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  1. 2x +13 res helm and 1x +12 2x +13 legatus ( 4x 123 medial, 4x 5k hp) 2x +13 DN 2 line def armors ( 4x 123 medial, 40% AMR) 2x +13 DN pants 2% phys(legion) res and 1 line def (helion) +13 DN 8 cd 1% dmg gloves (legion) +13 DN hermes 2% movement speed +13 sapphire DN TB 8 cd 200+ ID 3x wings/some costumes Trading for Aloken similar gear or DKS
  2. Balance Balance Balance

    I agree, we need more events going on during week days! mainly pvp events I have in mind, but would gladly take some kill the GM etc. Would love to see some retierd GMs return or new ones added to the team! And as mentioned above some classes has insane dmg compared to others, and with multiple hits. As for example 'Rapite' (VS) and one the meister skills for bagi(can't remember the name) Probably more classes/skills but those are the ones that crossed my mind now.
  3. More Events!

    Need some fresh blood in the staff team Light is doing a wonderful job as always, but he cannot satisfy everyone. We neeeeed atleast one GM that hosts regularly pvp events. Korrz hasn’t been active in 6 months... was suposed to be the ‘savior’ of core, guess we can all agree he hasn’t achieved much lol
  4. WTS

    Ak; inferno wings +3 160 wings vampire costume tider set costume templar of light costume Wiz; +13 gold juto magic orb +13 normal juto orb
  5. Xmass Time ! :D

    Merry christmas and a happy new year, bro! miss you guys
  6. 165k dks, pm for options on the gear.
  7. Wizard +13 juto gold orb +13 lega +13 helion armor +13 helion pants +13 DN legion gloves +13 DN hermes Ak +13 DN juto gold shield +13 DN juto gold 2h +13 DN juto gold 1h axe +13 abbadon sword 2x + 13 helion helmets both noble +13 helion armor +13 helion pants -no gloves +13 hermes/+13 DN helion boots Aloken noble gold juto spear +13 juto gold guard +13 master helm +13 helion armor +13 helion pants +13 +12 new gloves 7cd +13 DN hermes Summoner Noble gold juto +13 tb 2x +13 legatus (3x +13 resist helmets) DN and Noble +13 helion armors DN legion pants +13 \magic helion pants +13 DN legion +13 gloves/Noble helion +13 gloves DN hermes and DN helion boots +13 NOT SELLING PARTS offer pure dks
  8. Selling VS set

    Already sold these gears