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  1. Top Azure Knight For All Season

    there are few of us Anciets here,but incognito.Youll recognize them as time pass by
  2. Gear Gone

    You wouldnt be the first to claim a loss of items,even if it didnt hapend.it has to be determined.Ment nothing wrong
  3. Gear Gone

    well ull wait for the eternity,cuz Sam has no time to response to every1s reqest.He could simply retutn ur stuff (if u realy lost them) without response to ur thread.Good tings happends to those who wait hahaha

    Agree...Abbys could be one of the map for GP/PP

    I mostly agree with Scribbler.A think most players would agree to: - DKSQ as a main source of GP/PP - Adding 1 or 2 maps (NON PK) for GP/PP grinding - DF Hell as a second source of GP/PP - And maybe 1 or 2 turns in EXP event giving GP/PP As for Mavric system I personaly would like it to be added to core.There would be more farming,and we would get an more active server trough out the week.Also there are not enough of bosses for everyone to farm good gear,and with the Maveric system u can trie andmake your own. hope to se oppinions of other players aswell about this matter
  6. Grade Points and Df exp not needed

    Having Ranks in Dshop would just be the stupidest thing to do on Core.It would be good only for those lazy asses.GP-PP should be only farmed manualy.I heard over the years here on Core"Please give us something to do,we are bored",and when the staff give you something to be occupied,than there is a thing like this"Oh its hard,it takes an eternity to get it done"etc...So if u ask me PP-GP should be thing to be farmed.I would make a suggestion to make 1 or 2 maps where players could farm them.At the same time ull have a bit more active sever over the wole week!!!
  7. Base Event Schedule

    That was pretty fast.Atlast someone who gets things done
  8. Base Event Schedule

    Well they shoud hire GMs to cover time zones,and than it would be ok
  9. Base Event Schedule

    Hello Korrz,as first I want to welcome u back on core and the position as a GM.I have a suggestion about the events that will be held few times a week.U could make (for an example) exp event in different time frames.Sundays for one time zone ,fridays for other time zone etc.If would be better I think,cuz if we choose same time for all,some will have to get up early,some are already asleep,some at work and such.U have 3 days of exp event maybe it would be better to cover 3 time zones with perfect time for majority of players.This is my opinion...I would like to hear yous Korrz,and of all other players.Have a great day guys!!!

  11. Signitures

    Im not a staff member,so I wont make signitures for free.Making sign is consuming my free time,and i would appreciate to get something in return.I feel that the price of a 300 dk isnt much.If someone is still interested,let me know
  12. Tyrath`s signiture