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  1. This GM protecting his alternate characters, if he dont like you he jail you easily without any Warning or Reason., this is Harrasing player... i finished my punishment in 72hrs until now he not released me.. you think guys this is fair.. protecting someone for his GM account..? this is unfair...
  2. PLS< Released my SEG! almost 72hrs

    Unjail my Seggy, i want [GM]Samurai or [GM]Mari here, pls help my seggy....
  3. PLS< Released my SEG! almost 72hrs

    Im not hacker pls GM Solidude Stop harassing me....
  4. Released my Seg! pls
  5. Looking thread?

    I want to say my seggy is online they lock thread lol
  6. Almost 72 hrs in Jail

    I See Solidude in forum also
  7. Almost 72 hrs in Jail

    Yes your correct, i try to request it nicely but no one cares, i saw lots of GM here in forum but no one reply, then it my mistake? i dont care if you deleted but your fellow GM follows the rules also. right?
  8. From: Patch 10.2.7 ~ 10.3.5

    I See the new patch they added new slot, but the thing is what is this for? it so annoying, because before they have 2 slot but useless then now they added?
  9. CORE GAMES | wallpaper

  10. Seige

    Im on [GM][Dev]Samurai he having hard time to fixed the Siege, not unlike other GM's they prefer to play there alternate character than to help fixed the bugs.. (my opinion only)
  11. [Guide] Bagi Warrior

  12. For me forum is the best than game..
  13. Seige

    Siege still existing? Good Luck!
  14. From: Almost 72 hrs in Jail

    I wish Villadi can visit forum someday.... but he still busy..
  15. From: Almost 72 hrs in Jail

    Solidude unjail my Seggy!