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  1. AncientZ Guild Signature

    Nicly done bro
  2. About Espartan Account

    Well I said MAYBE,I didnt sayu did buyed it.I just said it as a possability
  3. About Espartan Account

    Espartan ur triple posting bro.From my point of view...1.MAYBE u wanted to get some of Jerbo hacks, and in order to get it u had to go to certain webpage where u had to log in with ur acc info in order to get ur hack.If u did this than u just gave him ur espartan info on a plate 2. HGM has a minimum possability to make a mistake like this.He has a power to look at ur entire log,and if he finds something suspicious,he has to take action
  4. Azure Knight

  5. Miss Core :(

    play it ull not miss it than
  6. Selling items for real money

    Some ppl never learn

    Ok im here,but dont photoshop it Cuz u need that much time to post it Im just curious

    Hey you kiddo ur saying I was a corrupt GM?So where is ur proof.Show me just one,only one legit proof.Anyone can post a proof of me being corrupt,and Ill admit it.Till than keep ur mouth silent Coffee and go get a lif,or grab a soda.BTW stop spaming my inbox with ur nonsense,ur just wasting ur time.
  9. Selling hack and spamming

    Here u go again :).Get a life kiddo
  10. Windows 10 Issue

    Maybe ur AV was deleting some dll. files during download.
  11. Selling hack and spamming

    well an old trick."in order to get the hack ,ull have type ur user/pass,and than bye,bye acc
  12. Fishing

    what to say if u have a possability to fish with multiple acc,than get those auras ,buy a rod and sharp them hooks
  13. Game has been modified error

    Yeah Kendall there are always retards who dont know what to start with their lives.As for you Coffee,even if I want to be staff it dosent concern you.Go and spread your hate,it dosent bodering me.
  14. Game has been modified error

    whats ur problem retard