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  1. SALE 40%

    hahahha 30k for spear lol it will be bought next 5 years
  2. Illegal items in game

    Lol no one knows how they do lot of dmge, all they just say is they have op dn helion gears, but in the end their items were illegal haha,
  3. Hola

    Yea we need core to be better and get rid of people who do some cheat/bug/hacks
  4. Changes for DKSQ

    No need to transfer the stones, the problems on dk square are: Teleport/respawn bug Grade points given are too low and hard to rank up. Sometimes there are other people doing afk. Respawn killing? Well that thing i think is not allowed as on the rule says.. Its not allowed if its more than 5 mins killing after spwn
  5. Hola

    Sir just pm dev samurai with all stories you have dont be afraid of who is that, dev will do his job if he founds out what happened..

    Read my pm sir tnx
  7. I am just curious!!!

    Even they use those illegal items still cant beat everyone what a shame , what more if pvp on fair items. Very nice work DEV to find out these people doing something illegal hhaha the funny thing is they kept on making many stories about how they got their op items haha and in the end they were still caught.. Just try to play fair and thats all..
  8. DK-SQ

    good suggestion to increase cooldown of other skills, also a reason why pvp ends like 1-2 minutes, because of the 50m skills , their cd is not same as a3 all are 30 sec cd, but now its just 25sec cd. even 1m more shield easily depletes because of the overpowered dmge/bug amr/and fast cd skills. Of course the players that dominates every time on pvp wont say any, but sad for those geared players that wont enjoy pvp coz they die so fast. somebody said the update for the belts/armlets will add pvp/pk resistance,def,shield..etc. i hope it will help solve the problems we have specially on pk/pvp
  9. Transfer Coins

    lol DN wings
  10. Transfer Coins

    wtf really lol
  11. AFKers on dk square

    but if there is no GM around and someone afking ?
  12. Transfer Coins

    if that glove is edited, how much more about their dn helion gears ? they can simply put 100+ or more def each line for every gear ? 4line ID DN juto weps with 100+ ID each line? lol and a dn hermes like 8% movement speed base total lol its not impossible. also if someone ask why you have op damgge , they are always saying " i have op dn gears " or "your character is so weak thats why i deal much dmge". another weird thing, even they put 3 shield auras they still do more than 20k dmge LOL
  13. AFKers on dk square

    a DK keep on afk dk square i dont know if you beleive or not but its really sad if you have members on dk square keep on afk , he did not afk whole game but there was a point the team needs at least a player that can help pk or damage players, this DK keep on afk , sad for the team. 5 mins afk or more matters .. GM pls do a punishment for these players that makes dk square ruined.. or make an update/rules that penalize afk player, for example deduction of grade points for that player..
  14. Transfer Coins

    op CD ever on a dn glove, max line Cd i think is 5 cd and i never saw this kind of edited like stat on a dn glove, i ve been playing many years and i never saw stat like that haha .. really questionable and impossible