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  1. welcome bro! have fun here on core
  2. Buying Aloken legion armor DN or noble +13 Aloken legion pants DN or noble +13 Buying for. Pure dks pm me here on forums
  3. S>SET DK AND WEAP +13

    Haha op price GL
  4. GiveAway.

    You quitting ancy? At least few dks im happy to receive xD
  5. What’s New In A3?

    xD you are right bro, but if you rekt a dk class using other class specially a melee class beating a dk, hahaha idk if 1.5m shield dk has a higher dmage and would exceed 10k on class buffs, its so op if some dk have that dmage haha
  6. What’s New In A3?

    some people say dk class is balance, but ye idk if its really balanced lol. i think its still the opiest in the server.
  7. What’s New In A3?

    Go return and play core again! All classes are balance it depends on how you play and counter them on pvp. Core still same but 2 gms returned and we hope core will improve more, with new updates and more upcoming updates specially a6 update surely it will improve.
  8. Can i ask?

    Its an evidence that the head gm is not active, sad to know that we have a head gm that doesnt care anymore about the server. Need new hgm and additional active staff members.
  9. 2K gold = 2k DKS pm me here on forums if interested. Thank you
  10. MagicalCard&CSKilleR{Aka biggame} very soft

    Wow these 2 getting fired up, i wanna see your pvp xD record it and post it forums sir, this is interesting
  11. A Form of Voice..

    oh i see, its good to return and play Core back sir!
  12. A Form of Voice..

    bro btw , i think you havent experience the difference of WTFAST among other vpn you listed there, yes it reduces ping/ms but the unfair is that much longer stun and more duration of skill effects like debuffs/slows. you know what i mean. thats why its good if its really blocked coz many people takes advantage of it and the game is really ruined with that.

    bro if you want to pvp mamaw people, pm 1st gm lithium, if he is online for sure even you are the op-iest class you wont win haha you know what i mean. i also experience same. that kind of shield hahaha