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  2. a crying shame

    to be honest this dude got a point hahah
  3. oOCutieMarieOo / o0CutieMarie0o real money

    the comments are killing me hahah so funny lol..
  4. Well i was hoping it could be better..

    Well i was hoping it could be better.. For all of us, if you guys release all of this A6 update if its entirely complete not just rushing to release something that you can't rectify within a day... This A6 server is a complete mess..ofc not to say im not happy about this new skills and everything to be honest im here for so many years i never seen this much mess till now.. seeing this 30-70k damages all around.. i played a6 server and this wasn't the first time i play a6 . most of them almost same effect's as a3. Just sharing my thoughts,cause this isn't giving people here to stay anymore..specially when you play here for so many years... ***FEEL FREE TO COMMENT NEGATIVE IT WAS EXPECTED*** GLHF... ~YANO
  5. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    i Thought it will be better version..feels like its more worst. 6v6 pvp done in 30 seconds hahah @{KING}Shinji as i watch a pvp hahah.. more worst is seeing 50-70-80k damage hahah they dont need to switch to fury to gain that damage hahah a well balance server indeed..
  6. false accusations and many threats

    Just ignore bro, many people did same thing to me and said many shit around me.. and guess what they are the one using "SHIT" after pointing a finger to me.. You know where you stand, ignore it.. ~YANO
  7. SELL

    Nice set BUMP!
  8. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

    Outfit : Champion Costume Class: Vicious summoner Im Ready Who's meh feels like...
  9. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

    Outfit : Summer outfit for AK Class: Azure Knight Chillin...with the summer heat!!! "FaLLeN-Veterans"

    I cant comprehend to the language specified above but somehow have you tried ?doing basic trouble shooting of your pc?..to check the compatibility of game to your pc, i suspect it might have some corrupted file that need to be fixed ..try re download the game as well and put the game on exception file for your anti virus.. have a great time playing dekaron core games
  11. What’s New In A3?

    Welcome Back
  12. Siege problems

    Your Filthy behavior should be put on arrest ,somehow Filipino players don't Justify things like you do.. nor not even close ..the way you behave.. There are things that you should understood why they were not forcing people to donate ... #Brain was put in head to used...better Use it. Your such racist person .. @GM-LightSide - As i understood this game per policy ..this was applicable to this guy, 1. Discrimination Racism:• You may not discriminate or threaten other players, not use any sexually explicit, harmful, ethnically offensive expressions or statements. This applies to any language. This is a 17+ video game so please be mature enough to handle the way some people behave.• Punishment:• 1st Warning = 2 Weeks/336 hours jail time • 2nd Warning = Permanent Ban
  13. Jailed i thought im reading the right rule Note: If im the one who gonna conduct investigation about this kind of case i'm assuming its not the first encounter of this person ..buying items for real money.. i hope you guys can do better... Just saying ,he can just internationally put his gears and trade it all to alt by simple getting another char jailed.. and that's not how i know someone getting banned..as per say!way to different...now a days..
  14. A Form of Voice..

    Good day people... I think recently people are complaining about long stun duration and VPN user ..and to be honest this people that are complaining about is also the one using VPN ..like this one same person who reported that this dude Champion Benji is using A form of a Cheat engine ..which is never true you can ask @DEV-Samurai, @DEV-Kalithar this two great man here i believe it's time to do something this unusual banning of people which has really been having a great impact on the game @Core-Master on Behalf of this person's who got recently banned for which they knew we don't complaint on some instances that this even happen against to this people when they are against us on PVP now..kindly be fair to your'e judgement for those people who don't "EXPLOIT ANYTHING ON GAME" its relatively clear that it was for a better gaming experience that's why VPN was created at the first place , this game wasn't even perfect at all and we all knew that there are such Time that Stun Prolong duration and sometimes it has glitches.. We wont even Bother if this guys are using VPN so what? if that makes them happy so be it.. but just Do what its right on Behalf on this Core Server I Speak.. For those people that really don't deserve such Pain.. And sure you can remove the VPN effect it really wont matter to me..there are plenty of ways to play and enjoy the game.." Having Real Friends is one" This DK name: xThar that is on Video Has a Really Very long Stun.. but Sure his on game.."So much for fairness i Believe" You guys are the one that able to manipulate to make things Right... this person deserves the Title and Deserves to be free.. Instead of helping this server to increase population with Good players.. you make it much less than before.. and To add up its a big misunderstanding that happen Between {Champion}Trooner and {Champion}SeriZawa & {KING}Shinji if you guys can speak to this 3 people about what happen it will be much better to take a closer look about the case instead of banning this 2 Great Champion ! FaLLeN-VeTeRaNs YANO
  15. A letter to HGM and The Owner

    This is not new "But i like your'e idea"..it's been already suggested before hand but perhaps Implementing this "Will be sure New to us Core players!" - I guess that was the challenge Because Even Event on Event Tread are poorly seen every week as i observe the game after i tried to play again here. sad to say that's reality of this game today