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  1. Improve forifacation rate?

    Sorry but this has been brought up before and it was a no go. Also, fixed your sig
  2. just wondering

    It hasn't been 4-5 days without an event because one happened a while ago because it was stated in our staff chat. Sorry for your inconvenience that a GM hasn't been getting to your time zone though, but once I get back up and running I'll try to get to your time zone and offer events. Good day
  3. just wondering

    There is still 10 hours left in the day, in those 10 hours most of us GM's could just be waking up and making events. We have jobs in real life too guys, we don't get paid for our service, we do it for you all and the server.
  4. just wondering

    We do always have unique daily events, just maybe you aren't on when we hold them. A lot of us are different time zones guys, you have to keep that in mind.
  5. just wondering

    Shadow, look at the original Dekaron and how long it is until they have one single event, and their rates. Then compare them to us, I say our team is just fine as is
  6. just wondering

    Recently was also Fathers Day here in America. Some people were celebrating that, or had hangovers Monday.
  7. Dekaron Rap

    I'm good now lol.. How r u
  8. Dekaron Rap

    You go Nelly! Lol gj man
  9. Looking for a guild

    Oh.. I see.
  10. Looking for a guild

    K I've been wondering this ever since I became GM.. WTF is Mortal Combat?!?
  11. Looking for a guild

    Victoria maybe you should think about expanding your Guild? Make a Jokers2 or name it like WhySoSerious or something lol (Yes that's off of the new-ish Batman movie! )
  12. Guess who's back!

    Yeah would be nice. Not hard to do as a matter of fact. Would be a great addon to AG-Dekaron!