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  1. Dk Square

    Hellou would just like to suggest something for dksqaure Dksquare is dead atm, nobody doing it because there is like, no drive to do it, if uk what i mean. Its all just pp and gp, ranks are okay and cool, but would suggest something like prizes for reaching certain ranks? and make a PP shop with alot of accesories(something unique and new prehaps) other peoples suggestions will gladly be recived. And make like some items hard as fk to get so people would grind dksquare to get it
  2. Wizzard skills

    indeed something wrong with those skills..
  3. 8% gems in wep missing

    #pray4kev #Samuriainoticekev #justice4kev
  4. TB

    Some still here, majority of them are gone because of RL as everyone will eventually
  5. Championship multi account issue

    When you say this is staff fault you must be stressed af mate during this event there has been 1 gm and core master has been all layback, you are all embarrasing yourself to a very high degree....... I dont really gain or give any fucks about anything of this, but it litterally pisses me off that you, YANO, dare to comment such bullshit as it was YOU who made all this vpn mess and yes im talking about when u fought nissan in championship few years go. I dont expect any explenation or response, but you know very well why this poll has been made so stfu. Back to you blaming staffs... As myself and my closest friends was gone for 3 years, since 015-018 im not aware of all the staff members, but ive heard some talks and been enlighted by what was going down trough over the years. 1 name kept coming up continuesly; waffle?. Quaz my ass if he was corrupt, he loved working here, as for everlast doesnt really need to say much lol we all know.. One last thing before i leave for good, you also know that a simple game master doesn’t have a large impact nor much «power» on anything really, other than commands mr. Shadowlock, so dont blame any of the staff members, most left for a reason and some banned for other reasons .
  6. Championship multi account issue

    As for you azis xD its hillarious watching you and ur puppets trying to deny you piloting, because most people know the truth. But in all honesty gg u are skilled but too greedy for titles :| should be enough with the king tag for ya
  7. Championship multi account issue

    Errrr wrong... ! I dont know anything of this akinau, but endlessak is JustRun aka iPunish aka luca. Not blaming anyone of anything, but just telling you what i know of whos ak that is. Also for you autopots u ignorant, arrogant imbasile, when u were first disqualified u cryed so freaking much harrashed lightside etcetc. And now when there was more talk of disqualifying you cry even more
  8. Championship multi account issue

    I smell greedy people Hi asen&co
  9. Grand Champion Event 2019

    It was these new d.e.k.a.r.o.n letter buffs who destroyed full buff pvp in my opinion... can reach insane amount of phys res, which seems to have a larger impact than Amr. Take a look at the dmg differance on Janan vs Mortisha or Digger vs Mortisha. Also this destroyed vs, full buff 1 pvp can last 10 minutes and duration of most buffs 5min??? Fuken 2-4k dmg on all skills besides rapite Pffffft..
  10. WTS LIST

    <333 PM SERRR ok bai
  11. Seguriper CVC event

    Just another useless topicretardation at its finest
  12. Legatus +13 4x 5k helion helm +13 full def gem 2x +13 armor amr/def dn legion pants 2% pr dn hermes 3 line def dn legion gloves 5cd 1% dmg gold juto 3cd 1id 3x 8% rhombus inferno wings pure dks /aloken /segu similar.
  13. *slowly facepalming* Photo with phone is not valid proof. Screenshot/screenrecorder is the only proof being accepted
  14. WTT Aloken

    Ser iDrian too op:(