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  1. SIEGE

    Enjoy the castle xD Grats! LoL!
  2. That's why I stop going pk area and farming map XD
  3. xXSOOWOOXx Jailed for selling items for real money

    hmmmm its not permanent banning?
  4. George regala scammer

    maybe we need to wait that someone to be scam first before he ban or jailed? xD it will be sad if someone got scammed by this kind of player lols. planning to scam someone is it funny if it will happen or just a joke? thanks for this SS and I can tell biggame about this guy
  5. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Nuubs :P

  6. Christmas Time ! :D

    Merry Xmas Bad Ancy XD
  7. WTS BW Weapon set + Dks

    price of devil wing XD
  8. EllinBR stun hack

    When that stun happen he disappear xD so interesting I remember a friend of mine told me there is a way to edit skill now that stun of ellinbr so cool even ur not lag and 100+ms only. Hope any investigation will help u soon.
  9. benjie banned but what about these 2????

    Wow so dev know all ur magic and dev is ok with it? So dev know u can resist all stun well @DEV-Kalithar @DEV-Samurai please explain to us so we all know and what u think of what he is using? If its a bug or cheat? He can resist 100% orb and stuns using seg dk wiz that class we all know that no abnormality buff even aloken that got abnormality buff sometimes can be stun how come he can resist smooth as cotton candy the stuns and orb during pvp and pk while no alo buffing him? Benjie bug thar and u call it bcoz of cheat engine( that I heard when u try to use CE ur client will crash) so what he got that cant crash his client? Hmmmmm Its cool really cool. He use software or program or magic and u all know and still ok with it? He can 100% dodge stun orb not sometimes coz he is enjoy doing it everytime he pvp and pk.
  10. benjie banned but what about these 2????

    Ahahaha why he got banned? Ur kidding me u ask me that? Hahahahah can u show me how he cheat and the proof why he is ban? If not RIP to ur soul hahahaha! Coz i know who cheat and not and what true and what's not if u dont RiP to ur brain hahaha
  11. benjie banned but what about these 2????

    Ur just chilling xD ... Btw who u? U know what all about it and any proof of urs that can defend ur words that he use programs just to be strong? If u dont know what ur saying u better keep ur hands to practice more farm more and learn more before u comment. Im glad ur fair player i just dont know how u brain works xD being fair must know first the truth before reacting u know? U want heart? Or u want help? Lols
  12. benjie banned but what about these 2????

    U manage to gve attention to bestseg report but why u cant gve time for this report? Being fair all we want here so cheat engine can by pass the game? Bug can be happen anytime because we all know server still not that fix, did benjie use it intentionally? Did he use it always or did it happen accidentally? Many questions right but okay u banned him but how about the others who reported that bugger that be seen to this report? He can use 100% orb resist against mage orb and stun resist against wiz hunters dks stun using class without abnormality buff on it confidently... What u call that ability? U think thats possible? Doing that 100% abnormality everytime or anytime? We just want herr u also investigate reports that been report by players for a long time. You guys manage to banned benjie that just been reported because of accidentally bug that xthar while pvp but you guys dont investigate reports against bestseg 100% abnormality. What the use of 100% stun effect of catch blow and orbs of mage if he can run on it?
  13. benjie banned but what about these 2????

    O.O??? Seriously? Hahahaha u make me laugh lols
  14. For the safety of Innocent players

    Thanks for ur comment hahahahaaha damn I really admire ur intention hahahahaha keep it up! I fully support u xD Hope ur goal will succeed someday hahahaha!