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  1. Some question

    Please increase the reward gp/pp and DKsquare so it would not be boring to play. when you won, you got just 8-10k gp and when lose its like 3-4k, and almost same rewards even u finish every rounds/matches in different durations...
  2. Is it worth it ?

    Try to visit the game and im sure you will remember some old names, btw u are welcome to come back and play bro!
  3. For my absence

    ALSO this very problem here in core ----- this sudden server down anytime of the day or any day of the week.... i hope you will help solving these problem.. i know samurai needs help for this.. already more than a month with this problem, and atm server is down, we cant go farm and play .

    You got no flinch gems on your vs armors sir?
  5. Hello Guys . . There's Just a little Throwbacks

    So nice so nice we will expect you guys xD
  6. Hello Guys . . There's Just a little Throwbacks

    You are welcome to go back play core sir, i hope those good old days will be revived again xD
  7. hahaha the same shit he was talking to champion digger before lol, this kind of people should be taken action from the staffs lol
  8. Class Championship 2019 Event

    sir please read the instructions ok? it is clear there, i think the registration is good until this day sept 8, so go register if you want to join, you can use all extra buffs but not from other class' buffs
  9. Class Championship 2019

    LOL if all of class champs are present at grand class xD
  10. Returning player have some questions

    its possible to open many client bro , there is no problem leveling and farming on weekdays, you must explore map, monsters , bosses and enjoy the game, even not weekends you can do many thing even the exp is lower, at least you have done something than keep on akfing and asking for help and no one lends you
  11. Class Championship 2019 Event

    So is it final ruling sir about 1 set of auras sir? Seems its a new rule xD
  12. Class Championship 2019

    Cs for me bro xD, but it will depend on the matchups on every brackets, whether they counters their opponent champ class or not...
  13. coin event bugs

    me too when i need just 1 letter it would drop hard for me, maybe you can try on other maps too if you cant get the letter that you are looking for
  14. coin event bugs

    all working on coins there is no bug just make sure you have all the required letter in the word,
  15. WTS Aloken = Pure DK's

    Do you sell by parts sir?