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  1. -NEPTUNE DN 350ID UP Need x2 yes or no CD option -Serpent 350ID UP x2 yes or no CD option -Aegis Amber 400ID UP no CD option
  2. abusive

    so he scolded me fkin english is a racist.. and he scolded me alot of stupid
  3. scam and scold

  4. corrupted file after dl

    Just solved the problem.. thx all .. =)
  5. web site error

    Tried to log in to reborn and vote.. but cant do it... tried to recover my lost account password.. also cant.. can anyone pls help me out here
  6. corrupted file after dl

    i have dl 3-4 time from the link given by the website.. but it seems that everytime i open it.. it have been corrupted.. any link or help to dl from somewhere
  7. sign up???

    Done all.. just that the Click here to Create an Core Games Account icon just cant be click.. -.-'''
  8. sign up???

    have done on everything u say... but the website click on to create account icon.. i just click on the icon... pls help.. =)
  9. sign up???

    i have been trying to sign up for the whole day.. but it ccant be done... any1 can help out