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  1. Some question

    Good evening. I’ve been playing for about a week and a half on a9, and I’ve already got some experience playing on the server. However, deciding to move to a6, I came across some nuances and questions in terms of pumping (if you keep in mind that the quests are completely absent). 1) In what places can I get at least somehow PP and Grade points (I am level 144). In similar locations with a9, mobs do not give anything. 2) Does DK-Square work? I read a large portion of guides on the same forum about how to use it, but it doesn’t let it on the dk itself. 3) Knowing that the system of degeneration is operating on the server, I expected to fly to the level of 200 cheerfully and without problems and only there to start farming. Is there some kind of chip, not knowing about which pumping will always be boring? I apologize for my google english