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  1. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Bug on dils drop and drop rate from ice (not sure on other maps). Drop rate too low even in 2x drop weekend. One full lure gave me 2 coppers 1 silver with 5 dil drop? Also, dils says 43254 without ',' on it so it would be better if it would have.
  2. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Bug on some maps, I experienced this on land of dragon. After I teleport there it went through middle map at the side where your character will be stuck and keeps on teleporting everywhere.
  3. Hi guys can anyone help me in A9, just started few days ago and its kinda hella hard to kill and lvl now im level 52 seguriper atm. so many changes made on the server. Thank you.
  4. nah, it would be better if its bagi items. sorry bro. UP!
  5. WTS> 100K DKSHOP coins = DKS 1:1 ratio (have many) /WTS> TALISMAN BUNDLES = DKS! OR TRADE FOR BAGI ITEMS PM ME HERE OR PM ME IG : SeggySeg
  6. WTB>> +12 DN FISTEF = DK's

  7. WTB>> +12 DN FISTEF = DK's

  8. WTB>> +12 DN FISTEF = DK's

  9. WTB>> +12 DN FISTEF = DK's

    WTB>> +12 DN FISTEF = DK's IGN: SeggySeg