice is to stop posting about this video...and stop making accounts just to do so....We all know where this came from...no point in denying it neither....and you know who you are...Even on EPVP they closed the post about it...even one of the Moderators said "its obviously a fake"...Get over yourselves and move on and worry bout the things you need to worry bout rather then bringing this up over and over again...Seriously?!?!?!?!
  7. What's this LOL ?

    LMAO....For one this is fake from Dekaron *******lution...number 2. Thats not even Samurai's msn....lmao...and number 3. He dont even talk like Samurai or use the Font he does....so Dekaron *******lution is an Epic Fail server, their jealous we got more ppl that like our server then they do....they should pay more attention to their own server then ours...Even the hacker from EPVP hacked their Server to prove that their not hacker proof as well...so take this and get on out...lol LOL and this is my favorite part about this on EPVP... TheConArtist Gone until further notice #closed, video deleted. This is an obvious fake, who would make an autovoter and add a sign "Core Games" to it?
  8. Hackers are everywhere

    Ok from what I have been reading so far, I don't think this is a very good topic to be posting in these forums while everything is going on...I am gonna close this and any others I see explaining or saying anything about exploits or the use of. CLOSED*
  9. Skill Hacker

    This is not a skill hack...It is a skill bug/glitch...I even see Mage's Imited, and Bagi's Dead Spark do the same thing...ZIEG should be released immediatley
  10. PK is ALLOWED

  11. PK is ALLOWED

    Tr1pl3x/Immo why don't you just move on and stop harrassing the AG team...You got your accounts banned from the game and you got kicked from the GM team for dropping items for ur fellow guildies...you weren't your so called "Loved"...you were being used by players....Corruption isn't cool...and every time you post negative stuff under all these posts, your just degrading your natural existence...If you don't like what is going on here then leave, plain and simple...I think you have done enough here....and you know what?...at first I thought you were pretty cool when I met you....and now?...Since you had to become a "Corrupt" GM, and also the fact your mad and are just flaming the staff now just for attention, I think your a total asshole plain and simple...get over yourself and move the **** on And as far as this PKing issue...These rules have been here for soo long now...why is it getting brought up so much lately?...Rule breakers will be punished plain ad simple...and I bet half of the AG community never read the rules...GM-Kael, and GM-Solidude are doing their jobs...plain and simple yet once again! #LOL OWNED - [GM]Kael
  12. Dekaron Rap

    Ok well here is a little something I wrote about Dekaron in a rap song...I just started this so no flamming please lol When you players confront it Consider that the hundered being the hunted My Demonix flush, hit em in the faces I'm true terror beneath the new era of bagi races It's like your all acting but forgot ya Armor So im shouting out, to my boy they call Karma So go grab your axe and your shield lets have a bout Im gonna Steal your health and shield, call it five finger discount Spit out argates, spit out your gems, spit ice lightning and fire Militant mishap, watch out for miss fire I rhyme like spears of overpowered alokens Go farm to get my Dekaron Tokens And anyone get in my way and you get a choken Any, muthafucka disrespecting me, send me Damn me fully, The new dawn of era, prepare to be bullied Just a beat I'm working on for the rap lol enjoy!!! hahahaha
  13. just wondering

    Well some of us have lives outside of game, like work, family, school etc...So we can't be on all the time...In given time events will be back to normal.
  14. Dekaron Rap

    lol thank you Healz...and thank you Abby...this is just something I'm messing around with...any suggestions or any lines is helpful.
  15. Heritage of Lost Sin

    Very awesome Abby...Keep up the good work on writing stories!!! ^.^ P.S: Maybe someday you will write and publish a book about Dekaron xD
  16. Thank you :D

    Yeah there was a server wipe...We all lost our accounts lol...But its all good now....this is the best server now with all the updates and hard work from the Team Closed -Ritari
  17. Thank you :D

    Thank you's to all who "Welcomed" me back...Yes I was gone for a few months due to "Private" reasons..But things have started looking up again so I am back...I will be on frequently scouting maps (even though we got this new kick ass anti hack...but you can never be to sure about things...), Doing events for all you AGer's, Helping in any way that I possibly can...Man, is it good to be back xD...Hope to see you all in game, and most importantly....DON'T FORGET TO VOTE FOR THE MOST FREAKIN AWESOME SERVER ON THE NET...AG DEKARON!!!! LETS KEEP THIS SERVER NUMBER 1 !!!!!! Sincerely, [GM]Korrz