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  1. Some years ago =)

    I love the video , vibe of Vitamins of the sea , missed playing with you dear kenkox Well for those players still playing the server . keep your cool have fun with the server
  2. Farming Gears/Accessories

    Im a fan
  4. Account hijacking a scamming

    @Core-Master I recently got back from 2 years break on Core games ,seeing such is absurd seeing so much of this as i reflect how core was back ,so secure of such things help those guys who needed help. i believe they send information on you guys but no action taken. Recently got back and many people did sent me a private message stating and wanted to get assistance from staffs what happen ? where are those foes who are reliable to help such doing.. How can you attract a donator for this server if this is not even being fixed. As i plan to help this server to get those fokes back here.
  5. Picture/Logo

    cool intro
  6. ToxicBow

    hello senpai ancy hahah
  7. Livestream SOON

    sup ma boy

    what exactly to expect
  9. Forgot ID

    Welcome back
  10. Juto upgrade to ruby/gold juto

    No it will remain same and re add the new stat from your ruby gem as far as i recall it. same goes when you upgrade it with Gold gem {idk if i got the name right for the gem } its been a while
  11. Championship multi account issue

    No offense dude,, i dont have anything againts ya,,Btw i left for a specific reason " Real life " i work a lot man i earn money more than you think..going back on game if you see me around im there to say hi to fokes around the game..,PK is normal on game with that i got no control like what i said i work alot most of the time..hope will see you in game too man if i got time ofc
  12. Championship multi account issue

    Please Un-tag the {King} and give all the champion tags to noob who dont deserve it - thats what u guys want right ha-ha @Delir1c bro.. long time no play here , not playing anymore either i came across with this drama so funny thats what they want hahah to provide tag to people who dont play good , knowing its for fun they can accept defeat!
  13. Championship multi account issue

    Well that one reason many people left Core and switch to different server ... Quaz was the BEST HGM in the Game that i know so dont you include that name on the list that was kick on the game due to there malicious activity that was noticed ... and i was hoping he will comeback to fix everything that was gone long time ago here in this game..i got so much respect from that dude so dont you dare mention his name here..
  14. Championship multi account issue

    What are you talking about? and why you talk about Quaz? haha funny his not the one of GM i never said anything about names that's the difference you don't think before you talk
  15. Championship multi account issue

    Another Drama was been created by awesome person,,For seen this coming every championship event ha-ha {Every single year its not new} @{KING}Shinji They have this guy i will tell you .. they will bring you down ha-ha that is why all staffs are been kick out! Trusting no one here anymore thats why they left Core and go to other server due to this GM - Action that was been notice for 4 consecutive years . "THE INTEGRITY OF WORK IS NOT THERE ANYMORE" - wanna kick someone based on opinion of other and not facts show proof! making a pole , what a great idea... its like telling many people to vote this guy cause he plays good and want to inflict bad shit about the person,,you rather not be on that position imposing such things. We wont be surprise if you guys DQ all of the FaLLeN-VeTeRans {Champion} because we knew how you work ha-ha and again wanna reiterate your'e work ..is such a beauty for other server.. After whats been done to the two fokes on my Guild which is totally two different personalities i commend you..your such a good person..a very good one i must say... "Thank you for the improvement btw " ~good thing server got you it ..give other server opportunities to have new players . you know where to find us dear @{KING}Shinji