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  1. CHARACTER ; Summy ANIME ; death note Character reference ; Suprise Me IGN ; SplinterCell Color: Green And Red
  2. Hello! I'm Back! xD

    Thank You!
  3. Hello! I'm Back! xD

    Heyya! Guys! Im Back To Play CORE DEKARON! xD Long Time No See ? Guys! xD Hello! GM's! And Other Core Staff. #BacktoCORE
  4. CurseDark Mod Angel Of Death 2014

  5. WTS>>+13 INSANITY FULL CD = 22k dk

    You have +12?
  6. wtb>>Normal +12 Grempil w/4x 11% Fire Dmg=dk's Or Insanity
  7. Find difference between images

    Aw.. Im Lose :"(
  8. Can Anyone Give me The Succes Rate Of FOrtify ?
  9. +13 Master Helmet Effect

    Hahah! Buring Head? xD
  10. EarthQuake!

    Yeahh! You Felt The Earthquake Last Night?
  11. EarthQuake!

    GAINT? Pinoy ka?
  12. EarthQuake!

  13. Find difference between images

    http://postimg.org/image/an7bviest/ http://postimg.org/image/lf0ura869/ Soo? What Is The Prize If I'm The Win
  14. EarthQuake!

    I'm Not Joking :/
  15. EarthQuake!

    I Felt Earthquake In here! Philippines! PLss! Lord! Guide My Family! And My Self!