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  1. lSexyGirl booting

    nice catch
  2. I had a nice time :)

    Good Luck Kyle
  3. Alphabetical Movie Titles

  4. 2x +13 Dragon Seal Force

  5. Dragon Knight Development status

    client downloaded and ready to try
  6. Dragon Knight Development status

    1 slot ready for Dragon Knight !

    8. Disrespecting StaffAs the authority in the game who help in and out of the game community, players should always respect the staff.• Punishment • 1st Offense 168 hours/ 7 days jail time • 2nd Offense= Permanent Ban• We have a fixed punishment for this offence, but to a certain degree you will be banned immediately if the Staff member that is being disrespected has strong proof and/or backed up by a lot of players.
  8. New Map

    between 64 and 156 ms and game crash twice in few minutes
  9. Forum name bug

    it is not a bug, you can check in GM list, shadowlock and cricket are no more present
  10. Wing bug

    try to change your resolution or your settings because i was next to you in DF and i saw it

    lot of friendship in the staff
  12. Why can't I reset my account?

    what lvl are you ? don't forget you need to be logout of the game to reset
  13. Windows 10 Issues with game

    i am using windows 10 since the beta as beta tester and no issue, indeed there was an issue few months ago after a windows 10 defender update but now no more issue
  14. Report for a scammer

    WhipmeNot is the correct name

    i don't know if it is an error but you can use the total in DShop